#Human Rights
Bonnie Sue Miller
United States of America

We would like to ask for your support for the abolishment of the misuse of grandparent's rights.

PA. state law enables grandparents to partial/shared/full custody in the event of a death of a spouse. This law is enforced with no consideration to how fit the surviving spouse is. The law also never questions the fitness of the grandparents seeking custody and visitation. In these laws we see a clear discrimination in two assumptions, one in that a widowed spouse is assumed not fit enought for the child's well being and the other that a grandparent is automatically deemed fit. The after effect of these rights being violated affect the child's social life due to the forced visitation and also may have life long psychological effects and the court order can stand until the child reaches the age of 18. ***Please note: this is not a petition that's purpose is to end contact with the grandparents and grandchild, only that a fit parent be able to decide when a child should be able to establish contact and that a fit parent and child not suffer the somber effects of a forced visitation schedule.***

Please after your name place a P for Parent/G for Grandparent/N for neither

I do not agree that a fit parent should have a forced visitation schedule induced by the Grandparents if not denied visitation.

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