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1. Make a New Album, Cole

The people are waiting for J. Cole to drop a new album.

2. Bring Back Tamagotchi's!

Last year, they disabled "TamaTown". Then everyone forgot about Tamagotchi's. Come on guys! Tamagotchi's are awesome! They should totally start making them again, and bring back TamaTown, not only for Portugal. That's because the only place in the world where Tamagotchi's and TamaTown still exists is Portugal, but they still make Tamagotchi's in Japan.

But they should bring them back again now! Sure, I might sound a little bit old school, they are so 10 years ago. But come one1 They're awesome, and taking a come back!

3. Facility for teens to stay off the alcohol and keep them occupied

We the undersigned, as citizens of Goulburn community, i would like to bring underage drinking, vandalism and such; to your attention due to teens vandalising and drinking on weekends due to having nothing better to do. As i am one of these teens we all wish we had something fun and entertaining to do that we can afford, if we just had this we believe that none of the concerns would be addressed and everything would be great and we would have something to do instead of doing silly things to keep us occupied.

4. Make Apples easier to use

I have had lots of problems with Apple when I use Microsoft programs.

5. Support Homestyle Bakery & the Black Lion Pub

Issues of fairness with respect to this business & the city need to be reviewed.

6. Do Not Sell YAHOO!

Yahoo! is used by millions of users, including me, I am completely against the sale of Yahoo to Microsoft, if Microsoft buys yahoo, they are going too change EVERYTHING including mail, messenger and everything, if we don't do anything now, every 1 person that signs can help stop yahoo selling up.

Yahoo is one of the best sites out their for both search and mail, if Microsoft buy it, they will change it too Windows Live and only give you half of what you get now, or maybe very little space for mail, you currently get unlimited mail...

If Yahoo sells, Yahoo is going too lose VERY many people!

7. The Chaser In 2008

The "Chaser's War On Everything" was an amazing success in 2007 and extremely entertaining to watch.

Despite all the controversy at APEC and the song that offended the dead, they were a joy to watch.

I may only be 12 years old but myself and ALL my friends agree there NEEDS to be another series in 2008!!

8. Allow Smoking on Palo Alto College Campus, San Antonio

I have recently found out that by September 2007 that smoking will no longer be allowed on the Palo Alto College Campus in San Antonio, Texas.

I find it to be unfair to those of us who smoke because college is about having freedom and as it is we hardly have freedom in America anymore. There is so many students and professors that smoke on campus after their classes, which because of this new rule, it is going to cause many conflicts.

I've already heard of people leaving the school and quitting there because of this policy. As being adults, we have the right to smoke cigarettes on campus as we do any where else. How is an individual ever suppose to figure themselves out if everything keeps getting taken away from us and we're not able to express who we are? This isn't right and what kind of freedom is this?

9. Stop Global Warming

I cannot convince everyone to help stop global warming, but I know something that can, people say one movie can't change the world, but I think this one will.

I highly reccomend you see this movie, it's called "An Inconvenient Truth". I'd say global warming is the most important issue of anything that has ever happened, more important than terrorists or, well, everything! And anyone that thinks global warming is a load of sh** is a bastard and I hope they die of heat exaustion.

There are all these shows on TV about human life after the year 2100, but if global warming continues and if we don't do anything about it then 2100 is marked as about the time that everyone and everything on Earth will die because the planet is starting to boil! And it will keep getting hotter and hotter and hotter and hotter and hotter and hotter and hotter and it won't stop there it will keep going even if the human race and all other life has been killed off by it, it will keep getting hotter because our self running machines are still there burning up the planet.

Soon earth will be a ball of fire (literally) orbiting around another ball of fire, the Sun, if this hasn't convinced you then why don't you go to the cinema and get a big box of popcorn and a large coke or any other drink you want, maybe a packet of chocolate or anything you want and sit down and watch "An Inconvenient Truth" because it will change your life and anyone's life that watches it.

10. Sign the AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Pet Promise!

This petition, originally published in August 2006, has been republished as of today's date: September 19, 2013.

We are petitioning America's pet owners to remind them of everything that is required to be a responsible dog owner.

The AKC Responsible Dog Owner Pet Promise, created to bring the spirit of AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day to life and adapted from the AKC Canine Good Citizen Responsible Dog Owner's Pledge (, reminds us that raising a happy and healthy pet is more than just playtime and pampering.

For more information visit

11. "DaVinci" Hits Rock Bottom

May 20, 2006

"The DaVinci Code" written by novelist Dan Brown was made into a major motion picture on May 19, 2006 directed by Ron Howard and starred Tom Hanks.

"The DaVinci Code" is a global warming incident that is waiting to explode. As Christians of God and Jesus Christ, this book and motion picture is a disturbance of the peace for it portrays the wrong idea of how Christians live their lives.

12. EA-Games - boosterpacks should be free

January 12, 2005

EA-Games wants us to pay for everything!

It started with Battlefield 2, which is normal "It's a complete game", then came a MOD. Battlefield 2 costs $44,95 (according to

1st of all let me explain what a MOD is,

meaning of a mod according to wikipedia

* a mod is a Partial conversion of a game.
* you need to buy the original game to make use of the mod.
* mod's are mostly free because u have to buy the game.
(although mod-makers can ask for a fee to support them)

There are a lot of good mod's for Battlefield 2 coming out these days, all free work. But HARD work, hard work due to the community.

And what does the community ask for it, u get it NOTHING. They just want respect from the gaming community.

Well I say they get our respect.

And then comes EA-games, trying to profit from everything they get there hands on.

So they bring out Battlefield 2 :Special Forces which costs $29,99.

(have to admit it's worth the buy, but it's STILL a mod)

And now they want to bring out 2 new Boosterpacks $9.99 each.

(my wallet has run off underneath my bed, screaming this is 2 much)

Info on boosterpacks

Well im FED up with sponsoring Electronic (banking) Arts!

Do the mathÂ…
Battlefield 2 $ 44,95
Special Forces $ 29,99
Boosterpack (2times)$ 19,98
grand total of $ 94,92

And that's a lot of money WE pay EA.
(Not all to EA but also to developers)

people sign this petition if u agree

thx community

13. Defend Your Right To Blog

Democrats in the United States congress defeated a bill that would immunize bloggers from federal campaign regulations.

What does this mean?
The internet is a powerful communications tool, and one of the last truely free medians to express yourself. Many have chosen to U.S. blogs to voice their views on politics, and other issues concerncing society and government.

Without recognizing that blogs are free speech, and thus are protected by the 1st amendment, we are jeopardizing everything freedom and America stands for. Bloggers could be fined and arrested simply for voicing their opinion.

14. Against Overprotective Parenting

To all the parents who are overprotective and don't understand what problems we deal with and what we wanna do. We want to have fun and have a little freedom.

This is to all the parents in the whole world who don't allow their kids to do anything. I don't care if it's just one little overprotective thing, I want anyone who has a overprotective parent story to sign this and please tell the whole world if you want.

Parents need to ease off a little more. How are we going to grow up?? Why don't they trust us? Why do they think we are doing everything wrong? And why does the other sibling or friend get to do whatever they want... and get everything they want? Any of these stories could be you.

Tell it. Tell it to the world, and let these people know.

15. Keep bbc new weather graphics

The new weather graphics make everything look so much better - we need to keep them.

16. Give Kok Yong Quan heavier punishment

On Friday, 07 May 2004, the culprits of the multiple theft cases around the school were apprehended and caned in front of the school. It's called "public caning" for those who do not know.

However, the truth is that, only one of them committed the actual crime, called "theft", and made use of the other four. In the end, he dragged the other four down with them as they had a share in the thefts. The word "accomplice" is not suitable as they did not commit theft along with that person. His name is Kok Yong Quan (referred to as Kok hereafter). Basically, he shared the money he had stolen with the other four and told them to keep the handphones.

And on that day, the five of them got two strokes of the cane each. As we all know, the pain was not really there but the humiliation was.

We are all upset and enraged by the decision of whoever that allowed the other to receive the same amount of punishment as Kok, as he was the mastermind. Nah. We just feel and think that Kok should be given a harsher punishment and be identified as the mastermind behind the thefts. That way, the school will be impressed by how he managed to steal so many things yet disgusted by his actions.

Mrs Goh said that the five of them had felt remorseful and are willing to change. She also added that we should forgive and accept them. Fine. No problem with that. However, I would like to point that the fact that Kok is not a first time offender of thievery. The rest had been given a second chance because it's their first time committing this offence, but for a second time offender? I said second time, not second chance. If he had really felt remorseful the first time, would he do it the second time? And if he can do it the second time, why would he not do it a third time? Besides, he was also responsible for the vandalisms that happened in the sec 3 level, and we all got scolded by Mr Lim because of that.

This petition was not started by me, cpl Soh, alone, but by quite a few people. Danson, Yize, etc. Just take it that this petition is set up by no one. It is just meant to voice out the feelings of many people and what we want. If you are not one of those agree with this petition, then don't sign in. Nobody is forcing you to. I just want to let everybody know that all I did was to set up this petition. It does not matter who does. The petition is here because it is here. If you really think that this petition was here because someone wanted it to be here, there are dozen of signatures to prove you wrong. Any one of them could start this petition. The fact that they signed it proves that they agree with this petition.

To end off, we want Kok to fork out everything for the compensation, instead of all five of them . He stole everything, therefore he should pay for it.

Help this petition out to request that the unfair justice be served by signing it.

PS: Not happy? Don't sign. Leave this page. All comments are welcome, but beware of flaming if your comment is anti-thispetition.

17. Save Gareth Official Fanclub - Gaz-ets United!

This is a petition to keep Gareth Official Fanclub open! It is the best fanclub in the world and not only do we get to speak to the man himself but we get exclusive extras which mean a lot to us Gaz-ets! Such as Gareth's diary, competitions, chats, audios, pictures, videos, presents!

Please don't close the Fanclub down! Please don't do it to us.. and please don't do it to Gareth!

The Fanclub means everything to us! Please FCT!!

WE LOVE GARETH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kimberley (Kimberley4Gareth

18. Kick Sinhalese Out of Canada

We are sick and tired of Sinhalese taking control of everything where ever we step foot. They stripped everything we had ever since 1948, and it doesn't seem to be stopping here even in the new millennia in the country Tamils stepped foot in glory of a new fresh start. They've been labeling us here as Rebels and Terrorists. Their basic idea still is to undermine the Tamil minority, seclude them, and segregate them. They've been doing that in that Sinhala Nation, and they now have a perfect opportunity after 9/11, tagging along with some of their majority Candians to publish untruthful facts.

Do we really have 10 000 LTTE members in Canada? How many kids, school, college and university students does that count include? Ever thought how many Sinhala JVP members are hiding behind their mothers' sarees in Canada?

19. Save Play!

Help Save Play!

Please help Save Play! According to a reliable source, Play has been dropped from Columbia Records. Play fans are outraged at this. We feel that this has been done in haste. We need Play to be promoted more. Play is truly talented and sweet, wonderful girls who will be huge successes someday, if given the chance. Please don't let Play slip through Columbia's fingers. Please help Save Play and let Columbia know how you feel. Play's fans voices WILL be heard! Do everything you can to promote Play and their album!

20. More Neopian Rights

Do you want all pets to be unlimited? Everything you want might happen if you sign this petition. Lower prices on everything might be done, too. Free paintbrushes or anything for doing good deeds. Anything!

21. The Sims Online: Give Us A Way To Play!

The Sims Online is supposed to be a social game. But it can only be social if you have a lot to do. To get a lot to do, you have to have money. But in the latest patch, many ways of getting money have been taken away, and objects are more expensive. This means it is a life simulator. It is not supposed to be a life simulator, it is supposed to be a game. We want a way to make money fast, or lower prices of everything!

22. Save our Beloved pet reptiles! Education before annihilation!

Over the past 20-30 years reptile keeping has been very favored to select groups of people. These hobbiests would get a special feeling and bond with these fascinating creatures. Safe and clean housing was practised and everything was fine until the past 5 years when the pet trade caught on to the idea and reptile keeping and breeding became extremly popular. With the sudden demand for these extremly popular animals safe handling and clean housing was lost not for all but for some new to the hobby.

Now a new challenge has arised the HSUS is determine to eliminate the entire hobby of reptile keeping. Making up excusses finding week points anything to win but we fight back with education. With more people understanding how to take care of these acient animals then the hobby can be saved for future generations. There have been very view cases of salmonella over the years herptrologist who know everything about reptiles and study them can prodly say there is a very low risk of salmonella the HSUS just needs an excuss so please don't give it to them read befor you buy and act responisbly.


23. Stop acknowledging Socialism as a form of goverment

Socialism has come about because a few people not in touch with reality think the world can be totally peaceful if we become a one world order, have no use for currency, everyone gets the same amount of everything, people work for humanity instead of money, and are totally against war and death. Granted this is a list of a few things that the world socialist movement has planned, it's still enough to put me up in arms.

The Socialists believe that if the world is one nation there won't be segregation or hate between people. They don't realize we will always have segregation even if not forced as it is the way it has always been. We as humans instinctly group with the people who we fit in with and no matter how much they wish everyone could get along, it just won't happen. A socialist world would only work if everyone thought and acted the same, which we don't. We all have different opinions on what is right and wrong and thus we do not think alike but in some common ways.

In a socialist world we would have to ban religion, sports, television, movies, art, music, and opinions in general. I brought this point up with a socialist once and he said that was stupid and absurd and that there would be no reason to do such a thing. Let me tell you, I am from Gainesville, Florida home of the Florida Gators and our rival is Florida State. When the two teams play eachother the fans become like soldiers with their team being the general.

The same applies for everything and thus hatred is born. It is IMPOSSIBLE to live in a nation without segregation, hate, and death no matter how much you would like to think differently.

As I also mentioned they think everyone should be given the same amount of personal belongings as the next person and health care should be given to everyone. Granted I agree with the latter statement I also realize that if we have six and a half billion healthy people walking around this world and no one dies off, the next generation is going to be huge and the following generation will be larger and keep in mind you still have the original six and a half billion people on the planet too. The world would fill up fast. The socialist solution to this is to move to other planets. Yeah great so we destroy the galaxy so we can keep growing in numbers instead of moderating our birth habits.

The socialists like to think they have the problems of the world solved but the fact is their method is just as destructive and they don't even realize it. So I ask that we stop acknowledging Socialism as a form of goverment as all it is is a sublime. It's a beautiful idea but deadly at the same time and just not practical. Please sign this petition to end the socialist movement.