#Children's Rights
Parents all over the world
United States of America

To all the parents who are overprotective and don't understand what problems we deal with and what we wanna do. We want to have fun and have a little freedom.

This is to all the parents in the whole world who don't allow their kids to do anything. I don't care if it's just one little overprotective thing, I want anyone who has a overprotective parent story to sign this and please tell the whole world if you want.

Parents need to ease off a little more. How are we going to grow up?? Why don't they trust us? Why do they think we are doing everything wrong? And why does the other sibling or friend get to do whatever they want... and get everything they want? Any of these stories could be you.

Tell it. Tell it to the world, and let these people know.

We, the undersigned, petition against Overprotective Parenting. We want to have fun and have a little freedom.

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