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On the message board GPN (Gopednation) arguements happen and rise rapidly when they do. I was in one of them a day ago. Two other people were argueing with me. Snatch and then Rodrigues. Snatch has been making some rude comments about other people sometimes funny but this time he is suspected of taking it out on PEAKSPEDS from some rude comments an imposter made up with a similair name of PEAKPEDS.

I was very mad about it because the guy is only there for us Go-Pedders on GPN to buy products very cheap. He doesn't make as much as other dealers but he is there for us and I was very mad about the comments.

Later that night KeBin one of the moderators posted a post to the three of us. It said Snatch, Alien, Rod if the arguing doesnt end you guys are out of here. We had stopped. But this morning I wake up I click on what I do every day which is GPN then the message board said my IP address was banned which means my internet provider banned me from using the message boards on GPN. I don`t know why but I had stopped even before KeBin asked us to stop there was nbo reason to ban me without me doing anything wrong. It was wrong to argue in the argument and I am sorry but I will not beg for forgiveness but will ask for a little. I will catch up with an arguement sometimes but I mostly do tech help with peds on GPN most of it via AIM (AOL Instant Messenger). Now I am banned and I ask the fellow pedders to sign this petition for me to be unbanned from GPN. Thank for you for your time.

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