#Animal Rights
Yukon Quest Organizers + Sponsors

This petition has been established for the following reasons. The Yukon Quest dog race is 1000 miles long. Racers put their dogs through the grueling task of running over those 1000 miles in a short a time as possible. The obvious consequence is the comprimised well-being of race dogs. Every year dogs die. More so, major injury causes Dog Mushers (racers) to drop out of the race. Dogs who are hurting often still are forced to race.

Dog training results in dogs getting beat/hit. I've seen it first-hand. Many mushers don't "spare the rod". This instills fear to achieve obedience to these loving dog friends. Nobody should hit a dog.

Dogs live all their lives, from puppies, on chains outdoors. Growing up on a chain ensures that dogs will be obedient, mind-troubled race machines. Psychological development is hampered or SEVERED when you are forced to live on a chain. Bottom line.

When race dogs are born. The small and "weak" are often disposed of by hitting their heads on rocks or equivalent. Racers don't want to deal with the expenses of raising an animal that can't be a living race machine.

For these are only some of the reasons why we boycott races like the Yukon Quest, or, as I like to call it THE YUCAN'T REST.


I am signing this petition to oppose the cruel treatment of sleddogs before, during, and after The Yukon Quest (Yucan't Rest) dog race.

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