#Animal Rights
Iredell County Commissioners
United States of America

Our animal contol facility is a "kill shelter". Iredell County kills more strays than any other county in our area of the country and does not give adoptable animals a chance at a loving home. Our method of euthanasia is inhumane. We need your support to lobby our county commissioners for new ordinances. Please sign our petition below. Thanks you for your loving support.

We, the undersigned residents of Iredell County, are outraged at the number of animals that are killed in Iredell County and the way strays are treated. We respectfully request that the County Commissioners:
1. Revoke the ordinance that stray animals without the proof of a rabies vaccination are automatically killed and cannot be adopted.
2. Discontinue the use of carbon monoxide gas and adopt a more humane method of euthanasia such as lethal injections.
3. Revise the use of our tax dollars since we are one of the highest taxed in NC for animal control and have one of the highest kill rates.

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