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This petition is dedicated to Victoria Lindsay, who will never forget the day she was attacked. Footage of the beating, perpetrated and videotaped by girls she thought were friends, is now all over the Internet.

Lindsay is the latest victim in a shocking trend. Camera-wielding attackers, increasingly teen girls, beat a victim so that they can post the video on popular sites like MySpace and YouTube. Lindsay's attack shows how bullying is crossing genders and going online.

YouTube allows videos to be uploaded without being pre approved. Members can 'flag' videos that they feel are inappropriate. They will then be reviewed and removed if the video breaks their guidelines, as follows.

"The uploading of videos containing pornography, nudity, defamation, harassment, commercial advertisements and material encouraging criminal conduct is prohibited."

While it may be convenient for the websites owners to leave their members responsible for screening and reporting inappropriate videos, it is obvious that running the site this way strongly supports the new trend of attacking individuals and posting the footage online in an attempt to humiliate a person, and a sad claim to fame. This was the purpose behind Victoria Lindsay's attackers.

Their have since, and before Victoria Lindsay's attack, been MANY other similar situations. This issue is not limited to this particular story. This needs to stop, and the only people who can really put an end to it, is YouTube. Its time they take responsibility for the damage their site ultimately supports and diminish YouTube's Terms of Use, section 5, paragraph G, which states in part.. "...You further understand and acknowledge that you may be exposed to User Submissions that are inaccurate, offensive, indecent, or objectionable" (and will not hold YouTube responsible).

We, the undersigned, call on the staff members of YouTube to screen and pre approve all videos after upload before they are featured on the site.

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