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1. Mandatory counselling made for the hurting children of divorce

Children of divorce go through a really difficult time.

This is especially if they are left to process the hurt and pains that they experience. 

Singapore, in 2015, has introduced more programs and solutions targetted to helping these children, such as providing optional counselling services (Goy, 2015) to these children.

Yet, there is an issue with optional counselling services for these kids. As some of the family lawyers have highlighted, some parents simply do not see the need for such services for their children. In the words of Family lawyer Rajan Chettiar, "The law mandates parents attending parental workshops and counselling. But how about the children?" (Goy, 2015

I am advocating for mandatory counselling for children of divorcees are hurting and overlooked.

Every vote will be pivotal in helping to alleviate this issue!

Please sign and support!

GOY, P. (2015). Mandate counselling for children in divorces. The Straits Times. Retrieved 20 October 2016, from

2. Stop 4% CMS Collection Charge

This petition specifically aims to stop the 4% collection charge made by the CMS, being taken from the payments that are for the welfare and upkeep of a child's daily needs.

Within the coming weeks the government proposes to introduce collection charges to resident and non-resident parents who require the Child Maintenance Service (CMS) for receiving and sending their payments. Those that require the collection service often do not receive direct payments due to a history of a dysfunctional working relationship (possibly abusive or irregular payers who lack responsibility in maintaining payment).

The non-resident parent will be charged 20% on top of their usual payments, if they have failed to make a payment and the CMS need to chase them in any circumstance. THE RESIDENT PARENT WILL ALSO HAVE A 4% CHARGE to the money they receive for their children! This petition specifically aims to stop the 4% charge being taken from the payments that are for the welfare and upkeep of a child's daily needs. IT IS NOT the responsibility or fault of the resident parent or the CHILD/CHILDREN if a non-resident parent is an irregular payer or disregards their responsibility to pay towards their children, making this 4% charge unfair inappropriate and detracting from the purpose of the payments.

No child should have to pay for their non-residents parents failings.

We can change this now, before it is set in stone in the next few weeks and ask that all parent, grandparents and society as a whole care and action against policies like this one that directly impose a disservice to children.

3. Shared Access in Divorce is not in the Best Interest of the Child

This petition is with reference to South Asian families migrated to Canada and are not living together anymore for many reasons. The divorce rate among south Asian families is increasing and kids involved are suffering due to shared access.

Couples from South Asia are finding it extremely difficult to raise kids under these circumstances because they are educated in terms of dealing with After Divorce problems. Most of them have not experienced it in their childhood. They have not even seen anybody in their families getting divorced. There is no feedback from friends and family as they have not been through it. Every south Asian Couple going through divorce is alone and inexperienced but extremely manipulative and smart in terms of milking the system to their advantage.

Shared access under such circumstances where access is not spending time with the child but taking the child away from the custodial parent, the purpose of this law of access is marred.

When the child is not allowed to see the mother on mothers day because of Fathers access day falling on that day whereas father is also at work and child spends Mothers day with step mother, I dont see ACCESS working for the child.

When child is not taken to extra curricular activities only because mother registered her and father doesn't agree to it, father stating that he doesn't want any activity during his access, Its not working for the child.

Moreover this shared access had been part of the family law since quite some time. Even then the family life of Canadian Divorced couples has not done any wonders. Rather it has produced angry, mad and frustrated youth. More killings, gangs, spiteful behavior, frustrations have sprung up, covenant houses are full, more use of drugs and guns.

Many reasons but the major one is when kids have to face both parents angry at each other, poisoning their kids brains to get their custody, demeaning texts, emails, undermining the style of bringing up, step parents comparing them with their own kids, discouraging step children, and so on....its unending.

Parents are unable to concentrate of their new careers after divorce. One of the parents who is well settled would not want the other to settle down in good jobs just to prove himself or herself right and superior. They keep the legal and blame game pressure on for years and use kids to get and pass the information.

The Law of Access needs to be reformed. The Law makers made it, the hon. Judges pass their judgement because its not them who are going through it. Its the families who are all different and have many reasons why they are in the court. Hence one law cannot justify many families.

Again this Law of Access is good but now been through many years and need not be rigid.

I don't know about other countries but in India there is no such Law of Access. Kids are being raised in a better way, get good education, are smarter and understand the life and look at the life in a positive way and do not become criminals. There are less divorces, less crimes and no covenant houses at all.

4. STOP involuntary confinement, treatment of Jhilmil Breckenridge

In response to the fact that Ms. Jhilmil Breckenridge, being locked up at IHBAS- Institute of Human Behaviour and Allied Sciences, Shahdara, Delhi (also known as Shahdara Mental Asylum) against her consent has alerted and shocked many women who have undergone similar incarceration and emotional trauma. She was picked up by policemen and is in lock up at the asylum.

Ms. Jhilmil, a wonderful, warm, vibrant woman and mother of 4 children, has been forcibly institutionalised in the Shahadara mental asylum. She was becoming 'too difficult' to manage. And this, despite the fact that she has a supportive doctor who has confirmed over many instances throughout communications between her family and friends that she is NOT going through symptoms of mania (she has had a previous diagnosis of Bipolar).

Background, which is hugely facilitating a medico legal charge of insanity: She is in the middle of a difficult divorce - perhaps that explains why she is getting 'too difficult' to manage. Her reactions in any way, from holding her child, to being moody and difficult are being classified as 'mad'. She has asked for help from other authority figures, but they have only been shooed away by statements such as: 'Do not take her words seriously, she is crazy'.

Institutionalizing her is against the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD)
Article 5: Equality and Non-Discrimination
Article 6: Women with Disabilities
Article 10: Right to Life
Article 12: Equal Recognition before the Law
Article 13: Access to Justice
Article 14: Liberty and security of the person
Article 15: Freedom from torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment
Article 16: Freedom from exploitation, violence and abuse
Article 17: Protecting the integrity of the person
Article 19: Living in the community
Article 25: Health

Her case is that of thousands of other women in this country who have had to face atrocities due to laws that continue to function despite the ratification of UNCRPD in 2007. How many, many women have been towed away into asylums on an insanity petition, so that the man can gain custody of children, be irresponsible about alimony, hide domestic violence, and obscure an extra marital affair before the public eye and the eye of justice?

Jhilmil is eminently able to take care of herself, is a yoga teacher, and has a self discipline about her own well being and recovery. She is an inspiration to many regarding recovery and well being.

Her doctor's word is not sufficient for her release when she is being held under a government psychiatrist.

Read supporting documents at:

Documents pertaining to CRPD and human rights can be accessed at:

5. Emancipate Child Support at 18 Years Old

Please support a Bill to Support Divorced Parents rights by following law in states such as Calif. & Arizona by Emancipating Children at the adult age of 18.

NJ currently has an antiquated law that allows a Judge(Glorified Lawyer) to keep Parents arguing over Child Support, in turn allowing Lawyers to keep charging fees to the Parents while they keep them arguing. If the Law is passed to Emancipate at 18 then 50% of the time in court and legal fees that Lawyers are charging the parents are drastically reduced. If a young adult can be drafted into the military and risk life or limb at 18 then they are full fledged adults.

If they commit a crime then they are tried as adults not as a child(as in "Child" Support). A Judge(Glorified Lawyer) has no right to force a married couple to pay for an 18 year old adult's secondary education but they are give the "power" to make divorced couples do it. Isn't that discriminatory? Time to update the antiquated laws that allow the Judges(Glorified Lawyers) to preserve their Profession and give the Lawyers the right to make people go broke instead of really caring about the children.

6. Increase Transparency in the Family Courts

The Government opened family courts up to greater media scrutiny, in response to criticism that the current set up is overly secretive in April 2009. This was approved by Parliament. Journalists are able to attend family court hearings in county courts and the High Court from 27 April 2009.

‎"The provisions in the Children, Schools and Families Act have been universally condemned and should be abolished, the Justice Select Committee says. Instead, ministers should redraft proposals to increase transparency in the family courts, putting the views of children centre stage."

The subject of newspaper reporting of cases heard in the high court namely to do with private and public law. The Children Act 2004 para 251. Section 62(1) amends section 97 of the Children Act 1989 to make clear that the publication of material from family proceedings which is intended, or likely, to identify any child as being involved in such proceedings (or the address or school of such a child) is only prohibited in relation to publication of information to the public or any section of the public. In effect, this means that passing on information identifying, or likely to identify, a child (his school or his address) as being involved in court proceedings to an individual.

The Court of Appeal has decided that the prohibition from identifying children which section 97 of the Children Act 1989 provides only applies whilst the proceedings relating to the child in question are in progress. Once the proceedings have concluded, the protection given by the Act comes to an end, the entitlement to anonymity thereafter being dependent upon an exercise in balancing the Convention rights of those involved.

Although statistics are published about cases that pass through the courts, these in their nature cannot answer claims that abuses of the system are not identified and that there are effectively no quality controls.

I am a mother of one. I have had my trials and tribulations being a parent, just as all parents have. Supporting my child in a positive direction; encouraging little one to do well in school and understand the diversities of others. My child and I are the victims of racial harassment promoted by the family court system and rubber stamped by our country. My family case is to do racial harassment by our country. Everyone has a unique story to tell. This is my own.

My Daughter has one kidney, which was damaged when she was born. Her medical records reveal that it was I who nurtured her to recovery. The Doctor sang my praises. Trauma promotes ill health in later life. Furthermore I had eight miscarriages, before little one was born. I was beaten up by the police so they could take her and the one social worker who was in attendance stood there and watched, as my daughter looked on from the middle of the room as we fought rolling around on my settee. There were a number of police officers present.

UK FAMILY COURT JUDGES VIOLATE AND DENY HUMAN RIGHTS OF CHILDREN - There is a clear need to increase transparency in the family courts, putting the views of children centre stage. Once a child is proven to be 'Gillick' competent the child must be allowed to attend Court to give their views to a Judge. Guardians ad litem should not in any circumstance give evidence on behalf of a child that will decide the fate of the child. The Court have a duty to prevent hearsay evidence. It is imperative that Parliament quash the power of Guardians ad litem decision to admit the hearsay of a child as evidence in Private and Public family law matters. The more serious the allegation, the greater the importance of ensuring that the accused parent(s) is afforded fair and proper procedural safeguards in civil and criminal matters. There is no public interest in a wrong result. This must include 'Private and Public' Law cases.

That it is fair to admit the hearsay evidence of a child and a Judge's decision to admit it is irrational and constituted a breach of the claimant's Article 6(1) right to a fair hearing and cannot stand.

Qualitative methods produce information only on the particular cases studied, and any more general conclusions are only hypotheses. Quantitative methods can be used to verify, which of such hypotheses are true. This is what this petition is about.

Family Justice: What We Can Do To Protect Our Children

7. Declare April 25th as Parental Alienation Awareness Day in the State of Montana

The problem of Parental Alienation in our state and beyond has become critical despite the fact that we as a society have the highest obligation to protect our children.

Dr. Richard Gardner, the first to recognize PAS, defines it as "a disorder that arises primarily in the context of child-custody disputes. Its primary manifestation is the child's campaign of denigration against a parent, a campaign that has no justification. It results from the combination of a programming (brainwashing) parent's indoctrination and the child's own contributions to the vilification of the targeted parent."

One of the leading professionals in this area, Dr. Richard Warshak, author of Divorce Poison, is puzzled by some therapist’s ambivalence in preventing PAS. While they agree that the brainwashing of PAS is a form of emotional abuse, they often fail to remove a child from the obviously damaging environment; yet they would be the first to do so if there were any signs of physical or emotional abuse. This is particularly alarming when you consider the fact that the impact of emotional abuse is worse than any other abuse, both in severity and duration.

RK Hendricks Esq., a retired family law attorney, pro tem judge and founder of Protection for Men, notes that no one has taken the time to educate bureaucrats and judges on the cultural changes that have taken place over the past 50 years. This failure has led to exploitation of the judicial system.

Hendricks continues that discussing this topic is simply too explosive and most are uncomfortable doing so publicly. He warns however, “if you are a wholesome and nurturing father, you need to fiercely protect your rights, as well as the rights of your children!"

8. Canadian Petition to save our families

Statement of Grievance or Opinion

1. The Federal Recommended Child Support Guidelines, the Divorce Act, the Matrimonial Property Act and unequal, arbitrary access orders are unconstitutional. They violate Sect. 7, 15.1 and 28 of The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the inalienable rights of both parents to raise their own children as they see fit.

2. That Canada is engaged in a reign of terror against families. It targets divorced and child apprehension ordered families and violates their Canadian Charter Rights and parental rights and destroys their lives forever. Canada treats divorced parents unequally and discriminates against one parent while systematically rewarding the other parent.

3. Judges have the power to seize children for any arbitrary reason and adopt them out without a valid reason or any criminal conviction against the parents relating to the welfare of the child.

4. Judges have unlimited power to interfere in parents lives and make all parenting decisions while downloading arbitrary costs onto the parents until long past the age of majority.

5. Canada violates Sect. 24 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. There is no court of competent jurisdiction and no judge that upholds the GUARANTEED Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. There is no legal counsel available anywhere in Canada that offers Charter Rights service.

6. Parents and families are victimized by unconstitutional family law practices. Judges violate parents’ rights by awarding complicated, unnatural, unequal, unconstitutional, unending, exclusionary and biased court orders. Canada has implemented a cult of exclusion, entitlement and alienation against the other parent and their families. The parents are completely at the mercy of the judges for very long periods of time. This slavery lasts for years until the family is financially bankrupt and any relationship with the children is completely destroyed. This continues for multiple generations. Canada is committing Crimes against Humanity.

7. Judges have unlimited power to ruin a family. Judges arbitrarily interfere in a divorced family’s normal daily life. In addition to mandatory child support, they force parents to pay for unwanted, arbitrary, unnecessary expenses, bogus medical costs, exorbitantly expensive private schools, universities, extended university tuition, and long term child support for adults who have no illness and are not attending post secondary education. Throughout the life of the child and long past the age of majority, the judge is in control and makes all family decisions while downloading all the expenses onto the parents, especially the non custodial parent.

8. Divorced parents do not have the right to enter into their own negotiated divorce settlement and negotiated child parenting plan as the Federal Child Support Guidelines are mandatory.

9. Canada and the police are not protecting people under the law, especially in family court and in criminal court. Victims are not getting help from the police and the courts when a crime(s) are committed against them. They refuse to lay charges.

10. Divorced spouses are treated differently. One parent/spouse loses everything and the other parent/spouse gets everything, all the time. Children, home, assets and income are unfairly seized and redistributed to the other spouse without any consideration for the displaced parent. This is unconstitutional and violates Sect. 7, 15.1 and 28 of the GUARANTEED Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

11. Canada has implemented mandatory child support. It is a huge incentive to deny the other parent access to children on an equal shared custody basis. Spouses who provide equal shared custody could lose their child support. Both parents should be responsible for their own child care expenses.

12. Canada has violated the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and in particular, Sect. 24 of the GUARANTEED Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. There is no court of competent jurisdiction and no judge that upholds the GUARANTEED Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. There is no conflict - free, competent, legal counsel or law firm that will provide Charter Rights service to the victims. There is no funding. Canadians are not protected. There is no GUARANTEED Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. This is the biggest fraud committed against Canadians by the government of Canada.

13. Canadian non custodial parents’ rights have been irreparably violated and abused by the Canadian judicial system when it comes to their parental rights, their children, their homes and their incomes. They have suffered extreme mental, family, social, alienation and financial destruction to their families. This destruction will continue into the next generations of children and their families. Their children have been taken away either by force, alienation or greed and they will never, ever recover.


Too many children are growing up without their Father in their lives because of deception, lies and an unjust legal system. We need to change this.

Go to to read about Dan Major, a Father who was cheated by his wife, the CAS, a rogue police officer and the "Justice" System.

Laws and Reforms are needed because the events that happened to Dan Major are quite common. Much about "the system" is about money for those within it, often despite the costs involved to those who are unjustly harmed.

Consider that in Ontario alone, on average over 100 CHILDREN DIE A VIOLENT DEATH EVERY YEAR while under the "care" and/or guidance of the CAS (Children's Aid Society). This is an EPIDEMIC! The CAS receives $1.4 BILLION in annual funding yet has ZERO governmental accountability. Sad, but very true. Until there is accountability for the CAS and the other profiteers nothing will ever truly change.

10. Stop People Marrying Multiple People in Different States

What if someone was able to marry someone in CA and then years later meet someone in MD and tell them they were divorced...

Then stand before another court clerk and claim they have never been married...

Then obtain a marriage license in MD and marry the new person...

Then in the new "marriage" be an abuser...

The abused spouse files for a divorce in 1 city within MD...

Then the other individual files for an annulment because they claimed they did not know they were still married (remember they told the clerk they were never married but told their new spouse they were divorced)-in another city within the SAME state...

And finally - even though the 1 spouse filed for their divorce prior to this individual filing for an annulment - the individual who filed for the annulment was GRANTED the annulment without the other spouse being aware of the case in the other city WITHIN the SAME state?

And get away without any penalty or consequences?

There needs to be a database so that ALL jurisdictions authorized to perform marriage ceremonies-may access it and verify marital status and eliminate the possibility of multiple/overlapping marriages.

11. Break up but please don't fight!

The UK kids are fed up with having their lives mucked about by fighting parents who don't know how to break-up and divorce without arguing and being horrible. It's time for the parents to listen to the children, and break up without all that aggro.

Please sign this petition to demonstrate your support for reassessing and changing the UK divorce laws to make break up less nasty. Recent statistics say that 10% of children in the UK demonstrate suicidal tendencies when their parents are breaking up - we think the law makes this situation worse, and want urgent action by government to change the way couples move through divorce and relationship break up.

This campaign is being led by Cydney, my 13 year old daughter, who has lived through my break up with her father and seen that even though we have our troubles, it IS possible to break up right, and not to fight. But divorce law seems to make this process much more difficult - and Cyd wants to support other kids in demanding that divorce laws should be changed to make the process less aggressive and frightening for the parents, and for parents to take more responsibility for not letting divorce become a battlefield, using the children as weapons.

Please show your support by signing this petition.

12. Layla's Petition (Better Enforcement of Child Support)

Not enough action is being taken against dead beat parents who work under the table, jump from job to job, house to house in order to avoid paying child support.

They don't file taxes, don't keep their addresses current with the USPS and 'fly under the radar' as much as possible to avoid being help responsible for their own flesh and blood. It's time for it to stop.

13. Extra Matrimonial Affairs - The outsider should pay for pain caused!

I am a mother of a 5yr old girl, who has been going through hell for the past 5yrs, because of a mistress that decided to continue to see my husband in an extra matrimonial affair.

1. Why should one have to go through that?
2. Why are the outsiders given the chance to break into a marriage God has put together.
3. What has happened to our morals?
4. What example are we are setting for our children?

Following is a part of an email wrote previously by this woman to me and I will not show any names. I am just sure many people have received similar letters, and would like to help me put a stop to this.

"V has told me that he has forwarded you the divorce papers and now you refuse to sign. He says that the Divorce will still go through as he does not need your signature. I thought you were no longer in the picture. He says that he barely talks to you. As you probably know, he is always in Canada. He has said that he was trying hard to make it work and that the divorce will be final soon. He also tells my family and friends that we will be married by 2009. K you and I both know that we cannot share. We both deserve better and that is not a very sane thing to do. You are wrong as I would need for you to be out of his life before I could ever move on.... that is if I were to move on. The baby is already 3 and a half and I cannot believe this is still going on. I get the feeling that both you and V may not truly want a divorce. If that is the case, Stay together. I will leave you and your family alone. V knows the terms of the FINAL ultimatum so if he does not deliver, that is his choice and I will leave YOU and YOUR husband alone."

14. New York State Divorce Reform

May 26, 2006

New York State Divorce Reform.

Regressive matrimonial and divorce laws need to be reformed.

15. Make Adultery ILLEGAL in All 50 states

Many Marriages and homes are broken due to Adultery. Adultery is Illegal in some states but the law is dormant. Why? If we go by the 10 commandments, it is against those Laws.

Adultry is illegal in the military. What about the sacred relationships people commit?

Why isnt it at least a breech of contract? Why are the children effected and nothing is done about it or to warn or prevent it?




Name Comments
219 Curt I get disability and it took over a year to get then medicaid wouldnt cover the hospital bills more than 90 days back leaving me screwed drowning in medical bills.
218 Adrienne Smith It is hard enough to get disability and has taken me two yrs to get before a judge. Now you want to change everything that people on disabiity need. We are still people. Most of us have worked very hard in our lives, and no one asked to get sick or disabled in anyway. Some day I would hope to re-marry, however, it seems that you are forcing people to live together instead of the instiution of marriage which is sacred. We can not lose money because we want to marry and live some kind of life. Please do no go through with any kind of "taking away from the disabled people of the United States". Our goverment seems more concerned with giving money to people in other countries than taking care of the born and raised US citizians.
Adrienne Smith
217 Wendy Gantos I am a disabled attorney and cannot practice due to my disability. I had to wait 2 years for my employer to give me long term disability. During that time, I tried to get food stamps, and the process was so ridiculously long and hard, I never got them! Now if an attorney can't figure out the system, how can the rest of the country figure it out. I live now on disability and my bills are way more than my income every month. I can't even afford to pay my student loans. Great country, huh?
216 Ron Bones My wife is on ssi&ssd,I'm a disabled Vet with only 30% and we barely get through the month. food stamps only go so far when what you get isn't even half of what a single friend gets because she lives in a different part of the State. Tehy need to get the system worked out so that everything is equal. But I doubt we'llsee it soon. You know the old saying: SURE YOU CAN TRUST OUR GOVERMENT...JUST ASK ANY NATIVE AMERICAN!
215 Liz DeWitt Please, do not abolish social security. We need it.
214 Katherine M. Aaron Please support the disabled in this country. They already have to jump through hoops just to be approved and it certainly causes financial hardship on a family that are unecessary.
213 Joyce A Spencer People who marry they have disabilities. They end up losing some money. How in this country can they live could.When they pay more out of there checks every month.People should not have money taken away from them.Just because they marry.
212 rita stafford-bones Execellent point
211 Sophie D.
210 Teddy G. Bryant How far will this govt. go to be out of control and to take away benefits taxpayers have paid the govt., and to which they have the right?
209 Kathy Rogers I'm the mother of a disabled young adult. Our people in the US should taken care of before others. Forcing people to live alone or divorce a spouse to receive benefits is inhumane.
208 John Davis Remember Tim Cratchett? (Dickens-A Christmas Carol) You don't really want to see a nation of them do you? Give us the tools to maintain our dignity and ability to still be productive citizens!
207 Jacqueline McVicar What happened to taking care of our own? Shouldn't citizens of the United States receive aide before any other country?
206 Mike Pearson We can afford WAR , but we can't afford those with diabilities. and we say we are a Christian Nation???
205 Joanne D. Ferguson This is so important!
204 Dixie Boyd I am on disability. I cannot get glasses. I cannot get dental. I don't have transportation. If I marry I will loose my own benefits... WHAT KIND OF COUNTRY IS THIS?
203 Mary Runyon The disabled in this country deserve so much better and humane treatment.
202 Adriana Lortia
200 Paul Manning
199 Priscilla Peters It seems to me That the Government makes it almost impossible for people to be Married...Please Help Us
198 Debi Koscielski My goverment supports & pushes its religious beliefs on me by promoting marrage & its religious right, yet punishes me by taking my disability when I comply. YOU CAN'T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS!
197 Barry Berger
196 Diane Grugan-Duvall I am the mother of a child with a disability.
195 Laurie Furlong I am the parent of a young adult with disabilities and I volunteer working with disabled. I support reform of the marriage penalty to SSI recipients.


17. Stop the Abuse of The System by Women

I am a good man, from a good family. I met a woman from the backwoods, prostituting herself in a bar. We eventually married. I joined the Navy (8 years and a war) to help broaden our lives and serve my country. I supported her, while she slept with the 6th Fleet and took money from them occassionally, but constantly slept with other men in my bed. She convinced me it was because she was an alcoholic, so she got sober and we had kids. It's been a nightmare. She kept sleeping around, even with our minister! I converted, abandoned my family and worked two jobs to support her (she refuses to work) and the kids. We are now divorcing. Her rich mother bought her a house. We lost the family home (after she trashed it) and I moved in with my very religious Mother.

She's sleeping around even now, yet she goes to court and tells the world I shouldn't have friends. I am trying to get the kids and she files false Orders of Protection on me. I WON, but yet lost. I am my own lawyer at this point so even when I have her over a barrel I lose somewhat. We have no money or anything and she has dragged this nightmare out 17 months so far, even though she agreed we should divorce! My daughter has been committed twice and the boys are a wreck. She is physically and mentally abusive yet the courts won't protect us from her. I have Ex Parte 50% custody (no divorce TRIAL yet), but she's always filing BS like I don't take medication, when I have a bottle in my pocket, like our daughter attempted suicide while with me, but it was with my soon to be Ex that rode in the ambulance with my daughter then tried to cover it up instead of get her help!! Please sign my petition. Anyone who has suggestions, please make them! Any encouragement, acknowlegement, ANYTHING is welcome.


My wife and I separate and file for Divorce. I tell the court that I want JOINT PHYSICAL CUSTODY of our children. I know that because of my work, I would not be able to physically have the children 50% of the time but this would allow me some flexibility in seeing the kids. My wife is angry and bitter about the impending divorce so she finds a weapon to use against me. It's called the Family Court System. She tells them that I am a threat to her and/or our children. Then without any evidence or testimony from anyone, she is granted a Restraining Order against me. I am not only NOT allowed to see my own children, I am also ordered to attend weekly Domestic Violence classes for 1 year at a cost of $40 per class. I ask Judge Nancy Pollard of Orange County Family Court, on what grounds is she taking away my rights as a Father and branding me as a violent person. She said that all the evidence she needs is to believe that my wife is actually in fear of me in some way. I told her that that was ridiculous. I said that I would become a criminal just for trying to see my own kids. She told me to shut up or be charged with contempt.
During my 15 years of marriage, there was NEVER any incident of Domestic Violence. I was (and still am) a caring loving Father
who was voted Father of the Year by my Daughters Girl Scout Troop. My kids went to Catholic School and played sports. I was very much involved in their lives even though I work an average of 60 hours per week.
I was granted a MONITORED 2 hour visit every other Saturday by Judge Pollard but I was still ordered
to pay a large amount of Child Support. Even with the meager visitation rights I was given, my wife still "missed" several of the visits until I had to go to the local Police and file a report.
I have no problem paying Child Support. I do have a problem with a court system that plays into a bitter woman's hands and allows her to continue to use our children as weapons. This is tantamount to Child Abuse.
Now we are talking about Parental Alienation Syndrome. She is not only keeping my children from me but she is turning them against me in every way. She will not be happy until they feel the same way about me as she does. This should be a crime!
I know from talking to people and reading a lot that I am not alone here. There are many of you Fathers that are going through similar situations. I feel for you. Something must be done to stop the abuse of the Family Court Systems and give Fathers equal custody and visitation rights!

19. Force Uncooperative Spouses To Complete Divorce Proceedings In A Reasonable Time Frame

This Petition was started in response to a recent 'ugly divorce' of a friend that lasted just under 2 years. The husband ignored Court Orders, found loopholes to dodge commitments, and used both the legal system and the RCMP to create a safety net that enabled him to drag out the divorce long enough to cost both parties more money than was necessary.