#Children's Rights
Chief Scout Executive Roy L. Williams

May 6, 2001

Having lost in the U.S. Supreme Court, which ruled in June 2000 that the Boy Scouts, a private organization, were within their constitutional rights to bar homosexuals as scoutmasters, homosexual activists retreated from the federal courtroom to re-deploy their forces at the state and local level.

In other words, homosexual rights activists are willing to do all they can to ostracize or even destroy the Boy Scouts unless the almost-century old organization both nullifies its pledge to be "morally straight" and abandons its central mission to teach young boys what George A. Davidson, a lawyer for the organization, described to the Supreme Court as "true manliness" - a man's responsibility in marriage and fatherhood.

Such principles may sound uproariously quaint and beyond corny to society's moral relativists, but they remain even now an anchor against civilization's drift into unfettered decadence.

We support the Boy Scouts right to set moral standards on who will be in leadership. We believe the scouts are doing the right thing; excluding openly gay men as role models and leaders of our boys.

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