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1. Tolak EDL

The controversial Eastern Dispersal Link (EDL) highway is schedule to open in the coming months. The total length of the EDL is 8.1km and it starts from Pandan Interchange and ends at the Bandar Sultan Ibrahim Building (JB CIQ).

With the opening of this new expressway, the road users in Johor Bahru and surrounding areas are expected to pay a total of RM30.60 for a return trip to and out of Singapore, a far cry from the current RM2.90 and SGD1.20.

The calculation is as follow:-

Toll Charges per way RM7.65 (RM6.20 + RM1.45)@2 = RM15.30.

As the collection booths are located inside the CIQ building, this means all vehicles going out to Singapore through the JB CIQ (Causeway), will be subjected to this new toll.

Last Friday, the Land Transport Authority of Singapore has further announce that if the Malaysian government were to increase the toll charges for the causeway, the Government of Singapore will follow suit and impose a new rate on par with the new Malaysia’s toll rate.

Effectively, users of the causeway would be subjected to the new toll rate of RM30.60 per return trip and increase of 400% from the current toll rate!

Needless to say this will have a significant impact on all Johoreans that commute daily to Singapore and also the economy of Johor Bahru which relies heavily on the Singaporean that patronizes and conduct businesses here in Johor Bahru.

The cost of construction is around RM1 billion and the Government of Malaysia has granted a 34 years concession to MRCB Bhd.

2. Right to march against racist EDL

The English Defence League – an organisation of racist and fascist thugs – has planned a march through multiracial, multicultural Tower Hamlets, east London on Saturday 3 September.

In response, Unite Against Fascism and local umbrella group United East End have called a national demonstration against the EDL in Tower Hamlets on that date, to show our unity and the greatest possible opposition to the racists and fascists.

We urge all antiracists and antifascists to sign the petition below and to join us in Tower Hamlets on Saturday 3 September.

More details of the UAF/UEE event – including transport from around the country and leaflets for download – can be found on the UAF website

3. Not a penny of our money to make the EDL demonstration possible!

We are proud of our multicultural community and believe that it can only thrive and prosper if we stand united: an integrated community of many ethnic groups, religions and national backgrounds.

The EDL’s sole purpose in coming to Tower Hamlets on 3rd September is to sow racial conflict and divide our community. The EDL is a racist organisation with ties to the fascists; it specifically targets Muslim communities and Mosques because of the leading role Muslim youth have played in opposing the US/British wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that are deeply unpopular with the great majority of British people.

It is unacceptable, especially at a time when deep cuts are being made to our public services, for any public money to be spent on enabling the EDL to come here to stir up racism and create divisions. Even if the EDL is allowed to hold a static rally, ‘kettled’ by the police, it will mean that they are sure to come back and be more dangerous.

There is no reason or justification for our Council to co-operate in any way with making any EDL march, demonstration or rally possible.

4. Support The Armed Forces By Introducing The Military Covenant into Law

The Military Covenant was written 400 years ago, its is a mutual obligation between society, government an the Armed forces.

It recognises that the Armed forces may make many sacrifices including the Ultimate one.

In recent years we have seen several instances where if the Military covenant was in law it would of stopped national outrage, i.e Luton 2008 & Barking 2009 Islamic Extremists protest an abuse soldiers, 2010 Poppies burnt on Armistice day.

It would hold to Government responsible for providing the care that many ex-service people need, whether that be physical or otherwise. It could also be used to tackle crimes such as defacing war memorials, which sadly seems to be on the increase.

There has been increased media coverage of the military covenant as the government has been accused of failing to meet it; this criticism came from not just the media, but also several previous Chiefs of the Defence Staff said the government needed to do more to help support injured troops and their families.

Further information can be obtained from;

5. EDL Protest Luton

- EDL are an anti-islamic organisation, established in 2009 and have had several demonstrations leading to violence.

- UAF have always held a counter demonstration (Derby, Birmingham etc), which has lead to more violence and the Muslim youth being arrested and branded ‘violent’.

- The Bedfordshire police on this occasion have not written to the Home office demanding a ban on the protest.

6. Support the English Defence League

Support the English Defence League to gain Government support to bring an end to Islamic Extremism, Sharia Law and all that this entails i.e. wearing of the Burkha, Halal products in restaurants and supermarkets. The building of Mosques and its accompanying Learning Centres which are 'alleged' to be a training ground for extremism.

The Government need to act and curtail these problems and support is needed by the English Defence League to bring this to the attention of our Government and compel them to act on it.

7. Stop/Ban (EDL) English Defence League

Bradford demo against the Islamification of England
Type: Causes - Protest
Date: Saturday, 28 August 2010
Time: 12:30 - 16:30
Location: Bradford

Description. The English Defence League will be protesting in Bradford against the Islamification of England. Parts have Bradford have become no go zones with non Muslims regularly being attacked and intimidated by Muslim gangs. The time has come to reclaim our streets and let the government know that we have had enough.

Watch the EDL expose themselves to be nothing but a bunch of violent, racist thugs. Most of you may already know this but this time they've been caught on camera.

8. Stop the EDL!!

The edl are a fascist group which demonise and manipulate the british people into believing their views. The British people live in a democratic country with equal rights and the EDL (English Defence League) are twisting this and changing the way we think.

They have had a number of marches against islam but they say its against extremist islam which in actual is not what they are against they are against islam as a whole. They are making the British people believe that muslims are trying to take over the uk and radicalise it, this is a lie! just yesterday the EDL had a march through stoke on trent which was against extremist islam but the aftermath to this was far from anything they made us beleave this is what they set out to do.

As you can see from the following link shown below that many british officers were injured aswell as many passerbys all in the name of the EDL's ''peacfully protesting against radical islam'' as is stated on there webpage slogan!

so where is the peace with this group? oh and i forgot to mention the group was founded by football hooligans! Why would a person want to put the faith of the UK in the hands of hooligans?!