U.S. Congress
United States of America

Democrats in the United States congress defeated a bill that would immunize bloggers from federal campaign regulations.

What does this mean?
The internet is a powerful communications tool, and one of the last truely free medians to express yourself. Many have chosen to U.S. blogs to voice their views on politics, and other issues concerncing society and government.

Without recognizing that blogs are free speech, and thus are protected by the 1st amendment, we are jeopardizing everything freedom and America stands for. Bloggers could be fined and arrested simply for voicing their opinion.

We, the undersigned, declare that blogs are a powerful, and truely free, form of expression in America. They are protected by the 1st amendment, and thus, Congress must immediately move to exempt blogs from campaign regulations.

No matter what congress does, we will not stop blogging. The First Amendment protects everything we "blog", and we do not need permission from any bureaucrats to express ourselves.

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The Defend Your Right To Blog petition to U.S. Congress was written by Kevin Davis and is in the category Politics at GoPetition.