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1. Stop unfair jury voting in Eurovision

We want a free contest where the public decides the winning song and not just a few juries.

2. Yes to Eurovision Channel

After 55 years passing in TV, it's time for Eurovision to have its own TV channel! The family Eurovision consists of 6 shows: Eurovision Song Contest; Eurovision Dance Contest; Junior Eurovision Song Contest; Eurovision Talent Contest; Eurovision Young Dancers and Eurovision Young Musicians.

The channel could pass past shows, interviews, video clips, news, live shows (of the 6 contests and national selection shows), etc... It would be good to have a Eurovision Channel, spread all over the world! So, sing this petition, and lets get an Eurovision Channel!

3. Get The EBU To Release Past Eurovision Song Contests on DVD

The EBU started to release the Eurovision Song Contest on DVD in 2004, however before then there is 50 years worth of Eurovision lost in the past, and are now only visible in glimpses on 'Eurovision Congratulations', in some documentaries or online.

I want to bring them back by getting the EBU to release them on DVD! We have already seen a massive audience for the event and so they will obviously prove to be successful.

4. Bring the juries back to Eurovision!

Today, on Bulgarian television, the results of the Bulgarian jury votes were announced.

8 points would have gone to United Kingdom, 10 points would have gone to Sweden and 12 points would have gone to Ukraine. San Marino, who used a jury, gave 8 points to Armenia, 10 points to Israel, 12 points to Greece. These two examples are balanced, fair, unbiased voting.

In the end, Russia won the contest, and Bulgaria 12 points to Germany due to one of the singers of the band being a judge on Bulgarian reality TV show 'Music Idol'.

Russia won because it had an Olympic ice skater on stage, Timbaland produced the song (and the commentators made a big deal of this) and eight voting countries bordering it. The song was decent, but there were better songs. In its semifinal, Russia came third due to half the amount of neighbouring countries voting.

5. Bring back 'Jeux Sans Frontieres'!

****WOW! Almost 15,000 signatures!! Thanks everybody and keep it up!!*****

EBU, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has cancelled the much-awaited return of Jeux Sans Frontières - the brilliant game show that for 35 years brought together young people from all over Europe.

We are calling on all European citizens to help lobby EBU for the return of JSF.

Please sign this petition, which will be delivered to EBU's Director of Television and to national broadcasters.

Jeux Sans Frontières was a perfect example of both popular and quality programming, which is becoming rarer in an era of cultural dumbing down, reality TV and cheap song contests.

JSF was one of the most popular programmes across the continent - one of a very few examples of truly contemporary European culture, and a great way to build a common identity, exchange experiences and learn about the places and cultures of Europe. In fact, from 1965 to 1999, generation after generation of Europeans grew up with 'the Games'.

JSF was a great chance for European youths to take part in creative, imaginative and stimulating games, while showcasing beautiful villages, towns and cities from participating countries.

In short, JSF meets all three criteria of good Public Service Broadcasting: it informs, educates and entertains.

After a lot of pressure from fans across Europe, broadcasters decided to launch a new series of JSF in 2007; only to cancel it at the last moment due to "financial difficulties". It's true that JSF is an expensive programme to produce. Still, broadcasters waste millions of euros every year on programmes of much lesser quality and indeed popularity.

Let's show EBU and its members, i.e. the national public service broadcasters (such as BBC, TF1, RAI, ERT) - which by the way are funded by us - that European audiences want Jeux Sans Frontières back.

Please sign this petition.

****WOW! Almost 15,000 signatures!! Thanks everybody and keep it up!!*****