#Law Reform
New York State Residents
United States of America

May 26, 2006

New York State Divorce Reform.

Regressive matrimonial and divorce laws need to be reformed.

We, the undersigned residents of New York State, feel that the regressive matrimonial and divorce laws need to be reformed.

The current status of the law suggests that the custodial parent is typically the woman and the custodial parent assumes most of the time with their children. A parent who wants to receive more visitation time with their child in an un-amicable divorce must litigate. Litigation is open only to those who could afford it.

The law not only has a tendency to grant preferential treatment to a specific gender or to those who could afford to litigate unfair situations, but has meant that almost two generations of children have grown up without knowing their fathers. This needs to be reversed.

Reform of divorce law would assume the inverse; both parents would receive an equitable distribution of time with the child and if one parent in an un-amicable divorce desires more then he or she would need to litigate.

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