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I am a good man, from a good family. I met a woman from the backwoods, prostituting herself in a bar. We eventually married. I joined the Navy (8 years and a war) to help broaden our lives and serve my country. I supported her, while she slept with the 6th Fleet and took money from them occassionally, but constantly slept with other men in my bed. She convinced me it was because she was an alcoholic, so she got sober and we had kids. It's been a nightmare. She kept sleeping around, even with our minister! I converted, abandoned my family and worked two jobs to support her (she refuses to work) and the kids. We are now divorcing. Her rich mother bought her a house. We lost the family home (after she trashed it) and I moved in with my very religious Mother.

She's sleeping around even now, yet she goes to court and tells the world I shouldn't have friends. I am trying to get the kids and she files false Orders of Protection on me. I WON, but yet lost. I am my own lawyer at this point so even when I have her over a barrel I lose somewhat. We have no money or anything and she has dragged this nightmare out 17 months so far, even though she agreed we should divorce! My daughter has been committed twice and the boys are a wreck. She is physically and mentally abusive yet the courts won't protect us from her. I have Ex Parte 50% custody (no divorce TRIAL yet), but she's always filing BS like I don't take medication, when I have a bottle in my pocket, like our daughter attempted suicide while with me, but it was with my soon to be Ex that rode in the ambulance with my daughter then tried to cover it up instead of get her help!! Please sign my petition. Anyone who has suggestions, please make them! Any encouragement, acknowlegement, ANYTHING is welcome.

Mothers who are not qualified to have custody should be jailed in accordance with the law when they circumvent the custody process with false, prejudicial, defaming court orders and Orders of Protection, wasting money, time and causing grief to their children and other innocent parties.

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