#Human Rights
THe Home Secretary, Prime Minister & Deputy Prime Minister
United Kingdom

Richard O'Dwyer a 23yr old University student has been served an Extradition Warrant by the US on charges of copyright infringement relating to his web site which provided links to enable its users to access films on the internet. At all times he was in the UK, his servers were not in the US and his domain names were not in the US.

The alleged conduct took place entirely in the UK. Richard is asking for a fair trial in the UK, where the alleged offences took place and where he will be able to defend himself.

We the undersigned call on the UK Parliament as a matter of urgency to enact the Forum Amendment as they promised before the election and which has already been agreed and should be brought into force within the Police and Justice Act.

This will enable extradition to be barred if a significant part of the conduct alleged to constitute an extradition offence has been committed in the UK.

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