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1. Banish alcohol time restriction

Guaranteed reduction of crime and homelessness if granted.

2. Help Me Bring An End To Stereotyping

Hello, my name is Emily Marshall, and something I have become very passionate about is stereotyping.

Too often people get judged just by something someone else has done instead of what they actually do. Just because someone has darker skin, doesn't mean they are bad people. Just because someone has visible tattoos, doesn't mean they are "thugs."

Just because someone wears glasses, doesn't mean they are "geeks." Just because someone gets straight A's doesn't mean they have no social life. Just because a teenager is pregnant doesn't mean she's irresponsible/sleeps around. A lot of people see these certain things on certain people and automatically think the worst, and that is not okay. I believe that if we all work together we can change this world and end stereotyping forever.

So please sign this petition And help me one person at a time to get people to stop basing your entire opinions of people on their first impressions. Thank you.

3. End Guyana Water Pollution

The main issue in Guyana is the water pollution. This is happening because of the sewage, commercial mining, and agriculture as well as many other caused.

The chemicals from the sewage, illegal mining, and agriculture are seeping in the soil and the water, making it toxic. One study found that the water level was not only highly acidic, but also contained petro-chemicals and pesticides, both of which have been scientifically proven to cause many different harmful diseases.

This water pollution could cause a massive decrease in not only the human, but also the animal population and destroy the ecosystems. Thus heavily damaging and destroying the economy. We plan to get the World Nature Organization to take action.

4. Stop the Strike for Halton Schools

The Halton district schools believe we should not have a strike that's including our teachers, it's not fair to anyone and it's just penalizing us.

This year grade 9 students will move on to grade 10 and will have to do the EQAO test, none will be prepared and all the marks will just reflect back onto the Ontario curriculum and our teachers. Many students want to excel and do the best they can through high school to move onto University.

Having a teachers strike may not look good and reflect well on a resume or an application to another school. Also as everyone knows sports are going on throughout the year and are going on right now, many students have worked hard to earn money to play the sport they love, to become apart of the schools. However if the year does end early many students won't have a chance to play anymore and many won't get the money they worked hard for back.

If you want to do what is right for this generation of kids and young adults you should not put any of the Halton area schools on strike for reasons that do not require a strike.

5. Cannabis Cancer Trial Now Australia

This petition is dedicated to the single aim of demanding that the Aus government immediately begin a national trial of pure Cannabis oil for cancer patients.

There is a literal mountain of verified scientific evidence from the last 40 years of studies to suggest that ingesting a gram of pure cannabis oil a day for a minimum of 60 days will kill/start to regress most cancers and tumours and that over 90% of cancer patients will achieve significant, long term relief and in many cases complete remission of their cancers and tumours.

We say it is inhumane to deny these people the cure/relief when it exists for use right now, and that the only reason for it being held back is the vested interests of Big Pharmaceutical companies and their political enablers (our politicians).

Before signing we suggest you read Jack Herer's book online on his website 'the emporor wears no clothes', and you will clearly see that up until 100 or so years ago, and the advent of the Rockefellers, DuPont and William Randolph Hearst, Cannabis/Hemp was the most important plant in the history of the human species.

With your understanding, compassion and courage, it will be again.

Much love and hope for our suffering needy citizens. Help them.

Daryl Aberhart
January 2014

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6. Support the Arm End Golf Course

Greg Ramsay and his team at Experience Consulting have put forward a proposal to develop Arm End, Tasmania, into a stunning World Class Links Golf Course and Recreational Area. The proposal has the potential to significantly benefit not only the community, but also the land itself.

This is a petition to show SUPPORT for this proposal.

For information on the Arm End Golf Course proposal go here:

To see previous and current projects by the developer, Experience Consulting, go here:

To show your support on Facebook, go here:

7. Make the Chemical Weapons Convention Obligatory for UN members

The Chemical Weapons Convention created by the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, outlaws the production, stockpiling and use of chemical weapons.

Every country in the world has signed this international agreement, except for six countries. Syria is one of them. Various sources reflect that the Syrian government is willing to use their chemical weapons to stop the uprising.

Since chemical weapons can be used for mass killings in a matter of minutes, these atrocities must be stopped.

This petition is sponsered by Project Democracy :

8. End the British Monarchy

Britain is now in a Double-Dip recession. Now we have a four day weekend and many other bank holidays due to the royal family. This cannot be helping local businesses, and the economy will get worse.

If we ditch the monarchy perhaps we can focus our efforts on better things to boost the economy, for example we could sell the castles and royal homes as tourist attractions, or they could be used to shelter those who don't have homes in Britain at the moment, the royal family can get proper jobs to help or get the normal retirement money like everyone else.

In the 21st century we should not have "Royal" people, everyone is equal, most other monarchy's are now gone and they're probably doing a lot better than we are.

9. Ban Animal Slaughter For GOOD

I will not settle down until animal slaughter is banned forever.

Join this petition to help me end slaughter and give them better homes.

10. Mediacorp to Broadcast Kohaku Uta Gassen

Kōhaku Uta Gassen (紅白歌合戦?), more commonly known as simply Kōhaku, is an annual music show on New Year's Eve produced by Japanese public broadcaster NHK and broadcast on both television and radio, nationally and internationally by NHK's networks
(from Wikipedia).

This program features the most successful of Jpop artistes, along with invited non-Japanese artistes.

This year (2011) features SNSD and KARA.

We, the Jpop/Kpop fans of Singapore wish to have the opportunity to be able to enjoy such a wonderful program on our local channels.

11. End Occupy Boston

The Occupy Wall Street protests started a movement which spread across the country including Boston, Massachusetts. These protestors have camped out at Dewey Square for more than 45 days, harassed onlookers, closed streets, trashed public and private grounds, and have embarrassed Boston.

Other Occupy protests have been broken up by police and I think its about time BPD ends it once and for all! Other Occupy protests have had death, assault, prostitution, drugs, rape, and concealed firearms tied to it. By signing this petition you are urging the officials of the most liberal state in America to end this and care for the ones who are affected by these protests. Please Sign this petition!

12. Keep South Park Alive!

South Park is seemingly coming to an end. Their contract was supposed to end after 15's almost that time. Especially with the latest episode it would appear the end is dawning upon us...

For the sake of millions of fans and actual good tv, we ask of you to sign in order to change the minds of Matt, Trey, & Comedy Central.

13. Do Not Cut OC Transpo Bus routes

As everyone has heard OCTranspo has introduced new measures to cut and or merge 100 bus routes and provide less frequent bus service to Ottawans. As a frequent OC Transpo user I find the current bus system already unreliable, with these new measures set to be implemented in the fall, OC Transpo will be even more unreliable.

With this petition I hope to present to the City of Ottawa and the OC Transpo board of Executive members, we the riders of OC Transpo will stop proposed plans to cut and merge already existing routes.

14. End the Dell lollipop commercial!

Back in May or June, Dell decided to make a commercial about factory workers singing a song called "Lollipop".

At first, it wasn't annoying, but it has lasted longer and gets more annoying each day.

Please, if you hate the ad! Please sign this petition!

15. Por favor, acabar con la violencia entre Bolivia y Chile!

Please, end the violence now!

16. Help End The New YouTube Trend!

This petition is dedicated to Victoria Lindsay, who will never forget the day she was attacked. Footage of the beating, perpetrated and videotaped by girls she thought were friends, is now all over the Internet.

Lindsay is the latest victim in a shocking trend. Camera-wielding attackers, increasingly teen girls, beat a victim so that they can post the video on popular sites like MySpace and YouTube. Lindsay's attack shows how bullying is crossing genders and going online.

YouTube allows videos to be uploaded without being pre approved. Members can 'flag' videos that they feel are inappropriate. They will then be reviewed and removed if the video breaks their guidelines, as follows.

"The uploading of videos containing pornography, nudity, defamation, harassment, commercial advertisements and material encouraging criminal conduct is prohibited."

While it may be convenient for the websites owners to leave their members responsible for screening and reporting inappropriate videos, it is obvious that running the site this way strongly supports the new trend of attacking individuals and posting the footage online in an attempt to humiliate a person, and a sad claim to fame. This was the purpose behind Victoria Lindsay's attackers.

Their have since, and before Victoria Lindsay's attack, been MANY other similar situations. This issue is not limited to this particular story. This needs to stop, and the only people who can really put an end to it, is YouTube. Its time they take responsibility for the damage their site ultimately supports and diminish YouTube's Terms of Use, section 5, paragraph G, which states in part.. "...You further understand and acknowledge that you may be exposed to User Submissions that are inaccurate, offensive, indecent, or objectionable" (and will not hold YouTube responsible).

17. End the Fur Trade

Animals are dying daily in appalling conditions due to the fur trade.

Animals are crammed in crates and thrown off trucks, often shattering all their limbs. The animals are then skinned alive and left for death.

This is a sickening trade and needs to be stopped!

18. Time to Go

As you may of Read in the LEP and other Media. OUR club Preston North End, isn't happy about Stay away fans, not happy that we the Fans are voicing OUR Concerns that the Lack of ambition by the Board is costing us big time. Fans have been calling for the Midfield to be sort all season, and its fallen on death ears.

Well we are in a playoff place at the Moment, we are fast moving down the league with constant bad performances. Relegation elected teams are walking over us big time. Its been Asked whos to blame, and Derek Shaw has come under strong blame. So lets have our Say.

**Those that don't want to sign don't put your name to it or a silly name, let's have a fair reflection of opinion. They will be removed **