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1. Freedom for Basak Suhin Duman

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The Turkish Republic has adopted a very harsh interpretation of anti-terrorist laws which has been imposed in every single sphere of the country. The enacted measures are rather extreme in the sense that with the vague definition that purpo... rts the term “terrorist,” there are a near limitless number of categories/manifestations in which the term can be imposed on an individual or group of people.

Staging protests resembling the likes of Occupy Wall Street are virtually banned in Turkey. There is a silenced apartheid that is going on within the Turkish Republic which bans its people from taking to the streets in a way where grassroots activism can ensure government transparency at the highest levels.

In this case, an activist by the name of Basak Suhin Duman who was protesting against these harsh reactionary measures within the Turkish Republic was detained in Croatia and can potentially be extradited back to Turkey where she awaits criminal charges for political subversion. The worst activity pursued by this individual was undertaken at a protest in a country that does not take too kindly to protesting activists; she has never been involved with terroristic activity of any kind and protesting through a force of civil activism does not produce any evidence whatsoever to single anyone out as someone who could qualify for the makings of a terrorist.

Turkey has been a close ally of NATO and the Western bloc since the inception of its republic after the end of the Ottoman Empire. Therefore, INTERPOL has intervened on behalf of the Turkish Republic to honor the extradition order of Basak Suhin Duman in order to stand trail for participation in publically orientated protests staged against the Turkish Republic’s anti-terrorist measures. The tenant of this cause presents the citizens of the world with an implication which does not just impact one individual in a single country, but directly impacts us as peace and freedom loving citizens of the world. Overzealous authoritarian governance condoned in the name of anti-terrorism will inevitably bring about the makings of a totalitarian Orwellian state/society.

We must endorse the petition that is being pitched toward the Croatian government which insists upon the termination of the extradition order so that she will not have to serve as a political prisoner in a country where torture is still a common tactic utilized and observed in its national prison systems. In addition, the same individual would be heinously punished for an activity that is widely practiced in a carefree manner all over the Western world. I would like to thank any additional support for the advancement of this cause. Irrespective of our national identity and where we reside, we must stand for what is right, dignified, and justified at all costs. Further research and inquiry is always welcome.

Please sign the petition to prevent her extradition!

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2. Stop the use of extradition for minor crimes

Richard O'Dwyer who reportedly started a website called is in jeopardy of facing extradition to the United States from the United Kingdom for allegedly breaking United States copyright infringement laws.

If this is allowed to happen, it will set a precedent in which United States citizens could be extradited to foreign nations for breaking their laws if our country is to act fairly in foreign affairs.

We can not allow this precedent to be set. If it is, we will either be hypocrites or actually allow our citizens to be extradited to other countries for breaking foreign laws. Furthermore, according to reports, Richard O'Dwyer started his website as a teenager which means that the United States would be prosecuting an adult from a foreign country for something they started as a teenager. This can not be allowed to happen.

3. Stop Extradition - Fair UK Trial for Richard O'Dwyer

Richard O'Dwyer a 23yr old University student has been served an Extradition Warrant by the US on charges of copyright infringement relating to his web site which provided links to enable its users to access films on the internet. At all times he was in the UK, his servers were not in the US and his domain names were not in the US.

The alleged conduct took place entirely in the UK. Richard is asking for a fair trial in the UK, where the alleged offences took place and where he will be able to defend himself.

4. Justice for adel abdelbary

Adel Abdel Bary is a human rights lawyer who was for years one of Amnesty International's sources of information, given political asylum in the UK in 1993 to escape persecution from the Mubarak regime in Egypt. He was arrested here in 1998 as part of an investigation into an al-Qaida attack on US embassies in east Africa. However he was released after five days when the British police found there was no terrorism case to charge him with. Abdel Bary was then re-arrested in 1999 when his extradition was requested by the US on exactly the same "evidence" already dismissed in Britain.

This evidence, a single fax found in his office was sent by the UK to the US as part of the great fishing net of ‘intelligence’ in the ‘war on terror’, in which many injustices against individuals like Abdel Bary have been widely publicised in the global media.

Abdel Bary has spent the last 12 years in high security prisons within the UK including Belmarsh, Manchester, and Long Lartin, whilst extradition proceedings have been processed and challenged. During this time he has never been questioned, and no new evidence against him has been presented. Furthermore during these 12 years he has been separated from his wife and six children who live in London.

5. Shrien Dewani Must Stand Trial in South Africa

Anni Hindocha was brutally murdered on 13 November 2010 during a reported hijacking in Cape Town while on honeymoon with her husband Shrien Dewani.

The couple's taxi driver has been sentenced to 18 years prison for his part in the murder. Two others await trial currently in custody in South Africa.

In his Court testimony, the driver has alleged the husband Shrien Dewani planned and paid him to arrange the murder. The South African police also have CCTV footage of Mr Dewani having a private meeting with the driver in the hotel car park on arrival and also handing him an envelope with cash 3 days after the murder which the driver hid under his shirt in the hotel toilets. The Police want to question Mr Dewani and have him stand trial, but he has refused to voluntarily go there and has instructed lawyers to fight the South African government's extradition request.

BBC News has reported that the South African authorities say they have a witness to whom Shrien Dewani confessed "he could not break out of the engagement because he would be disowned by his family" and that "he needed to find a way out of it." The award-winning Channel 4 documentary Dispatches has also reported the same witness, who works as a gay escort, showing it a hotel receipt and itemised phone records to confirm his reported encounter with Mr Dewani.

A Court in the UK decided on 10th August 2011 that he can be extradited. The Court's decision has now been passed to the Home Secretary to ultimately decide whether to order the extradition.

This Petition is officially endorsed by the family of Anni Hindocha. Family members formally delivered a bound edition of the Petition to the Home Office on 21st September 2011 with 11,309 signatures. A further email update will be sent to the Home Office in the run up to the Home Secretary's decision which is expected by 10th October 2011.

When signing the Petition, please enter your full name. Please do not make any comments to pre-empt the outcome of a fair trial. Any Comments should be restricted to the Extradition Request and addressed to the Home Secretary. PLEASE ALSO TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS & FAMILY ABOUT THIS PETITION - USE THE 'TELL' AND 'LIKE' LINKS ABOVE FOR FACEBOOK, TWITTER AND EMAIL. IF YOU LIVE IN THE UK, PLEASE ALSO WRITE TO YOUR MP.

6. Stop the extradition of Marc Scott Emery

On September 28th, 2009, Marc Scott Emery surrendered himself to Canadian authorities and is currently awaiting extradition to the United States of America for sentencing on politically-motivated charges of "Conspiracy to Distribute Marijuana", "Conspiracy to Distribute Marijuana Seeds" and "Conspiracy to Engage in Money Laundering".

To qualify for extradition under the Extradition Act, the offence involved must meet a specific threshold of having resulted in a jail sentence of two years or more had it taken place in Canada.

Furthermore, as long as the person’s political "offence" in the requesting country was non-violent, Canada will refuse to surrender the individual to the requesting state.

For a synopsis of the Canadian Extradition act, please see:

Marc Scott Emery is a political prisoner being sought for his role in helping to finance marijuana activist groups in Canada and abroad calling for decriminalization and an end to marijuana prohibition.

7. Urgent extradition from Bolivia to Chile of Alejandro Schayman Klein, condemned to Life in Jail

On April 1996, baby Tamara Schayman Kychental was 4 months old, she was hospitalized in a coma as result of prolonged torture and abuse at the hands of her father. The little one died after six years "living her life" in coma. On August 2009, after thirteen years of a long trial, Alejandro Schayman was condemned to life imprisonment for his crimes. Previously, he had been sentenced to 20 years in jail, but he was free on parole.

Alejandro Schayman is a Bolivian-Argentine citizen, who moved to Chile and married Marianne Kychenthal. They divorced after he was accused as perpetrator of frustrated parricide and abuses on his daughter. After the facts, he continued working, eating, sleeping and celebrating life in Chile, unpunished for his crimes.

Three years ago, he left Chile and moved to Sucre, Bolivia, as it has been reported by Interpol Bolivia. There, he married Mirtha Dolly Ortiz Paniagua, a lawyer working for Supreme Court of Sucre.

Alejandro Schayman is a fugitive from Chilean Justice, and he has not fulfilled yet any of the two sentences for his crimes.

This petition will go towards urging the Thirty-Fourth Criminal Court of Santiago and the Supreme Court of Chile in achieving what baby Tamara Schayman Kychenthal is entitled to: JUSTICE, after more than thirteen years waiting. And inviting the Chilean and Bolivian Community to urge the authorities of both countries for the extradition of Alejandro Schayman Klein to Chile.

En abril de 1996, Tamara Schayman Kychenthal tenía sólo cuatro meses de edad cuando fue hospitalizada en estado de coma, víctima de la prolongada tortura y abusos a los que fuera sometida por su padre. La pequeña falleció, luego de "vivir su vida" en estado de coma durante seis años. En agosto de 2009, después de trece años de un largo juicio, Alejandro Schayman fue condenado por sus crímenes a presidio perpetuo calificado. Anteriormente, había sido sentenciado a veinte años de prisión, pero gozaba del beneficio de libertad provisional.

Alejandro Schayman Klein es un ciudadano boliviano-argentino, quien se radicó y posteriormente contrajo matrimonio en Chile con Marianne Kychenthal. Se divorciaron luego de la acusación contra Schayman, por graves lesiones propinadas a su hija y parricidio frustrado. Después de aquello, Schayman continuó trabajando, comiendo, durmiendo y celebrando la vida en Chile- impune por sus crímenes.

Hace tres años, abandonó Chile y se trasladó hasta la ciudad boliviana de Sucre, según fuera reportado por Interpol Bolivia. Allí, contrajo matrimonio con Mirtha Dolly Ortiz Paniagua, abogada y quien trabaja en la Corte Suprema de Sucre.

Alejandro Schayman Klein es fugitivo de la justicia chilena y todavía no ha cumplido con ninguna de las dos sentencias dictadas en su contra.

Esta petición será destinada, urgiendo al 34 Juzgado del Crimen de Santiago y a la Corte Suprema de Chile, para lograr aquello a lo cual Tamara tiene derecho: JUSTICIA, después de más de trece años de espera. E invitando a la comunidad chilena y boliviana a presionar a las autoridades de ambos países, para la pronta extradición de Alejandro Schayman a Chile.

8. Fair Trial for Our Boys Abroad

Ranjit Banwait, Councillor for Boulton Ward in Derby, has started a petition to help two local residents facing extradition to Latvia get a fair trial.

David Birkinshaw, Matthew Neale and their families, have had their lives turned upside down. They were both due to marry recently and have now put their lives on hold. Worse still, if extradited they face an expensive legal process in an overseas country that could result in financial ruin and heartache for their partners and young children.

It follows an incident last year on a lads stag to Latvia when the two family men say they were wrongly arrested and then detained by police.

Now the local Councillor of David Birkinshaw, and also helping Matthew Neale, has started a petition following the consent of the families involved.

Both residents contacted Councillor Ranjit Banwait after hearing of his strong track record in representing Derby residents on a range of issues.

Councillor Ranjit Banwait said: “When Mr Birkinshaw first contacted me my initial thought was – what can I do as a local councillor? However, after listening to their plight I started to believe in their innocence and concerned about the distress being caused to them and their families. I resolved to do all I can to help them”.

Councillor Banwait has contacted their solicitor, local M.P and M.E.P. He has also written to the Latvian Ambassador appealing for help in the matter. He has assured both David, Mathew, and their families, that if they are extradited they won’t be forgotten.

"I want to keep their plight in the public spot light so that the authorities in Latvia do everything possible to ensure that our boys abroad get a fair trial, are well treated and are brought back home after the trial, if it does comes to that”.

9. Petition to Stop the Gary McKinnon extradition to the United States

Gary McKinnon is a UK citizen who has admitted accessing US Government computers in 2001 in an attempt to gain information on UFOs. No other country has such limited protections from extradition for its citizens as the UK in its arrangements with the US.

The US authorities have taken the dramatic step of categorising Gary's behaviour as Cyber-Terrorism and as a consequence there is a real risk of him being detained pre-trial and, in the event of a conviction, in a high security "Supermax" prison. The suitability of such treatment in the case of a computer hacker is debatable, but for someone with Gary's condition, which causes social awkwardness and inappropriate honesty and interpersonal behaviour it will be life threatening and is both unnecessary and disproportionate.

Gary has never set foot in the USA and as a UK citizen is prepared to be tried through the British judicial system.
Whatever the rights or wrongs of Gary's actions, all UK citizens alleged to have committed criminal acts on UK soil should be tried in a front of a jury of their peers in the UK.

Please support Gary's fight against this unfair and potentially life threatening extradition and sign the petition and ask as many of your friends to do so as quickly as possible.

Thank you.

Friends and Supporters of Gary McKinnon.

10. Howes Family Extradition Fight For Justice

Please help stop our four young children from loosing their Mother and Father to be extradited to the US without any evidence as the 2003 extradition act does not provide evidence to be shown.

We have already spent 214 days on remand without charge until I went on a 30 day hunger strike. Please help. We will spend up to 3 years on remand in Arizona before getting a trial.

11. Prevent Extradition of Captain Dragan


Daniel Snedden (AKA Dragan Vasiljkovic and Captain Dragan), an Australian Citizen is being held in prison, for over 3 years so far, with convicted criminals yet he has not been charged. He has been accused of commiting war crimes during the conflict in the former Yugoslavia but there has been no evidence of these claims. The Croatian Government is requesting his extradition to Croatia and the Australian Government is happy to incarcerate one of its own citizens on hearsay. Under the Extradition Act 1988 no evidence is required to extrdite a person to the requesting country. If it was the USA, UK or Canada requesting his extradition, they would require evidence of the allegations, not so for certain countries, in this case Croatia.

Daniel has already faced the War Crimes Tribunal in the Hague in 2003, and was released without any charges. He even declined an offer of immunity. To the Serbs, Daniel is a National Hero and Humanitarian and consequently he is a war trophy to Croatia.

If the Australian Government can incarcerate an Australian Citizen with convicted prisoners for over 3 years and consider extradition without a case for defence, what is to stop this happening to other Australian Citizens of differing heritage? Australian soldiers could be sent to Iraq on mere allegations.

Daniel was in Yugoslavia when the conflict broke out and lead the special unit from Krajina in a disciplined and coordinated manner which in turn lead to many successful missions and becoming one of Serbia's National Heroes in a time of deep depression.

It was during the ten years after the war though, when he cemented himself in the hearts of Serbians, as he raised millions of dollars to help rehabilitate and educate 67 000 ex soldiers and provided support, scholarships and financial assistance to 14 000 children and orphans through the Foundation Kapetan Dragan. Clearly, this is not the profile of a war criminal but of a humanitarian.

After the war, he addressed the International War Crimes Tribunal at The Hague, where he endured hours of interrogation. He was offered immunity, which he turned down, as he was confident that he did not act outside the Geneva Conventions. This addressed his role in the war and resulted in NO prosecution. This should have been his chance to go on with a normal life.

Kapetan Dragan has dual citizenship in Australia and Serbia and currently resides in Australia. Kapetan Dragan came back to Australia at the end of 2004 to reconnect with his family and friends. He is a qualified Golf Pro and was teaching golf in Perth until his life was disrupted in September 2005, by The Australian newspaper. The article, which featured on the front page, made some outlandish false claims about Dragans activities during the war.

Kapetan Dragan decided to take legal action against The Australian and Nationwide News for defamation. A person does not take on the likes of Rupert Murdock if they have any skeletons in the closet. This act alone suggests that Dragan is a man of impecability who has nothing to hide. The Defamation Case was due to begin in the first week of February 2006. However he was detained under an arrest warrant issued by the Croatian Government on 19th January, two weeks before the court case was to commence.

Kapetan Dragan has been in the limelight, he was always publicly available and he kept in contact with relevant departments and ASIO so that they were aware of his movements and places of residence. Which makes you question why a warrant was issued at this particular time, some 15 years after the war?

Kapetan Dragan was refused bail and continues to be behind bars, the only person in Australia to be in a jail without being charged. He has no access to resources to prepare a case to defend himself and is a political prisoner.

The Serbs for Justice and Democracy are concerned that he will not get a fair trial in a Croatian court and also fear for his safety if he is extradited. Phillip Ruddock has said that an extradition notice would not be regarded, if there were a chance that the prisoner would face execution. I am suggesting that by sending this man to a Croatian jail, torture and execution is certain, perhaps not through the legal system though. The Croatian courts have a reputation for convicting ethnic Serbs of war crimes as petty as stealing plates. A report by Human Rights Watch also indicates that in 2002 83% of all ethnic Serbs indicted for war crimes before Croatian Courts were convicted, compared to only 18% of Croats in Serbia. So what are Kapetan Dragan's chances of a fair and just hearing?

The aim of this petition is to create awareness of this mans situation, that he is a political prisoner and has limited resources to defend his case. He is simply an Australian citizen, who did his job at a tragic time of war to help his people get a better standard of life.

We are seeking people to sign this petition and support Kapetan Dragan Vasiljkovic, an Australian passport holder, and his family and friends in preventing his extradition to Croatia. The war has ended and we do not want to see race relations stretched because of the power of media.

If the allegations must be heard, then they must be heard in a neutral location where Daniel can exercise his right to a fair trial.

Help keep an Australian/Serbian family together and don't allow this to happen to other Australians.