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The MTA is looking to once again increase fares on the backs of this city on our local buses, express buses, and subways by more than 25% next year in addition to cutting back or in some cases ending service on it's routes.

Most affected by this would be the commuters who use the B37 bus which runs from Downtown Brooklyn to the most southern tip of Brooklyn.

The B37 which stretches nearly the entire Third Avenue connecting several neighborhoods especially for those who live in Bay Ridge Brooklyn depend on this bus especially seniors who use this bus as a way of life, commuters who look to avoid the Fifth Avenue B63 handicapped who cannot take the Fourth Avenue R Subway line, and for connections to other buses along Third Avenue which travel all across Brooklyn.

By cutting this bus it will severely impact nearby buses such as the B63 which is already maxed to capacity, the B70 which is one of the slowest buses in the city possibly the free world, and the B16 especially during the school season.

Bottom line this decision will make everyone life's a little bit harder, and their commutes a little bit longer...

I urge all those who use the B37, and all those who oppose the MTA Fare Hike, and several other service cuts across this city to send a message to our elected officials especially the Mayor, the Governor who appoint MTA board members, and the MTA especially to stop this "Unfair" decision.