Gordon Brown and the UK Government
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Gary McKinnon is a UK citizen who has admitted accessing US Government computers in 2001 in an attempt to gain information on UFOs. No other country has such limited protections from extradition for its citizens as the UK in its arrangements with the US.

The US authorities have taken the dramatic step of categorising Gary's behaviour as Cyber-Terrorism and as a consequence there is a real risk of him being detained pre-trial and, in the event of a conviction, in a high security "Supermax" prison. The suitability of such treatment in the case of a computer hacker is debatable, but for someone with Gary's condition, which causes social awkwardness and inappropriate honesty and interpersonal behaviour it will be life threatening and is both unnecessary and disproportionate.

Gary has never set foot in the USA and as a UK citizen is prepared to be tried through the British judicial system.
Whatever the rights or wrongs of Gary's actions, all UK citizens alleged to have committed criminal acts on UK soil should be tried in a front of a jury of their peers in the UK.

Please support Gary's fight against this unfair and potentially life threatening extradition and sign the petition and ask as many of your friends to do so as quickly as possible.

Thank you.

Friends and Supporters of Gary McKinnon.

We the undersigned urge Gordon Brown and the UK Government to consider the evidence and if appropriate prosecute Gary McKinnon, an Asperger Syndrome sufferer, in UK courts rather than allow him to be extradited to the US for offences relating to accessing US Government computers in 2001.

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