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City and State of New York

Join the Drive to Keep NBT Alive -"Putting It Back Together".

33 years of service, dedication, and commitment given to the evolutionary process of developing the authentic Culture of people of African-American decent, NBT (No Better Place to Be) is a Cultural Hub in Harlem, U.S.A. It is your "Home Away From Home". It operates out of a mission of self-empowerment and ownership. Its purpose is to recapture the cultural legacy of love for people of African Ancestry. The Black Theatre Movement is rapidly becoming extinct.

We ask you to break your barrier of silence and answer NBT's call for a Higher Love. Join NBT's "Vision for Victory". Become an active participant. Please don't stand by and watch the entire Black Arts Movement disappear. Help Keep NBT Alive! Now is the time for NBT to reclaim its power and regain its ownership rights. Let your consciousness begin to count like cash -Join the Drive to Keep Soul Alive. Cast Your Vote Now.

We the Undersigned hereby request full acknowledgment and recognition from the City and State of New York for the 33 years of commitment, dedication and service NBT has given to the Community of Harlem and beyond. We Further request the financial support from the City and State of New York to conserve, preserve and sustain NBT as a permanent Cultural and Educational Institution at 2031-33 Fifth Avenue (National Black Theatre Way) in Harlem, USA. It is imperative that National Black Theatre remains a viable and visible "living historical monument" with full ownership rights for the people of Harlem and the world beyond!

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