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People around California are losing their jobs. Why? These budget cuts are meant to save money that are supposed to be used for their salary. The plan for them is to fire thousands of Americans so they can 'save teh economy'! People affected are number one, teachers; the government will fire a countless amount of them and make the ones who aren't to take the responsibility of more kids-their classes can grow up to 40 kids! Second, people affected include people for law enforcement. We will see many investigators and such fired and sections of jails shut down. How can we do the work of justice if this happens? How can we disadvantage our children, the futures of America?

Would you want your children to be in a class of 40 kids? This would bring a disadvantage to their education, as the teacher will have a great number of kids to educate already. Do you want more crime to come by shutting down whole sections of jails and thousands of law enforcers? Signing this petition would help bring a stop to the firing of thousands of more teachers, educators, and law enforcing workers who are at a risk of losing their jobs. Think, how does making teachers lose their jobs, giving kids learning disadvantages, and allowing the stop of law enforcement helping the economy?

We, the undersigned, and more importantly, proud Americans, call on the California government to stop the budget cuts which threaten the valuable education of kids and the careers of thousands of educators and law enforcers.

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