Taxes are making life unbearable for the average person but the Rich and big corporations pay virtually none. I advocate that this disparity be fixed.

In Australia Foreign Enterprise takes over $400 Billion in Profits out of the country Every Year but pays less than $8B in tax. Yet ordinary workers and the poor pay over $160B.

To make matters worse Aust.s top 1000 Co.s paid on average 2% in tax last year. If the cost is not enough, Tax Laws are increadably Complex. All this could be eliminated by using the Debits Tax which has NO PAPERWORK for the taxpayers and the cost so insignificant no one would bother trying to evade it. For more info go to the site. This system can be adopted in any country.

We want the Government to stop penalising the poor and middle class with tax and make the Rich pay tax.

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