#Law Reform
To parliament to demand that the Military Covenant Be introduced into law
United Kingdom

The Military Covenant was written 400 years ago, its is a mutual obligation between society, government an the Armed forces.

It recognises that the Armed forces may make many sacrifices including the Ultimate one.

In recent years we have seen several instances where if the Military covenant was in law it would of stopped national outrage, i.e Luton 2008 & Barking 2009 Islamic Extremists protest an abuse soldiers, 2010 Poppies burnt on Armistice day.

It would hold to Government responsible for providing the care that many ex-service people need, whether that be physical or otherwise. It could also be used to tackle crimes such as defacing war memorials, which sadly seems to be on the increase.

There has been increased media coverage of the military covenant as the government has been accused of failing to meet it; this criticism came from not just the media, but also several previous Chiefs of the Defence Staff said the government needed to do more to help support injured troops and their families.

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We want to get as many names as possible so that we can Call to our Government an demand that the Military Covenant be introduced into Law, an that the Covenant Commission be given powers to use to support our Armed Forces.

The British Legion has previously been campaigning for the Covenant, as now are the English Defence League. The Armed Forces Deserve our Respect an Support lets give them what they need by getting this actioned and made law!

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