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1. Disable Pushed "Comments and Likes" Feature on Facebook

Facebook has a feature that will share items you have "liked" or show comments you have made on pages with your friends. If you comment or "like" something it will display on someone's Timeline so they can see it, without you knowing what is being shared.

This causes controversy and arguing. Someone finding something you said is one thing. This is the Internet after all, nothing is private. But this hands the info to someone that may never go looking for it in the first place. This has caused loss of actual friendships and family disputes.

On the other side this is an annoying feature that clogs up Timelines. Instead of seeing items our friends are willingly posting, we are getting to see embarrassing comments they leave on celebrity pages, political arguments on news pages and even random comments on people we don't even know's photos!

Please stop automatically and randomly sharing our comments and likes!!

2. Stop the DeviantArt Comment Ban

Those words "we're sorry, but you cannot post a comment here" are unacceptable and deserve to be burned.

Everyone, including me, deserves to post comments on DeviantArt. "Sorry" does no longer cut it anymore. Change "cannot" back to "can". I have the right to post comments here.


3. Improve Online Recommendations and Feedback

A majority of Americans rely on ratings, user reviews, recommendations and written comments to make smarter decisions.

Often it is a time consuming and frustrating process to read long-form comments to understand the views of others.

Our Company has a patent for a new system to gather online feedback that makes it easier for consumers to contribute feedback and for businesses and consumers to understand that feedback in just a few seconds.

View example feedback about "GLEE".

4. Retract comments about athletes with learning difficulties

In QI series B, episode 6 Alan Davies and Steven Fry discussed athletes with learning difficulties. Alan Davies repeatedly described them as "mad", "handicapped" and "mentally ill".

This is extremely offensive to people with learning difficulties and their familes and risks legitimising bullying (a recent Mencap survey showed 85% of young people with learning difficulties are bullied at school).

See for a transcript of the show.

5. Bring Back HBC Run for Canada

The HBC Run for Canada has become a yearly tradition that allows us to celebrate being proud Canadians while raising millions of dollars to support our Olympic Athletes.

The run gives ordinary Canadians, most of whom will never even get close to an Olympic games, the opportunity to run with Olympic Athletes and in a way experience the Olympic Spirit.

6. Achieve Proof of Concept

Because Quick Comments is a new approach to user feedback we think the opinion of people knowledgeable in the field will help get the attention of potential funding sources.

We are experimenting with this technique as a means to attract capital; all names are confidential and will only be disclosed to potential funding sources.

7. 要求中視等人道歉!






On September 1st, 2007, the show "I guess, I guess" openly insulted anime and manga fans around the world. Rather than exploring the true nature of Anime as the show originally claimed to be, the show was focused on insulting the guest fans and harshly making them appear as outcasts and geeks. Though I am sure an English or Japanese subtitled version of that day's broadcast will surface in youtube soon, let me summarize the number of remarks made during the show.

1. Anime fans are criminals who doesn't deserve to live in this world.
They are dirty, unintelligent and they don't fit in the society.

2. When the guests try to defend themselves by adding comments that
they do have social circle, have a job and girl friend. The producer simply erased those clips in order to make them stay as geekish as possible.

3. The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi(Published by Kadokawa.) was portrayed by the host of the show, Jacky Wu as a pronographic novel about high school prostitutes. As he holds up the novel of Suzumiya Haruhi and reads out loud, he made up a fake story about two high school girls abducted and sexually molested.

The show consist of Jacky Wu and the disastrous "Hei Ser Huei MeiMei"(Horrible failed copycats of Morning Musume). Jacky Wu had been known for making ignorant public opionions for years. This time he had gone too far. The concept of the shows he hosts are mainly stolen straight from Japanese media. "I guess, I guess" being one of them.

We are here demanding an open apology from the Producer, the host Jacky Wu, and the stupid be-atches who claimed anime fans are criminals who doesn't deserve to live. In our opinion, they are the as-holes who doesn't deserve to live in this world. Please support the Taiwanese fans. Feel free to leave your comments here! =)

有關片段 (Related Video Clips)
1:20秒左右....( About 1:20)

有關討論區(Related BBS)

相關罪證(Related Evidence)

8. Boycott Bill O'Reilly and White Supremacy

Host of The O'Reilly Factor, Bill O'Reilly, recently made comments during a live interview with John McCain stating the need to prevent immigration to ensure that the 'white' power structure remained intact:

"But do you understand what the New York Times wants, and the far-left want? They want to break down the white, Christian, male power structure, which you're a part of, and so am I, and they want to bring in millions of foreign nationals to basically break down the structure that we have. So you've got to cap immigration."

If you believe it is unnaceptable for television personalities to advocate superior political and economic clout for whites, please sign this petition to campaign for an apology from O'Reilly for these comments.

9. Support Proposal to List Polar Bears As "Threatened"

Send in your public comment to support listing polar bears as a "Threatened" species!

Polar bears really need our help: according to government studies in recent months, more and more are starving to death, and more and more of their babies are dying before reaching adulthood. In fact, of polar bears studied between 1990 and last spring, only 25 cubs per 100 females survived. That's less than half the survival rate of polar bear cubs studied from 1967 to 1989!

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is requesting public comments regarding the listing of polar bears as a "Threatened" species. In just 5 minutes, you can send in your public comment - just sign this petition.

10. keep JROTC in SF

JROTC has been a part of the San Francisco high schools for about 90 years, but as of November 14, 2006, the school board has decided to take it away from the high schools. The main concerns against JROTC is about the war and how JROTC is related to the ARMY. However, what people lack is knowledge and experience in the program.

Although JROTC is based on the ARMY, JROTC is a totally different program than what is learned in the ARMY and ROTC in college. It is true that we march, drill, and learn some ARMY values, but this is by no means a place of recruitment.

There is commitment like any other sports team, responsibility like a summer job, leadership like student government, community service like a volunteer club, first aid and CPR. Most importantly, there is a sense of family-- a bringing of everyone together.

"JROTC has been more than just a place of leadership, teamwork, camarderie, skill, safety, etc... This is what I'm good at. This program makes me want to be responsible, want to be a leader, and want to care for others. JROTC is for me. NOT THE MILITARY." (Vienna Luu)

For the SF school board to take away JROTC from SF high schools in the future would be ripping our family apart. There is no other program of my knowledge that has all of these features combined.

"Our opponents cling to 15 year old statements and glittering generalities as evidence, while we have over one and half thousand current tales, and literally piles of books and documentation in our favor. Yet these few attackers, most of whom have no connection with the educations system, are given equal credibilty." (Daniel Chin and David Ziman)

11. Muslim anger grows at Pope's speech

Last Updated: Friday, 15 September 2006, 11:08 GMT 12:08 UK

Muslim anger grows at Pope speech

The Pope’s comments came on a visit to Germany. A statement from the Vatican has failed to quell criticism of Pope Benedict XVI from Muslim leaders, after a speech touching on the concept of holy war.

Speaking in Germany, the Pope quoted a 14th Century Christian emperor who said “Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.”

12. Save the Straight Up Scuplt & PITB Abs and Back Classes

August 1, 2006

It has come to our attention that Ballys Total Fitness, Bay/Bloor location, will be revamping the Group Exercise schedules.

We, the undersigned, would like to express our NEED (ok, deep desire) to continue to attend the Straight Up Scuplt & PITB Abs and Back Classes.

For most of us, these classes are a large part of why we continue to attend this gym. We love the results we achieve and how the instructors have an amazing ability to motivate us and always keep things fresh and challenging. Noted below you will find individual comments.

On a whole, we would like to see these two classes remain in their current day and time slots, if possible. If this is not possible, please try to keep them in the evening and back-to-back.

Thank you in advance for considering our comments.

13. Bring back Onegoal

June 28, 2006

Onegoal is a member of Idol forums, and is a huge fan and supporter of Katharine McPhee the American Idol finalist who is a major hottie.

Onegoal was unfairly banned from the site due to other posters attacking him because of his comments about liking Kat.

Onegoal fired back with comments, and was banned.

14. Protest Mayor Livingstone's Racist Statement

March 22, 2006

Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London, at his weekly press conference 21 March 2006 made a classic racist jibe - telling two Londoners (the Reuben brothers), who have lived in London since the 1950s when they immigrated as teenagers, "if they're not happy, perhaps they could always go back to Iran and see if they do better under the Ayatollahs."

Incidentally, they are Jewish but not of Iranian origin. The context was a disagreement over a property development in the east of London.

Ken Livingstone's defence, in assembly questions 22/3/6 was that he was not aware the Reubens are Jewish - he thought they were Shias from Iran; in which case - even if we believe this to be true - his comments are still racist. So please sign!

For more information see:

(To follow these links, please copy them and paste into your web browser)

15. Removal of Pine Forest Senior High School Principal

March 08, 2006

We the parents and residents of Spring Lake and Shaw Road sStudents are requesting the removal of Pine Forest Senior High School Principal, Mark Culbreth due to prejudiced remarks and comments made against the Spring Lake and Shaw Road students.

Mark Culbreth states that these are the students responsible for his low test scores and the students responsible for bringing elements of gang activity into his school.

16. Save Indian Cricket icon, Sourav Ganguly, from constant malicious tirades of Greg Chappell

We Indian cricket lovers are greatly shocked, flabbergasted and humiliated by the very recent sweeping, deliberate comments of Mr. Greg Chappell, the current Indian national Cricket team coach towards statistically the most Successful Indian cricket Captain , an illustrious international cricket icon , the BBCI A grade player --Mr.Sourav Ganguly.

The conscious interview given by Mr. Greg Chappell to Guardian of English media was without any provocation from any sector of Cricket or from the person on whom the comments were thrust upon.

We Indians experience this interview a deliberate ploy of Mr. Greg Chappell, where he wanted to malign profoundly the image of Mr.Sourav Ganguly in public.

We Indians just can't digest these continuous hatred and tirades from a non Indian like Greg Chappell toward a phenomenal Indian national cricket character.

We Indians are especially extremely annoyed and upset over Chappell's comments that the former Indian skipper wanted to cling on to captaincy because of financial reasons. For a person like Sourav Ganguly who grew up in a 22-bedroom mansion with 35 relatives and 24 cars, we Indians feel that allegation of continuing cricket for financial reason - is an affront of highest degree to him.

Sourav Ganguly being a national pride and International ambassador of the game, Cricket .we feel that our national image has been tarnished with this 'conscious' remark of Greg Chappell. It is needless to say that cricket, the game of etiquette, and its fraternity both have been humiliated as well with this malicious statement.

On behalf of --- Indian cricket lovers, former Indian cricket captain Mr.Sourav Ganguly, and its fraternity, world cricket fraternity and finally countrymen we bring this very disturbing issue into the notice of Sports ministry of Govt. Of. India and Board of Cricket Control of India (BCCI) with a very strong demand that -

1. Govt. Of India should take an immediate action with an exemplary effect so that in future none can play around with and malign our country's prides and heroes from different walks of life.

2. BCCI must take necessary exemplary action with immediate effect against Greg Chappell for making such a baseless obnoxious comments towards a very reputed Indian cricketer like Sourav Ganguly.

3. Mr. Greg Chappell has to withdraw immediately his recent comments made at Guardian which we all feel fraught with personal vendetta towards Mr. Sourav Ganguly

4. Mr. Greg Chappell has to request Mr. Sourav Ganguly in public or media to forgive the former for his nefarious ploy.

17. Condemn the racist comments of Andrew Fraser

Update: August 5, 2005

This petition is now closed. The following "thank you" has been issued by the author.

"Thank you very much for the chance to publicly condemn the comments of Andrew Fraser. As a result, I believe we can be proud that we stood up against his comments, and hopefully show that racism will be not tolerated in society!"

Site Admin
August 5, 2005


This petition relates to the racist comments made by Professor Andrew Fraser of the Department of Public Law at Macquarie University, which appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald on the 16/7/05.

His comments advocated that there should be no non-white immigration into Australia on the basis that it will and does lead to an increase in crime.

18. Just Say No to Child Endangerment

We, the undersigned, are asking for help to get our bus driver, Mr. Spells, terminated so we can feel safer about riding the bus.

Not only does Mr. Spells make rude comments, but he also drives carelessly. He endangers the lives of every student on the bus, himself, and the lives of innocent drivers that share the road with him. Mr. Spells swerves all over the road, does not watch where he is going, and has even hit two street signs that are at least three feet off the side of the road.

Is it safe to talk on a cell phone while driving a school bus full of thirty or more kids? I don't think so. But obviously Mr. Spells does because he loves to carry on conversations while the bus is in motion. There is a sticker in the front of the bus that says "no idling - save fuel and breathe easier" but Mr. Spells frequently stops the bus, gets out and goes outside to talk on his phone. He is not only wasting diesel but is giving students the oppurtunity to misbehave. Mr. Spells even has the audacity to make racial comments agaist Hispanics, calling them "brown skins". It is also a state law for anyone to wear a seat belt while operating a motor vehicle. Mr. Spells drives the bus without his seatbelt often.

When we, the students, confront the assistant principal [Mr. Stacy Poston] about these incidents, the only thing he had to say was: "Mr. Spells has been driving for many years, he is one of our best drivers. Would you like us to put you on a bus that has had ten or twenty wrecks?" First of all, why should any bus driver be driving if they have had that many wrecks? It's unsafe. Second, Mr. Spells should keep his glasses on at all times, but instead he will take two minutes every day to take them off and clean them while he is driving. How is he supposed to see? We just hope he knows what he is doing.

This is why we are asking for your help to accomplish the only goal we have: To make our rides to and from school safer with a new bus driver. We are not trying to cause chaos, we are just concerned about the safety of the students and other drivers. This is why we believe Mr. Spells should not drive anymore, for fear of our lives and those of others. Thank you for taking the time to read this petition and we hope you agree with our views.

19. Yellowstone National Park Responsible Access

NPS Announces Public Comment Period for Yellowstone Snowmobile Rules.

Everyone who would like to responsibly enjoy Yellowstone National Park in the Winter needs to respond. Quickly Or it may be closed during the winter this year forever

The National Park Service (NPS) has proposed a rule requiring that most recreational snowmobiles entering Yellowstone National Park meet specific air and sound requirements and be accompanied by a trained guide. The proposed rule also dictates daily limits on the number of snowmobiles allowed in the park. These guidelines result from the March 25, 2003 Record of Decision that addressed the impacts of oversnow recreational vehicle use in the park. Details of the proposal are available at The NPS is accepting comments regarding the rule until October 14, 2003. Comments can be sent to Yellowstone National Park, Planning Office, PO Box 168, Yellowstone NP, WY 82190, or online at

20. Yes to Safe Haven Laws

Safe Haven Laws were enacted to stop parents who have concealed their pregnancies from giving birth alone and from discarding the newborn in a dumpster or other dangerous place. There are many names for Safe Haven including Safe Place, Baby Moses Law, Safe Arms for Newborns, Safe Delivery, etc. The children who are abandoned have no way of learning their history when the parent drops them off as they are not required to leave their name or history. If you agree or disagree with this law, leave your name and comments on this difficult issue.

21. Shaq should apologize for racist comments

Thanks for stopping by the petition. I know the notice of a petition is probably a shocker for those of you who know me. Since my catch phases are 'dude, I just work here' and 'all about getting PAID!'

What's this about? Shaq O'Neil taunted Houston Rocket Yao Ming by speaking 'fake Chinese'. You know what I'm talking about: the 'Ching-chong-yang-wah-ah-soh' chant. See the article from Asian Week ( Is he a racist? That's his business. Should we tolerate this type of behavior? Absolutely not.

Shaq has reportedly offered the following apology on Friday 1/10: 'I mean, if I was the first one to do it, and the only one to do it, I could see what they're talking about. But if I offended anybody, I apologize.' ( Actually, that didn't sound like an apology. Maybe the Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak can do better: 'Knowing Shaquille, I am certain that this was nothing more than a misguided attempt at humor' (
Sadly that doesn't sound like an apology either.

What's the big deal? Whether the Shaq comments were funny or not, it is a race-based derogatory comment. This is not just an insult to Yao Ming, but also an affront to all Americans want to 'live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.' The sad part is, Shaq was defending himself, instead of giving a real apology!! Now that's no joke.

What should we do about it? Speak up!! Let the media outlets, the NBA, the Lakers, and influential civil rights leaders know that we are not down with this non-apology. Hey, we are people, not rugs. About time people stop stepping on us.

22. Support Gary Megson

WBA fans in support of manager Gary Megson.

We, the undersigned, support the West Bromwich Albion manager Gary Megson in his dispute with Paul Thompson and the club board, following the statement of resignation from Paul Thompson and his and other board members comments.

23. Make Sindy reply at

At you are given the option to send Sindy an e-mail, perhaps for comments, suggestions etc, and i think that it is unfair that she will not respond to you. If you don't want to respond to our mail, then why do you give people the option to email you?

The least she could send is an automatic e-mail, at least thanking the person for their comments, after people take up their time and effort to e-mail her. This petition is just to bring awareness to this, and show that even small things, like an e-mail from a child's play-thing, can mean so much to certain people, and considering that she is in constant competition with Barbie, you'd think that she would at least show appreciation to those who favour her over Barbie.

Sindy...tut tut. You'd think that after people bother to take up their time and effort to go onto her website( and e-mail her, that she could at least reply!! Even if it is just a mail-merged automatic e-mail!! When i sent her an e-mail, and the message came up saying that she wouldn't respond, i was very annoyed, and i'm sure there are others out there who feel the same. This may seem a bit petty, but to her millions of loving fans and customers who buy her dolls, it is rather a bear this in mind, and sign the petition!!

Exercise your right to expect appreciation of the highest quality when you take up your time to write so someone!! (Or in this case, a multi-million dollar company, who i'm sure could spare a few words here and there to give thanks to their adoring e-mailers!!)

24. Unban Alien4884 from GPN or NOT?????

On the message board GPN (Gopednation) arguements happen and rise rapidly when they do. I was in one of them a day ago. Two other people were argueing with me. Snatch and then Rodrigues. Snatch has been making some rude comments about other people sometimes funny but this time he is suspected of taking it out on PEAKSPEDS from some rude comments an imposter made up with a similair name of PEAKPEDS.

I was very mad about it because the guy is only there for us Go-Pedders on GPN to buy products very cheap. He doesn't make as much as other dealers but he is there for us and I was very mad about the comments.

Later that night KeBin one of the moderators posted a post to the three of us. It said Snatch, Alien, Rod if the arguing doesnt end you guys are out of here. We had stopped. But this morning I wake up I click on what I do every day which is GPN then the message board said my IP address was banned which means my internet provider banned me from using the message boards on GPN. I don`t know why but I had stopped even before KeBin asked us to stop there was nbo reason to ban me without me doing anything wrong. It was wrong to argue in the argument and I am sorry but I will not beg for forgiveness but will ask for a little. I will catch up with an arguement sometimes but I mostly do tech help with peds on GPN most of it via AIM (AOL Instant Messenger). Now I am banned and I ask the fellow pedders to sign this petition for me to be unbanned from GPN. Thank for you for your time.