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1. Reverse Cuts to Opening Hours & Engage With Members

In January 2017 the opening hours were unilaterally and suddenly cut at Roscrea Leisure Centre. This was the final straw for many members, who have endured years of poor management and a complete lack of engagement or consultation with members.

After a meeting of 100 members of the community the board of directors agreed to reverse the decision to cut opening hours, and engage in consultation for 3 months. In the words of one of the directors present at the meeting, the cuts to opening hours clearly had “the maximum amount of impact” on members.

In March 2017, following a period of patient waiting for this decision to be implemented, the directors reversed this decision. Despite their claims, no consultation with members was engaged in prior to this reversal.

It was said at a second public meeting that recent events at the Centre had provoked deep feelings in the members, casual users and the wider Roscrea Community; and this was clear when unanimity prevailed regarding the formation of the Roscrea Leisure Centre Community Action Group.

Roscrea Leisure Centre is the result of a long and hard fought campaign by the community of Roscrea, dating back to the 1940s. Funds were generously provided by generations of Roscrea men and women, along with the taxpayer who continues to provide significant funds year-on-year.

The community cannot stand by while this valuable resource is so badly mismanaged – few believe that these cuts will be the first. Last year prices were raised, this year hours are cut, what will happen next year?

We call upon the directors of Roscrea Swimming Pool Ltd to honor their original statement and reverse the cuts to opening hours for a period of 3 months. This will provide the necessary goodwill to allow engagement in meaningful consultation with the members and thus prevent the otherwise inevitable further decline of the finest Leisure Centre in the midlands. The current situation is unsustainable and cannot be allowed to continue.

Great trees are planted by those who will never sit in their shade. Roscrea leisure centre was built by men and women who would never enjoy it. They had a vision, they fought for it. If we don't fight today to keep this centre open and thriving, we betray our grandparents. We leave a poorer town for our grandchildren.

2. Save our rail services

CrossCountry Trains have announced that they plan to slash rail services from the North to South Devon to just one direct service a day with no direct return service.

We, the undersigned, believe this will further isolate an already poorly served area and cause economic damage to Torbay and South Devon.

The plan will damage tourism and threaten economic investment.

Cutting train services to Birmingham and Manchester will disconnect Torbay from these vital economic growth areas.

3. No more cuts to support staff for special needs children

Vulnerable children are suffering once more at the hands of budgets restraints. Once again our disabled children come under fire as moray council want to cut 1:1 support and class room assistants hours making our children and other children suffer.

This leaves the situation and future of our children's entitled education unsure and unsafe

We would like to raise an issue of a current situation that will affect every school. The loss of pupil support assistant’s/classroom assistant positions within schools and the reduction of additional support that will be available in schools.

There has been no public consultation about this and parents signing this petition would like to urge all morayshire councillors in moray to work together to fight this issue.

We also petition Pat Mclennon to realise the impacts that this will have on children 1-4 support need levels. There needs to be a consistent level of support in schools for pupils that need extra help in nursery, primary and secondary education. How will cutting classroom assistant positions affect the deliverability of the GIRFEC care plan that schools are legally obliged to deliver? How can GIRFEC work if teachers are being left in classes with mixed learning levels and try to deliver the care plans that children with Additional Support Needs (ASN) require. All children with ASN need consistent support that pupil support assistants provide.

Cutting any level of support for children with ASN will have a detrimental knock on affect to families trying to support their children in mainstream education.

Cuts in school provision for additional support needs ‘deeply worrying’
Written by Tom Freeman on 20 August 2015
The number of teachers who provide support for children with additional needs in Scotland has fallen by 13 per cent since 2010. According to Scottish Government figures released in an answer to a Parliamentary Question by Labour MSP Siobhan McMahon, the number of Additional Support for Learning Teachers has drop from 3,363 in 2010 to 2,963 in 2014. 22 of Scotland’s 32 Local Authorities recorded a fall, with Aberdeen City and Highland seeing numbers fall by a third.

The Scottish Children’s Services Coalition (SCSC), a coalition of organisations working with children with learning difficulties and complex needs as well as those with care experience, said one in five of the school population are now identified as having Additional Support Needs (ASN). 62 per cent are boys.

A spokesperson for the coalition said the cut in specialist teachers was “deeply worrying” and could further isolate young people and their families.
“For us, this is completely unacceptable. By reducing the number of these teachers we are preventing many of these vulnerable young people chance of achieving a positive school-leaver destination, such as further education or employment, meaning that they are not achieving their full potential,” he said.

Those with ASN include young people with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), ADHD, dyslexia and those with care experience, and disproportionately affects children from lower income families and areas of deprivation.

Local authorities have a statutory requirement to identify, provide for and review the additional support needs of their pupils. In her parliamentary answer Education Secretary Angela Constance said: “It is for education authorities to ensure that they have sufficient resources, including teaching and support staff to ensure that they meet their statutory responsibilities.”

Teacher numbers overall have also suffered a drop, from 52,022 in 2010 to 50,814 in 2014.
Article source

To Further Support our concerns about the impact of cuts to ASN hours in schools and the cutting of PSA and Classroom assistant posts.
Excerpt from Education (Additional Support for Learning) (Scotland) Act 2009
7 Assessments and examination
After section 8 of the 2004 Act insert—
“8 A Assessments and examinations: further provision
(1)A person specified in subsection (3) may request that the education authority arrange for a child or young person to whom section 4(1)(a) applies to undergo, for the purpose of considering the additional support needs of the child or young person, a process of assessment or examination.
(2)The education authority must comply with the request unless it is unreasonable.
(3)The persons referred to in subsection (1) are—
(a)where the request relates to a child, the child's parent,
(b)where the request relates to a young person, the young person or, where the authority are satisfied the young person lacks capacity to make the request, the young person's parent.
(4)The education authority must, in accordance with the arrangements made by them under section 4(1)(b), take into account the results of any assessment or examination undertaken by virtue of this section.
(5)A process of assessment or examination undertaken by virtue of this section is to be carried out by such person as the education authority consider appropriate.
(6)In this section the reference to assessment or examination includes educational, psychological or medical assessment or examination.”.
8 Additional support needs etc.: specified children and young people
(1)In section 1 (additional support needs) of the 2004 Act, after subsection (1) insert—
“(1A)Without prejudice to the generality of subsection (1), a child or young person has additional support needs if the child or young person is looked after by a local authority (within the meaning of section 17(6) of the Children (Scotland) Act 1995 (c. 36)).
(1B)But where, in the course of identifying (in accordance with the arrangements made by them under section 6(1)(b)) the particular additional support needs of a child or young person who is looked after by a local authority (within the meaning of section 17(6) of the Children (Scotland) Act 1995 (c. 36)), an education authority form the view that the child or young person is, or is likely to be, able without the provision of additional support to benefit from school education provided to or to be provided for the child or young person, subsection (1A) ceases to apply.”.
(2)In section 6 (children and young persons for whom education authority are responsible) after subsection (1) insert—
“(1A)Without prejudice to the generality of subsection (1), every education authority must in particular consider whether each child or young person falling within section 1(1A) for whose school education they are responsible requires a co-ordinated support plan.”.
9 Functions of education authority in relation to certain pre-school children with additional support needs
In section 5 of the 2004 Act (general functions of education authority in relation to additional support needs), for subsections (2) and (3) substitute—
“(2)Where a child falling within subsection (3) has been brought to the education authority's attention as appearing to have needs of the type mentioned in subsection (3)(c), the authority must (unless the child's parent does not consent)—
(a)in accordance with the arrangements made by them under section 6(1), establish whether the child does have such needs, and
(b)provide such additional support as is appropriate for the child.
(3)A child falls within this subsection if the child—
(a)is under school age (unless the child is a prescribed pre-school child),
(b)belongs to the authority's area, and
(c)appears to have additional support needs arising from a disability (within the meaning of the[F1Equality Act 2010]) which the child has.”.
We also believe that the local authorities and the Scottish government are in violation of the following articles of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.
Convention on the Rights of the Child (20 November 1989)
Article 3
1. In all actions concerning children, whether undertaken by public or private social welfare institutions, courts of law, administrative authorities or legislative bodies, the best interests of the child shall be a primary consideration.
2. States Parties undertake to ensure the child such protection and care as is necessary for his or her well-being, taking into account the rights and duties of his or her parents, legal guardians, or other individuals legally responsible for him or her, and, to this end, shall take all appropriate legislative and administrative measures.
3. States Parties shall ensure that the institutions, services and facilities responsible for the care or protection of children shall conform with the standards established by competent authorities, particularly in the areas of safety, health, in the number and suitability of their staff, as well as competent supervision.

Article 4
States Parties shall undertake all appropriate legislative, administrative, and other measures for the implementation of the rights recognized in the present Convention. With regard to economic, social and cultural rights, States Parties shall undertake such measures to the maximum extent of their available resources and, where needed, within the framework of international co-operation.
Article 29
1. States Parties agree that the education of the child shall be directed to:
a) The development of the child’s personality, talents and mental and physical abilities to their fullest potential;
2. No part of the present article or article 28 shall be construed so as to interfere with the liberty of individuals and bodies to establish and direct educational institutions, subject always to the observance of the principle set forth in paragraph 1 of the present article and to the requirements that the education given in such institutions shall conform to such minimum standards as may be laid down by the State.

Also cutting ASN hours in schools will be in violation of The Scottish Attainment Challenge. The First Minister launched the Scottish Attainment Challenge in February 2015 to bring a greater sense of urgency and priority for everyone involved in Scottish education to relentlessly focus efforts on narrowing the gap at all levels and in all sectors.

The work is set firmly within the context of Curriculum for Excellence which aims to ensure that all children and young people in Scotland develop the attributes, knowledge and skills they will need to flourish in life, learning and work.

The Scottish Attainment Challenge will focus and accelerate targeted improvement activity in literacy, numeracy and health and wellbeing in specific areas of Scotland. It will also support and complement the broader range of initiatives and programmes to ensure that all of Scotland’s children and young people reach their full potential.

4. Don't Cut Care - Save Bakewell Day Services Funding

This Petition is now closed. Thank you for your support.

Derbyshire County Council are proposing to withdraw 100% of the funding to Bakewell Day Care Service which provides much needed services to elderly people in Bakewell and surrounding villages enabling them to remain in their homes for longer.

We believe the loss of this vital service to older people in Bakewell and surrounding villages will leave a massive gap in care and support for older people and leave them isolated, vulnerable and lonely which is a serious risk to their health and well-being. Local health and social care services, already under pressure, will struggle to meet the increased demand and Carers will lose vital support and respite.

We are petitioning Derbyshire County Council to reconsider their plans.

5. Save Lightburn

A leaked health board paper has revealed that this important community facility has once again been earmarked for closure due to budget cuts in the NHS.

6. Save the Staffordshire Fire Service - Say NO to New Delivery Method

Say NO to the New Delivery Method

In the last five years Stoke on Trent and Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Authority has been forced to make £4 million worth of cuts. Over the next five years they predict further cuts of £5.7 million. They have various community safety options open to them including a reduction in fire fighters and fire fighting appliances across various stations. They are also considering a so-called 'New Delivery Method' in which 42 appliances across 33 stations is REDUCED to 15 appliances across 15 stations covering the WHOLE county. By their own figures, this option WOULD result in the service not achieving their attendance standard for LIFE RISK INCIDENTS on an additional 92 calls per year.

Ideally we would like NO CUTS at all. But if cuts MUST be made we DEMAND that the New Delivery Method is not considered.

Promoted by Councillor Marc Ganly and Cannock Chase Green Party.

7. Rejection of proposal by Fife Council to cut schools hours by 10%

UPDATE: 11th Feb 2015 - Today Fife Council have announced that primary school cuts will be "off the table" at least for this year - however we still need to keep fighting as these cuts can just as easily be put back on the table next year, and there is still no clarification about the other cuts such as secondary school hours, shared headships, larger classes, and the removal of music, art, drama, and specialist teachers.

So please keep sharing and signing!


Engagement meetings were held across Fife in November 2014 so that Fife Council’s Education and Children’s Services Directorate could put forward their plans for improving the Education & Learning experience of Fife's children. One of these idea's is to cut schools hours by 10%.

The Directorate wants to make a set of proposals to Fife Council on 12th Feb 2015 relating to primary and secondary school provision. There are a few factors involved covering both cutting hours of teaching time, amending timetabling plus changes to the way Head Teachers are allocated (ie. sharing a Head between 2-3 schools).

One of the main "ideas" is to cut school hours for primary pupils by 2.5 hours a week, i.e. reduce your child's education by 10%, equating to an entire year less of education for your child over their school career!!! This may be in one day ( i.e. finish at 12.30 on a Friday) or finish at 2.30pm every school day. The teachers would still be in school until normal hours doing extra training and planning, PLUS there would still be the same number of in-service days over a year. Secondary Schools would face similar cuts in hours plus increase in class sizes from 25 to 30. There are also further proposals that have not been made public involving making cuts to other areas such as additional support hours.

They believe these proposals will do two things, improve outcomes for children and be cost effective. Although they said they have evidence that shorter hours actually improve children's educational outcomes, when the evidence was finally produced at the end of Jan 15 it has been rejected by many experts and parents as it is completely flawed. To see our rejection of the evidence see our FB page.

They did not at any stage even acknowledge the problems these cuts will cause for families, and no suggestions were made as to what provisions would be made for children in the 2.5 hours per week to be cut. They also made no mention of the extra provisions that would be put in place for vulnerable children, for example, by finishing at 12.30 some vulnerable children may not eat a hot meal from Thursday lunchtime until Monday lunchtime. How will the Council deal with the extra social problems of every child in Fife leaving school at 12.30 on, for example, a Friday? How will they encourage children who often do not stay in school during a normal week, to even bother attending on a half day at all? None of these questions were answered.

We as parents and members of the wider community have serious concerns regarding these proposals and do not believe they would improve our children's education and while Fife Council believe it will save £6 million they had no figures at all for the extra costs this will produce for the Council, in extra childcare provision, social work and support for the vulnerable children, and policing and crime costs etc if the proposals come in. They do not seem to have considered that although it may save them £6 million, they will be passing these cuts directly to parents who will have to pay for extra childcare. This, conservatively, could be £8.2 million a year! This will mean more parents are forced out of work, as childcare will be too expensive and not available, therefore leaving less working people paying taxes, which fund Fife Council. It may even lead to families moving out of Fife and across into Kinross/Perth/Tayside to ensure their child gets the same level of education as the rest of Scotland.

The last date for submitting your feedback was 31st Jan but if you want to have your say you can still make your feelings known by emailing the Council directly on


If you want to read more about their proposals and see some example timetables showing the potential cuts in school hours see

I am sure, like myself, you would happily be prepared to discuss sensible improvements we can make to Fife's Education process, as we are all used to making budgetary cuts and know that Fife Council need to save money somewhere, but surely the education of our children is the one area that should not suffer? Unfortunately the proposals have not been as widely publicised as the Council may have wished and I am sure most of you will have had no idea these proposals have been put forward.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE GET INVOLVED AND SIGN THIS PETITION and share it with as many people as possible. If enough of us make our concerns heard they will at least have to acknowledge them, and may perhaps allow a sensible consultation with parents, teachers and pupils to begin. This will impact every child & family in Fife from 0-18, and for years to come, both in terms of the children's education, but also in financial, practical and emotional terms for their parents and carers.

Highland Council were recently forced to postpone their proposals for similar cuts and West Dunbartonshire Council have today (6th Feb 15) reversed their decision to make Primary school cuts because of the feedback from parents, so we can hope that they will listen to our concerns.

FOR UPDATES: If you want to follow us on our Facebook page you can keep up to date with any developments:

Make sure you get as many people as possible to sign!

8. Revoke Grass Cutting Decision

On the 26th February 2014, the Labour led administration of Wrexham County Borough Council, passed their Annual budget which included unprecedented cuts and which was passed in the face of massive public opposition. Included in this budget was a provision to reduce grass cutting from 6 to 8 cuts a year to just 2. The petitioners in this case the Wrexham Independent Group proposed an alternative budget which made provision for additional grass cutting and other services. This alternative budget was rejected by the Labour led administration on the night.

Despite it only being April, residents are 'up in arms' at the scruffy state of our county and some are threatening to withhold partial payment of council tax on the basis that the council are charging more but delivering less.

The untidy state of our County Borough also discourages potential investors and tourism alike from visiting the County Borough, in fact it is an economic disaster for Wrexham.

The petitioners therefore call on the Leader of Wrexham County Borough Council to rescind or revoke the budget line for grass cutting and replaced with alternatives proposed.

9. Save Wyndham Street Diner

The Diner is an essential service providing subsidised, hot, nutritious meals to the local elderly, vulnerable residents and wider community in a warm, friendly and social environment. It has been poorly managed and is suffering from the round of council cuts with no safety net in the way of business support in place.

Decisions are made behind the public's back by a committee that will not engage with the community it supposedly works for. Decisions are being made to alter the service beyond recognition.

We need to let them no we, the community, are not prepared to accept this without public consultation, open discussion and knowing every avenue has been tried.

10. Stop closure of llanrumney play centre

The Barn has provided FREE play opportunities for children for over 35 years.

The council want to cut the whole service leaving children with no where to go learn and develop essential skills in life.

There are between 30 or 40 children that access this free play centre that otherwise could be hanging around the streets with no where to go. Please help us to keep the children of llanrumney the right to access this facility.

11. Stop a Care Crisis (Norfolk)


Norfolk County Council is planning further significant and potentially hugely damaging cuts to adult social care. For the first time the funding for personal budgets and care “packages” which provide care for vulnerable people is to be reduced and restrictions applied to the kind of care that people can ask for.

At the same time, funding for ‘preventative’ care services, which keep people well and independent, are being cut still further which can only add to costs in future years as peoples’ health is allowed to deteriorate.

The combination of shrinking budgets, an ageing population and increased demand for social care has caused many organisations to warn of a funding crisis. The Local Government Association, for instance, has calculated that many other Council services will have to be cut by 90% by 2020 if Councils are to be able to meet their social care commitments. Meanwhile, Norfolk County Council has assessed the long term care of older people as having the maximum possible level of risk.

It should be noted that Council Tax has been frozen for the last three years. While it is the case that this has made the Council eligible for some one-off grant funding from the central government, it has severely reduced available Council funding for future years.

Along with this, the present Labour/Lib-Dem administration at the Council has made infrastructure, which includes major road schemes, one of its three main priorities but has neglected to include any mention of social care in those priorities.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


You can find specific details of each cut proposed by Norfolk County Council here. The cuts that this petition refers to are included under those numbered: 31, 33, 34, 35 and 37.

Once you've signed the petition, we would also encourage you to take part in the Norfolk County Council consultation on proposed cuts which you can find here.

Thanks again!

Please note, addresses are required for the petition to be accepted by Norfolk County Council. Neither these, nor the email addresses, will be publicly accessible online or used for any other purpose.

12. Invest in a caring society. A living wage for mothers and other carers.

Mothers are the primary carers everywhere in the world. Caring for children, sick, disabled and elderly people is work vital to society.

Carers are impoverished. Income Support is being abolished. Child Benefit, society’s commitment to children, is no longer universal. Carer’s Allowance is insultingly low and most carers don’t even qualify. 200,000 care workers are denied the minimum wage.

When mothers are impoverished, children suffer: hunger, ill-health, and more often taken into care.

Mothers are told they are ‘workless’ and that earning is more important than caring. They are pushed into jobs regardless of hours, pay or childcare provision. The right to have children is being challenged.

Mothers are forced into unpaid work to ‘earn’ their benefits (‘workfare’). ‘Workfare’ bypasses the minimum wage, driving down all wages, especially women’s, and undermining pay equity.

Having to fit caring around jobs results in overwork, exhaustion and ill-health. Grandparents must often leave retirement to help.

Employed mothers (or fathers) who take time off to care for children or relatives, lose pay, promotion and future pension.

When caring work is devalued, people, relationships and life itself are devalued. The result is inequity and social neglect, but also environmental destruction and war.

Demanding time and resources for caring aims to redirect economic and social policies towards people and the planet, and away from the uncaring market.

Petition background


Cannock Chase Hospital (CCH) is part of the Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust which has just gone into Administration following extreme financial difficulties.

CCH, over the 21 years since opening has provided excellent patient care by dedicated staff, yet seems at great risk of losing some of its’ best services: including the Rheumatology Department (centre of excellence) and the Orthopaedic Services (clinics and operative work in 5 theatres).

CCH has consistently performed at a high level, including during the years when the MS trust was working towards Foundation Trust status and made unwise reductions in staff levels causing the well publicised problems at Stafford Hospital.

CCH has been consistently under- acknowledged for its standards and does not deserve the proposed reductions in its services.

14. Stop Redundancies at University of Birmingham

The University of Birmingham have announced plans to make 114 staff redundant or force them to work anti social hours contracts.

Staff directly supporting students and there wellbeing are affected.

Cuts include:
*Cut in staff looking after students in student accommodation and downgrading their skills;
*Sports Centre, Security and Cleaning.

The anti social hours contracts are forcing staff with caring responsibilities for children and parents to work evenings and weekends.

All the cuts are to frontline staff, not senior managers.

15. Save Hastings' Post Office

People in Hastings and St Leonards on sea rely on the services of The central post office in Hastings.

Closing, privatising or relocating the branch will be a loss to the community, staff and particulary elderly customers who need it most.

16. No cuts in Early Years support: Fund our Future!

An early years experience can transform people's lives.
It's too important to lose!

17. Stop government cuts to welfare and security

We are doing this petition as there are cuts that are being made and every thing is not being taken in to consideration. Our soldiers have been fighting for years in Afghanistan and yet there are being cuts made to the Defense system.

People have died for the United kingdom fighting front line! Laying off soldiers is showing them is a stab in the back!

Cuts are being made to single mothers and elderly and disabled but yet there is a £100,000 a week pay out for Abu Quatar to stay in this country because it affects his human rights. People that have lived in this country all their life and even people that have moved here and pay tax and national insurance are not being thought about. Every one is being affected by cuts but yet when there is one way to save money it isnt being done.

"Qatada's release was ordered by a special immigration court which ruled on Monday that sending him back to Jordan to face terror charges would breach his human rights. He will be allowed out between 8am and 4pm and be monitored by the police and MI5 at a cost of £100,000 a week." Daily mail Online.

Another thing is there are plenty of working people but as the cuts are going forward by the time younger people get to 65 there wont be any money for a pension, So therefore we are having to pay into a pension even though all the tax we pay should go towards a state pension. No one ever goes to rich people for extra tax when they are earning +Millions, Every one is trying to live and do their bit for them selves and their family but it looks like the middle class working people are the most affected in the current government.

18. Say no to Haringey 'easyCouncil' Chief Executive

Haringey Council has announced that it intends to appoint the former Chief Executive of Barnet 'easyCouncil' on a salary of £189,440 per annum. Nick Walkley spearheaded a mass privatization and cuts programme in Barnet and jumped ship before its completion. His appointment is due to be either approved or rejected at a council Cabinet meeting on 16 October.

We are asking anyone who lives or works in Haringey to sign the petition below to let councillors know that we oppose his appointment and any plans for mass outsourcing of services in our borough. We do not want Barnet’s costly experiment repeated here.

We also encourage people to attend the lobby of the council cabinet meeting on Tuesday 16 October, 5.45pm at Haringey Civic Centre, Wood Green, N22.

For more details about his exploits in Barnet

19. Do not cut Social Welfare Advice Funding Levels in Tower Hamlets

We are shocked and concerned at the recommendations of the Tower Hamlets Third Sector Grants Programme Board to reduce the level of annual funding to the borough’s main advice service providers by 50 to 75%, at a time when this borough’s poorest and most disadvantaged residents are facing a welfare reform programme that will affect thousands of families and individuals.

The following agencies are all members of the Tower Hamlets Community Advice Network and all have a strong track record of delivering accessible, quality assured social welfare advice to the diverse communities across the borough:
Island Advice Centre, Chinese Association of Tower Hamlets, Legal Advice Centre, St Hilda’s East Community Centre, St Peter’s Community and Advice Centre, Tower Hamlets Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB), Praxis, OSCA Somali Advice Consortium, Limehouse Project, Bangladeshi Youth Movement Wapping Bangladeshi Association, Account 3, Bromley by Bow Centre, South Bromley Forum, Toynbee Hall and Tower Hamlets Law Centre.

The effect of these cuts will be drastic reductions in services borough-wide at a time of rising need, while some of the busiest and longest-standing advice agencies in the borough face closure.

The agencies listed above all currently receive funding from council mainstream grants to deliver co-ordinated social welfare advice provision across the borough that ensures residents have access to independent advice services 5 days a week.

20. Tower Hamlets : A Future That Works

Tower Hamlets Planning Committee was initiated by Tower Hamlets trade unionists, local Hands Off Our Public Services (HOOPS) group and local activists to help build the TUC demonstration in London on 20 October.

We seek to involve as many local people as possible in the fight against a Government that wants ordinary people to pay for the crisis.

We have organised a Rally on Thursday 11th October from 6.30pm at the London Muslim Centre, Whitechapel Road E1 1JQ with speakers from Child Poverty Action Group, Disabled People Against Cuts and Tower Hamlets Mayor.

21. Preserve Transportation Funding for Arabia Mountain HS

Now is the time for PTSA Advocacy to ensure that the DeKalb County School Board does not cut transporation services to Arabia Mountain High School!

AMHS offers successful programs in Career Pathways, Environmental Science and Engineering and was recognized this week as a "Green-Ribbon School" by the U.S. Department of Education and the Environmental Protection Agency.

The academic dreams and hard work of 891 Arabia Mountain High School students, over 1/2 of our entire student enrollment, are at risk.

These students depend on county bus transportation from the Satellite locations to pursue their academic goals. The elected members of the DeKalb County School Board have decided to eliminate the transportation lifeline for some of the best and brightest students in the DeKalb County School System.

Here are the facts:

AMHS is not accessible by public transportation services like the other high schools on the transportation elimination list.

There are no continuous sidewalks on Browns Mill Road for our students to walk to school, which may put an increased number students at risk along the 45 MPH speed limit state road.

Adding over 800 additional cars to the Browns Mill Road area will create unbelievable gridlock and chaos in an already congested area. Recall the congestion "road rage" incident that occurred last year at the school that resulted in a parent brandishing a weapon on school property.
From AMHS Traffic - Summary

Consider the safety of the students. With the elimination of transportation options, new and inexperienced 16,17 & 18 years olds will be driving to AMHS in an already traffic intense and congested area.

An increased number of students may remain on campus, unsupervised, at the end of the school day as they wait for parents to arrive after working hours.

Eliminating transportation to AMHS would effectively close our high school, or turn it into a neighborhood school.

The next opportunity for public input on the board plan is Monday, July 9, 2012 at 6:30 pm. Please sign the petition to show your support.

22. San Ysidro High School Hours and Schedules

The Sweetwater Union High School District has approved for cuts operating budget to cope with the state’s relentless fiscal crisis, and will be laying off bus drivers.

San Ysidro High school currently uses the most buses in the district because of its location and the fact that no sidewalks are provided.

San Ysidro High school currently operates a block schedule Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. depending on the student's and teacher's class schedule.

By implementing a later time frame than the 2011 - 2012 schedule, it will negatively affect San Ysidro High School.

It will negatively affect the people of San Ysidro High School.

It negatively affect those associated to San Ysidro High School.

There will be no After school Programs due to the late end times.

Athletes and those whom are associated in competitive teams and/or clubs will miss more class time, and will result in lower test scores, a lower GPA, and will affect the chances of a student from graduating and entering a College or University of their dreams.

It is immoral how San Ysidro High School the only school in the district to have a starting time from ( 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m ), and promptly have to start even later time with an all class schedule.

23. Don't sack teachers; Don't close courses: Stop the cuts at Hackney Community College

A massive cut n funding to Hackney Community College threatens 55 jobs and courses including all of the existing art classes, all the access to university courses, travel and tourism, many skilled construction courses and many more.

We are not prepared to see education for adults and for young people in one of the most deprived areas devastated. Our area, which last year saw the riots, needs investment and opportunity, not cuts and closures.

Please sign the petition and join our protests.

24. Petition for a motion of no-confidence in the UK coalition government

As most of you will know, the UK government operates an e-petition website on the basis that any petition achieving 100,000 signatures or more must be passed forward for parliamentary discussion. The govt has repeatedly rejected an e-petition calling for discussion of a no-confidence motion in the current coalition government.

This government has repeatedly shown itself unfit to govern - sleaze,an all-out attack on the NHS and the public sector generally, inappropriate interactions with powerful media & corporate interests, opposing Freedom of Information requests and not least mismanagement of the UK economy, among many other issues.

If you wish to communicate to the government that it does not have the support or mandate of the UK people for its actions, please sign the petition below - and publicise it to your friends via Twitter, Facebook and any other means. The government may not listen, but the more people sign, the harder it will be for it to ignore!

25. Motion of No Confidence in the Current ConDem Government

This Petition is to call for the current Condem Government to hold a Confidence Vote also known as a 'Confidence Motion' in the House of Commons and should that motion return as 'no confidence' then a general election be called there after.

I am asking everyone to sign it and send a loud and clear message to the Government that they are not fit to Govern us any longer.

Since they have come to power many people in this nation including myself feel that the Government has done nothing productive to encourage growth in the Economy but instead has pushed through a system of cuts to Public spending some of which seem quite cruel and punitive especially to vulnerable groups such as the poor and the disabled.

We feel that our Government is one that is only interested in the rich and cares not for the poor and with this system of cuts is pushing us deeper and deeper into worse and worse living standards in many cases even starvation for instance it is estimated that half a million Britons will have received food parcels by the year 2016 this is not an acceptable situation for our country and nor is it one we should be in.

It is for these reasons and many others listed in the petition and perhaps many of your own that I am asking you to stand up and make a stand against the UK Government. Please sign the petition and make your voice heard. Do not sit and moan and twiddle your thumbs!! Take action sign and share it with all that you know!!!

Please note the petition is somewhat lengthy to read as I felt it was necessary to make so many points within it..


26. Save Dispatches-Cancel C'est La Vie

CBC Radio has recently announced that it will be eliminating Dispatches from its programing line-up in June '12. This is unacceptable. Dispatches is the only CBC Radio program that brings us in-depth coverage of issues and cultures from around the world.

C'est La Vie, on the other hand, is a French-language program which focuses on the music and culture of Quebec. C'est La Vie isn't a bad program but Radio-Canada, the national French-language broadcast arm of the CBC, provides identical content. Its loss would not be so keenly felt as that of Dispatches.

Dispatches brings us the world.

27. Protect the most vulnerable, stop cuts to advocacy services in Cumbria

Please sign this petition. The most vulnerable people in our society are at risk of losing their "voice" - our older adults like grandpas and nanas, people who may no longer be able to think or communicate as clearly as they used to - do you know anybody who has a diagnosis of Alzheimer's, who has had a stroke or a brain injury? - people of all ages who were born with a learning difficulty or have a physical disability.

With all the radical cuts to services for vulnerable adults and children, it is now more important than ever that they have access to good advocacy to help them speak up for themselves.

The new service outline is a financial cut of over 50% to current advocacy provision within county.

At a time when Cumbria County Council is undertaking an unprecedented upheaval of its social care system, services such as advocacy are more important than ever in ensuring that the rights of some of the most vulnerable people using Council services are protected, and that in the middle of changes to social care provision and social care providers, that people do not fall through gaps.

We would expect that County Council continues its remit to protecting the most vulnerable users of its services.

Please help by signing this petition. Thank you.

28. Save Our Life Savers

On November 28th 2011, the Government announced that it planned to scrap Portland's search-and-rescue helicopter. This helicopter serves some of Britain's most popular and perilous recreational waters and one of Europe's busiest shipping routes.

We believe that local knowledge is paramount to providing an effective and efficient emergency service at sea, where a few minutes are often the difference between life and death. This cut will cost lives.


On the 6th of December 2011, Aberdeen City Council will meet to discuss proposals which are set to “withdraw music tuition” in Aberdeen.

After the successful peaceful demonstrations and campaign of last year, assurance was given that the Music Service was safe - albeit with a massively reduced budget. Clearly that was not true – the cut proposal is back in this years Priority Based Budgeting: Draft financial budget 2012-2013 5-Year Business Plan that published on 2nd November. (

Aberdeen’s excellent Instrumental Service should be protected and taken off the table as far as making budget cuts are concerned. Withdrawing Music tuition completely will impact on many of our children’s lives. The vision for Music in the recently introduced Curriculum for Excellence for Scotland is “Performing and creating music will be prominent activities for all learners.”

Pupils who wish to learn an instrument will not have ready access to an instructor or an instrument as present and will probably have to buy their own – an option not available to many.

The Aberdeen City Council’s proposal to withdraw Music Tuition is completely at odds with the Scottish Governments stated entitlement for children.

The Music Service in Aberdeen when compared with other Scottish music service budgets costs less per child. Compare this with the fact that more than 40% of the children taking part in National Orchestras, Brass and Jazz bands come from Aberdeen City - value for money indeed!

Last year the Music Service had its budget slashed by £520k – not the £170k claimed in the new Priority Based Budget on the ACC website – and it now operates on a budget of £789k from Aberdeen City Council for its 3000 pupils.

Although the ‘Withdraw Music Tuition’ option is below the red line and is therefore under the heading of “ undesirable to progress,” it is precariously close to the red line and would become a very real option should any of the cuts above it fail to get approval.

However, there is still time to save our Music Service, which has been instrumental in Aberdeen’s development into today’s rich cultural centre. Music is something that everyone, no matter who they are or what their background is, should be able to access and enjoy. If these services go they will never return.

More information is available at F.A.I.M. (Friends of Aberdeen Instrumental Music) website and on Facebook with the same name.

Please extend your support to this cause by putting your name to this petition. Thank you.

30. Defend George Eliot Hospital

Over recent months news has emerged that our local hospital, George Eliot hospital in Nuneaton, is struggling.

In June we were made aware that the Mary Garth ward at the hospital was due to close to save money. The government have ordered £20billion worth of ‘efficiency savings’ to the NHS and so hospitals are trying to save money where they can.

Redundancies are part of that process. 257 at the last count.

More recently than the discovery of redundancies, it emerged that the hospital are considering being managed by a private franchise.

The other option they are mulling over is to merge with another hospital. There are a few who have been named in the press, this week it was the Heart of England Foundation Trust (HEFT) who were in the headlines of the local paper expressing an interest. They currently run Heartlands Hospital, Solihull Hospital, Good Hope Hospital and the Birmingham Chest Clinic.

Also, most shockingly of all, we were told via the local press that the maternity and children’s services are ‘under review’.

A consultation is due to start on December 5th 2011.

There are six options being proposed:

1) No change: services in Nuneaton remain as they are.
2) Move inpatient paediatrics and complicated births to University Hospital in Coventry, with a midwifery-led unit and short stay children’s ward in Nuneaton.
3) Transfer all inpatient children’s services and complicated births to University Hospital, with a midwifery-led unit at George Eliot.
4) Switch all inpatient paediatrics and births to Coventry, with a children’s assessment unit in Nuneaton.
5) Move all inpatient paediatrics and births to University Hospital in Coventry.
6) Transfer all inpatient children’s services to Coventry, with all maternity services and a paediatric assessment unit remaining at George Eliot.

We are petitioning for the first option –

1) No change: services in Nuneaton remain as they are.