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Commerical Air Traffic Commution
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Over the past 15 years, over 1,000 people live nowhere near Portland, Oregon and have jobs there. People are tired because it's a long commute, getting up early and trying just to stay up.

Yes, bus transportation is a good option, but again, you have to get up early and sit in an uncomfortable seat for 1 1/2 Hours or so.

Hi! I'm Joshua Myatt! I am a transportation whiz. I research and know everything about any type of transportation and all the systems. I just came to an idea that having air travel from McMinnville, Oregon, stopping at surrounding airports and heading to Portland International. Fly as cheap as $2.00! No seriously! I have a system planned called PCS (Portland Commuter Service) and I need help.

The fleet you ask? A bombardier CRJ-900. Need additonal Information? contact jperson106@hotmail.com.

Or visit www.crj.bombardier.com/CRJ

We The People Who Sign This Petition, Support The Idea Of Creating A Commercial Aircraft System Commuting To Portland International Airport.

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