#Animal Welfare
micheal bryant and the pit bull ban

The attorney general, Micheal Bryant, banned pitbulls without seeking any advice or opinions from the Ontario Vet College, the Canadian Kennel Association, the S.P.C.A., no one.

Every single group tried to contact him to advise him against a breed specific ban. He, (who is supposed to be speaking 'for' the people) never even showed the courtesy of replying. The problem is NOT the breed, it's bad owners. I have owned 4 over the years, and they are wonderful, loving, GENTLE companions, not to mention very smart. It is a shame that we, as humans, ruined them by purposely breeding them for aggressive qualities, then rather than trying to fix what WE did to them, we just eradicate them.

Isn't it a little hyprocitic of us to 'save the whales' or whatever, but it's okay to kill these beautiful, proud animals without even bothering to try to rectify what we've done to them?

I agree that some have been trained or abused to the point where they are too far gone and have to be euthanized, but surely the young ones (if there are any left) are perfectly able to be totally suitable pets, provided they are socialized properly.

We, the undersigned, call on the Attorney General to stop the senseless eradication of Pitbull Terriers, as eliminating any other species is not acceptable.

This ban needs to be repealed, with JAIL TERMS being made applicable to the OWNERS who are using them for nefarious purposes. Any dog can be a bad dog, or a mean dog, if the OWNER raises it that way.

Please do not punish animals that count on us for protection.

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