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Svante Stockselius, EBU

Today, on Bulgarian television, the results of the Bulgarian jury votes were announced.

8 points would have gone to United Kingdom, 10 points would have gone to Sweden and 12 points would have gone to Ukraine. San Marino, who used a jury, gave 8 points to Armenia, 10 points to Israel, 12 points to Greece. These two examples are balanced, fair, unbiased voting.

In the end, Russia won the contest, and Bulgaria 12 points to Germany due to one of the singers of the band being a judge on Bulgarian reality TV show 'Music Idol'.

Russia won because it had an Olympic ice skater on stage, Timbaland produced the song (and the commentators made a big deal of this) and eight voting countries bordering it. The song was decent, but there were better songs. In its semifinal, Russia came third due to half the amount of neighbouring countries voting.

We, the undersigned, call on Svante Stockselius and the EBU, to re-introduce full jury voting to the Eurovision Song Contest, and this year's full jury results to be released.

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