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We are aware that West Dunbartonshire Council are making significant cuts to services over the next three years.

These cuts come from the Scottish Parliament and will directly affect the most vulnerable in society.

We the undersigned are adding our names to this petition because we believe that the Scottish Parliament has sold us short by cutting the budget to our local authority, West Dumbartonshire Council. We believe that there is money available to bail out the banks and pay for wars and Trident - so there is not a lack of money, just the political will.

The citizens of West Dunbartonshire should not be asked to pay for the bail out of the banks and the mistakes of bankers. Indeed, maintaining the current levels of council spending would help the West Dunbartonshire economy during the recession by protecting jobs in the area. As unemployment rises and the social fallout of the recession grows the demands on West Dunbartonshire’s services will increase. The council is intending to cut services just as the demand for those very services increases.

We will be presenting this to our local Councillors and MSP’s and urging them as our Local and Parliamentary representatives to reverse the cuts in council spending and defend West Dunbartonshire’s services.

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