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This Petition was started in response to a recent 'ugly divorce' of a friend that lasted just under 2 years. The husband ignored Court Orders, found loopholes to dodge commitments, and used both the legal system and the RCMP to create a safety net that enabled him to drag out the divorce long enough to cost both parties more money than was necessary.

This is a Petition to press for changes in the Divorce Act that would force an uncooperative spouse to settle divorce proceedings within a reasonable time frame. The purpose of this change would be to create a wall to prevent uncooperative spouses from extending and dragging out a divorce to munipulate, financially destroy and/or mentally and emotionally hurt the other spouse during the divorce proceedings.

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The Force Uncooperative Spouses To Complete Divorce Proceedings In A Reasonable Time Frame petition to Government of Canada was written by W. G. Elliott and is in the category Family & Friends at GoPetition.

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