southpark fans

South Park is seemingly coming to an end. Their contract was supposed to end after 15 seasons...it's almost that time. Especially with the latest episode it would appear the end is dawning upon us...

For the sake of millions of fans and actual good tv, we ask of you to sign in order to change the minds of Matt, Trey, & Comedy Central.

Hello All,

As one may have noticed in the episode "Getting Older" episode...it would appear Matt & Trey might be ending South Park at 15 seasons...I know by contract that's how it is supposed to go, but it is just TOO SOON for us fans to let go.

Look I can't write for long on here but as a long time fan and a true Colorado-an, would you please sign and keep this great show alive? In all honesty there isn't much good left on TV nowadays and South Park I believe was reaching its highest potential last season.

I hope this reaches out to everyone and to Matt & Trey in time before it's too late...

So please sign and pass on to your friends and fellow fans.

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