#Civil Rights
Tamil Nation

We are sick and tired of Sinhalese taking control of everything where ever we step foot. They stripped everything we had ever since 1948, and it doesn't seem to be stopping here even in the new millennia in the country Tamils stepped foot in glory of a new fresh start. They've been labeling us here as Rebels and Terrorists. Their basic idea still is to undermine the Tamil minority, seclude them, and segregate them. They've been doing that in that Sinhala Nation, and they now have a perfect opportunity after 9/11, tagging along with some of their majority Candians to publish untruthful facts.

Do we really have 10 000 LTTE members in Canada? How many kids, school, college and university students does that count include? Ever thought how many Sinhala JVP members are hiding behind their mothers' sarees in Canada?

Kick Sinhalese Out of Canada for a Peaceful life.

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