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Channel One Russia (RT1C) is at the moment the official partner of EBU in Russia. However the company doesn't adhere to the values of the organisation and doesn't live up to any standards required to represent the country,

Some examples of questionable practices:

Voter fraud, fraudulent contestants.
Former Eurivision participant Alsou self-admittedly bought votes to secure her daughter's 1 place in "Voice Kids Russia". The investigation in the voting results proved the use of bots in support of the participant, so that the company had to annule the results of the vote.
One of the winners in "Minuta slavy" (Minute of fame) turned out to be a proffessional from Cirque du Soleil, who during the show posed as a car mechanic.
There are significant questions aboutt the voting for ESG national selection results.

Degrading human dignity.
Hosts of "Davai pozjenimsya" (Let's get married) have - for over a decade- publicly humiliated its participants, srutinises their lives, discriminated on the base of income and age.
Host of "Zdorovo zhit'" (It's great to live healthily) used a woman from the audience as a living prop to demonstrate circumcision, the woman's head represented glans penis and the long neck of her sweater was puller over her head to represent the foreskin.
"Pust' govoryat" (Let them talk) slutshames rape victims, makes details of their lives public.
Host of "Muzjskoye-zhenskoye" (male-female) verbally harrasses women for having kids out of wedlock.

False information
"Channel One" is also accused of spreading false information, including health advice,

Political censorship
It's an open secret that Tv hosts of the Channel can't invite oppositional political leaders to participate in the shows. The news don't cover the agenda of non-ruling parties, selectively muting their events.

The Channel's crucial role in internal political propaganda makes it above the rule of the law; we as citizens of the country can't keep them in check.

So given the Belorussian precendent, we undrestand the ESG have the authority to ban a company from participation until it modifies its behaviour. We are asking to apply the same policy to Channel One Russia, We are also asking to choose a completely different media altogether to be the official broadcaster, among the companies with more appropriate values (if this is possible).

We, the undersigned call on the EBU to ban "Channel 1 Russia" (RT1C) from being the official broadcaster of the Eurovision song contest because of the Channel's non-adherence to the core values of the contest, It spreads hateful messages, including but not limited to political censorship, degrading human dignity, promoting misogyny to its audience We are also asking to chose another television nerwork to be responsible for conducting national selection, boadcasting the contest, organising the event in case of Russia hosting it.

Мы, нижеподписавшиеся, просим Союз Европейского Вещания, прекратить сотрудничество с компанией "Первый канал Россия" в качестве основного вещателя конкурса Евровидение на территории РФ, так как компания не придерживется ценностей конкурса, Она замешана в цензурировании политеческой повестки, унижении человеческого достоинства, провокации на ненависть и вражду, в том числе ненависть к женщинам. Мы просим выбрать другую сеть телевещания для проведения национального отбора, трансляции конкурса. а также организации мероприятия в случае его проведения в России.

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