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Juvenal Arias/President of Tourism

Electrocution is used as a means of destroying animals at the Rosarito Dog Pound at Rosarito, Mexico (a beach town in Baja California), located 30 minutes south of San Diego.

The picture you see of the dog here, was taken by a news-reporter from Fox 6 News of San Diego. Although hard to see in this small photo, the dog is lying in his pool of blood from a serious cut to his leg. He will not receive any medical attention...and later, will be electrocuted to death.

The Humane Society has issued a statement informing that lethal injection is the only humane form of euthanasia. This is a major atrocity that needs to be rectified immediately. Please tell others about this and about this petition and hopefully we can make a difference!

I, the undersigned, have been made aware of the horrifying situation at the Rosarito dog pound, where the dogs are not given proper medical attention and are electrocuted to death as a means of euthanasia.

The Humane Society has issued a statement stating that lethal injection is the only humane form of euthanasia. This major atrocity needs to be rectified immediately.

The impounded animals should receive proper medical attention for injuries and/or ailments. Reducing the homeless and stray population with a more aggressive approach of spay and neuteur programs is essential. While a no-kill policy at the pound is always the best choice, if animals are to be destroyed, then initial sedation followed by lethal injection should be instituted for euthanasia.

As a potential tourist of your city, I am informing you that I intend to boycott travel and vacation in Rosarito, until these terms are met.

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