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The edl are a fascist group which demonise and manipulate the british people into believing their views. The British people live in a democratic country with equal rights and the EDL (English Defence League) are twisting this and changing the way we think.

They have had a number of marches against islam but they say its against extremist islam which in actual is not what they are against they are against islam as a whole. They are making the British people believe that muslims are trying to take over the uk and radicalise it, this is a lie! just yesterday the EDL had a march through stoke on trent which was against extremist islam but the aftermath to this was far from anything they made us beleave this is what they set out to do.

As you can see from the following link shown below that many british officers were injured aswell as many passerbys all in the name of the EDL's ''peacfully protesting against radical islam'' as is stated on there webpage slogan!

so where is the peace with this group? oh and i forgot to mention the group was founded by football hooligans! Why would a person want to put the faith of the UK in the hands of hooligans?!


I ask you fellow British whether you are black, white, asian muslim, sikh, jew, christian what ever your ethnic background or religion. I ask you to sign this petition against the EDL (English Defence League) as i will be sending the response to the UK Government in order to ban such a group!

They aim to nutralise radical islam but yet they riot and fight with any person who is not with them!, which part of this is peaceful?. They say they have no feud with islam just radical islam yet they spray paint any mosque they see. They say its islam they want rid of in the uk but let me ask you this, its islam now what will be next? judaism? sikhism? hinduism? or even christianity?! so i ask you to sign this petition and help me to get rid of this rascist group..

sign and tell your friends to sign. Once we hit a minimum 25,000 it will be enough to gain attention of the government to show our concern and hopefully ban this group for good!

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