#Civil Rights
To the Mayor & Council of Tower Hamlets:
United Kingdom

We are proud of our multicultural community and believe that it can only thrive and prosper if we stand united: an integrated community of many ethnic groups, religions and national backgrounds.

The EDL’s sole purpose in coming to Tower Hamlets on 3rd September is to sow racial conflict and divide our community. The EDL is a racist organisation with ties to the fascists; it specifically targets Muslim communities and Mosques because of the leading role Muslim youth have played in opposing the US/British wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that are deeply unpopular with the great majority of British people.

It is unacceptable, especially at a time when deep cuts are being made to our public services, for any public money to be spent on enabling the EDL to come here to stir up racism and create divisions. Even if the EDL is allowed to hold a static rally, ‘kettled’ by the police, it will mean that they are sure to come back and be more dangerous.

There is no reason or justification for our Council to co-operate in any way with making any EDL march, demonstration or rally possible.

We call on the Mayor and Council to strengthen their opposition to the EDL by declaring that they will:

1. Refuse to pay a single penny of public funds to the costs of security or policing that are incurred by any EDL march, demonstration or rally in Tower Hamlets.

2. Refuse to allow any Council-controlled open spaces, parks, commons or buildings in Tower Hamlets to be used for an EDL rally or demonstration.

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