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United Kingdom

At Sindy.com you are given the option to send Sindy an e-mail, perhaps for comments, suggestions etc, and i think that it is unfair that she will not respond to you. If you don't want to respond to our mail, then why do you give people the option to email you?

The least she could send is an automatic e-mail, at least thanking the person for their comments, after people take up their time and effort to e-mail her. This petition is just to bring awareness to this, and show that even small things, like an e-mail from a child's play-thing, can mean so much to certain people, and considering that she is in constant competition with Barbie, you'd think that she would at least show appreciation to those who favour her over Barbie.

Sindy...tut tut. You'd think that after people bother to take up their time and effort to go onto her website(www.sindy.com) and e-mail her, that she could at least reply!! Even if it is just a mail-merged automatic e-mail!! When i sent her an e-mail, and the message came up saying that she wouldn't respond, i was very annoyed, and i'm sure there are others out there who feel the same. This may seem a bit petty, but to her millions of loving fans and customers who buy her dolls, it is rather a disappointment...so bear this in mind, and sign the petition!!

Exercise your right to expect appreciation of the highest quality when you take up your time to write so someone!! (Or in this case, a multi-million dollar company, who i'm sure could spare a few words here and there to give thanks to their adoring e-mailers!!)

We the undersigned ask Sindy from www.Sindy.com to please respond to our emails.

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