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A Petition to save the college experience at UT Martin.

To Whom It May Concern:

We students at the University of Tennessee at Martin are very concerned with the recent budget cuts. We believe that by continuing these cuts, the overall quality of our time here might be comprimised. As it stands, certain offices have been closed, and employees from said offices fired. It would seem that in trying to lessen the strain on the University's pocketbook, someone has forgotten that the University isn't the only one who is in economic peril.

We are concerned also about the recent shuffling and cutting of departments in order to save money. Talk of proposals to cut programs such as: UTM Athletics, student employment opportunities, and other campus activities that we have come to know and love, has grown some stirring in the student body. The firing without warning of a few student employees makes us wonder what else will be done without warning to try and fix our money problems.

We request your support in our efforts to save the "College Experience" for students today and for the years to come by seeking alternative ways to cope with our financial crisis.

In conclusion, we respectfully ask you to take into consideration the student's perspective when choosing what can be removed from the campus, and what needs to stay.

Students, Faculty and staff
of the University of TN at Martin

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