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Adel Abdel Bary is a human rights lawyer who was for years one of Amnesty International's sources of information, given political asylum in the UK in 1993 to escape persecution from the Mubarak regime in Egypt. He was arrested here in 1998 as part of an investigation into an al-Qaida attack on US embassies in east Africa. However he was released after five days when the British police found there was no terrorism case to charge him with. Abdel Bary was then re-arrested in 1999 when his extradition was requested by the US on exactly the same "evidence" already dismissed in Britain.

This evidence, a single fax found in his office was sent by the UK to the US as part of the great fishing net of ‘intelligence’ in the ‘war on terror’, in which many injustices against individuals like Abdel Bary have been widely publicised in the global media.

Abdel Bary has spent the last 12 years in high security prisons within the UK including Belmarsh, Manchester, and Long Lartin, whilst extradition proceedings have been processed and challenged. During this time he has never been questioned, and no new evidence against him has been presented. Furthermore during these 12 years he has been separated from his wife and six children who live in London.

We the undersigned call on Britain's justice minister to advise the British home secretary to refuse any more complicity with the mockery of justice involved in 12 years of flawed us extraditions against Abdel Bary.

We demand that he is trialled here in the UK,and in the absence of any evidence against him of any criminal offence, he is immediately released from prison.

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