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1. Bring back Dr Martens Clemency Boots / Doc Martens Clemency Boot in Black

Dr Martens Clemency boots were the perfect height for the popular college park foot often chosen by amputees for their prosthetic leg, and with the discontinuation of the style in black, it's left a bunch of us without a long-lasting, comfortable shoe that will work with our prosthetic and go with everything so that we don't have to continually have someone assist us with changing shoes - not an easy feat.

Most people don't realise that prosthetic legs are made at a set "heel height" dependant upon the foot that is chosen - this means that only shoes that have a certain heel height can be worn. The ankle on a prosthetic leg doesn't bend (for obvious reasons), which makes shoe shopping difficult as we need to take a tape measure and find shoes that match the required heel height. Dr Martens have one other style that has the same heel height as the Clemency boot, however it's not a lace-up style, it's a pull-on boot - it's near impossible for us to get a pull-on boot onto our prosthetic foot - again, the ankle just doesn't have enough movement to allow the foot to slide into a pull-on boot.

We are pleading with Dr Martens to please bring back the Clemency boot in black, or bring out another lace-up boot with identical heel-height to the Clemency. We will buy them, we promise.


Dear Campaigners, Supporters, Friends, Ladies & Gentlemen

This Petition is to highlight the plight and the release of the Abadilla 5 who have been imprisoned for the past 20 years.

In June 1996, a group of FIVE (5) INNOCENT Filipinos, known as Abadilla 5, were arrested and later on convicted for the murder of Col. Rolando Abadilla. The killing of Col. Abadilla had been claimed by rebel group, the Alex Boncayao Brigade (ABB) for his alleged crimes committed against the Filipino people during the Marcos Era.

For 20 years the victims had been fighting for their INNOCENCE. Many known crusaders for truth and justice led by Fr. Robert Reyes, the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC), Friends of Abadilla 5, Asian Human Rights and the Lupon Ng Mamamayan, Philippine Jury Campaign had appealed to the previous President Benigno Aquino III for their release.

On September 28, 2011, the Philippines Board of Pardons and Parole after careful review of the Abadilla 5 case in consonance with resolution No. 24-4-10 re Amended Guidelines for Recommending Executive Clemency of the 2006 Revised Manual of the Board of Pardons and Parole RESOLVED TO RECOMMEND to the then President Benigno Aquino III the COMMUTATION of their SENTENCE, and the Department of Justice have also RECOMMENDED THEIR RELEASE SINCE NOVEMBER 2012 on the ground of "REASONABLE DOUBT"
President Benigno Aquino III failed to rectify this miscarriage of justice.

FOUR (4) years have passed by these victims of injustices are still languishing in the maximum security at the Philippine National Bilibid Prison awaiting order from the President of the Philippines for their release. Sad to say, Mr. Lenido Lumanog, one of the victims, is a patient of the Philippine National Kidney Transplant Institute having had a kidney transplant.

In September 2014, Lenido Lumanog and Augusto Santos, two of the victims, authorised the representative of Lupon Ng Mamamayan, Philippine Jury Campaign to represent them thru a Communication to the United Nations Human Rights Committee seeking the UNHRC decision on the continuous detention of the Abadilla 5 inspite of the RECOMMENDATION for their RELEASE by the Board of Pardons and Parole and the Department of Justice.

Let us support these initiatives to correct the miscarriage of justice.

Our petition reinforces the above government recommendations to our Presiden Rodrigo R. Duterte for his executive clemency for the release of the Abadilla 5, who are during the past 20 years have been protesting for their innocence.

We are appealing to all our Kababayan, Pilipino organisations and different religious groups, OFW's, Amnesty International, Human Rights advocates & organisations, other nationalities and students to join, sign and support our petition in support to the Executive Clemency.

Let us sign and share the petition as a claim to our rights for a just and humane society.

Let us “Free the Abadilla 5 Now” for justice and humanitarian sake.

Your 3 minutes time will be the life and liberty of these 5 Pilipinos.



Salamat po.

3. Allow Charles to drive with breathlyzer ignition sysytem

I have had the privilege to drive taken away for life, in Missouri for DWI'S. The wreckage of my past is plain for all to see. The man who drank and drove no longer exists. What's left is a remorseful, recovering, Alcoholic.

I am currently confined to a wheelchair as well, without the privilege to drive, I am absolutely dependent upon all.

As well I live in Ohio, So Missouri is still in control of my life, even though I reside in Ohio. I have been sober since September 29th 2002. I am no longer a threat to the public.

4. Plea for Clemency for Dr Looi Kok Poh

It was reported in the Straits Times in September 2011 that Dr Looi Kok Poh, who runs a private clinic at Gleneagles Medical Centre, was sued by his patient, Mr Li Siu Lun, after an operation in 2006 in which Mr Li claimed that Dr Looi had performed an additional procedure on him without consent, and later had the consent form altered.

Parkway Holdings subsequently revoked Dr Looi's accreditation with the three hospitals it owned: Gleneagles, Mount Elizabeth and Parkway East. In addition, Dr Looi will be facing disciplinary action by the Singapore Medical Council for altering the consent form.

While amending a consent form is a serious ethical breach, we feel that there are mitigating factors that should be taken into account when the Council decides on the appropriate disciplinary action to be taken against Dr Looi.

We believe that Dr Looi has delivered a standard of care to his patient that at least equals the level expected of his profession. At every stage during the period of care he had always placed Mr Li's best interests first, and had kept the patient abreast of what was happening. He also informed the patient post-operatively that he had repaired an inadvertently severed nerve during the operation. It was unfortunate that an inadequate consent form was prepared by the nurse prior to surgery, necessitating an amendment post-operatively for which Dr Looi omitted to obtain the patient's countersignature.

Above all, Dr Looi has proven himself a man of sterling character over the years by giving generously of his time and effort to society through his pro bono and humanitarian medical work (see Addendum).

We therefore submit a plea to the Singapore Medical Council to exercise clemency in meting out disciplinary action when it convenes to hear Dr Looi's case. Please help support this cause by signing the petition below.

Yours sincerely,

Drs Leong Yan Hoi & Juliana Ho


We have attached a list of Dr Looi Kok Poh’s contributions to our society, that this may be a testimonial to the compassionate and civic-minded person he is.

Since 2007, Dr Looi has been working for Dr Tan Lai Yong and, more recently, Dr Loh Cheng in Kunming, Yunnan, where he performs surgery for hand and orthopaedic cases once and sometimes twice a year.

Apart from the first trip where he was alone, the regular trips comprise 2 surgical teams consisting of 2 hand surgeons, 2 anesthesiologist and 2 scrub nurses, operating on about 20 cases over a 3 day surgical period in the Stone Forest region in Yunnan.

The doctors would pay for their own as well as their nurses expenses. Surgical equipment and expendables were donated by the companies in Singapore.

Kok Poh's other humanitarian contributions include :

1. Humanitarian Medical Mission to Palawan with the Diocese of Singapore, 1992

2. Surgeon in Second Combat Surgical Hospital, Singapore Armed Forces, since 1994

3. Surgeon in medical mission to China, Medical Service International, 1996

4. Tzu Chi Medical Mission to Batam, 5–7 March 2004

5. Tsunami Relief in Aceh, 22–30 January 2005

6. Hand surgical mission to Jose R Reyes Memorial Medical Centre, 8–11 September 2005

7. Medical Mission to Kashmir earthquake, November 2005.

5. Tariq Aziz - Petition for Clemency

Tariq Aziz is a former member of the Iraqi regime who has recently been sentenced to death by the government and judiciary of Iraq.

He is not an evil man, and this does not have to HAPPEN.

6. Save This Soldier

Sergeant First Class Kelly A. Stewart is an Army Green Beret with multiple tours in Operation Iraqi Freedom. He was recently unjustly convicted of crimes of sexual assault, sodomy and kidnapping.

SFC Stewart has repeatedly declared his innocence but no appeal is possible for 1-2 years. So in the meantime, an innocent soldier sits in a cell without promise of being tried fairly.

Brigadier General Steven L. Salazar will review the clemency packet sometime in December. Included in the packet will be this petition, as well as Letters of Support from friends and family, photos, awards and other materials that define who Kelly is as a person. General Salazar will then decide if the sentencing was fair or not and has the power to reduce any or all of his sentences.

Please stand with his family, his friends and fellow soldiers in our efforts to not only publicize the truth, but to relieve a little bit of the injustice that has been served to this soldier and his family.

7. Justice for little Shane Coffman!

It is clear why Don Gilson recived the death penalty. He is a child killer and abuser. He murdered 8 year old Shane Coffman. Some people are trying to argue the fact that Don Gilson was in a car wreck in 1993 and suffered brain damage and this in some way led to the abuse and eventually murder. This does not explain why while he was married to a woman named Ruby from 1983 to 1991, she and her children were also abused by Don Gilson. He broke his Ruby's nose on one occasion and would punch her daughter lynetta in the face with his closed fist. He would also beat her son Delbert with a board and he stated in court documents "it did not matter where he hit him." So his pattern of abuse was established long before the car accident. Don Gilson has no family history of abuse.

Ms.Coffman, the childrens mother did not receive the death penalty. Many believe she does deserve it though. The judge spared her life only to lessen the suffering of her children who had already been through so much. He stated killing her was to good for her, that she should go to bed every night and wake up every morning thinking about what she had done for the rest of her life. He said he should stay caged like the animal she is. Since she is biologically connected she has more guilty feelings over her children than Don Gilson. Don Gilson only showed remorse when he knew he was caught. He stated in numerous interviews with the FBI and law enforcement agencies that Shane just gave up on life. He said even animals have that instinct to stay alive, but he just quit. Well, little Shane did not just quit, he had the life beaten out of his little body. Don Gilson was the main perpetrator of the abuse of the Coffman children and the murder of Shane. He is the true definition of a monster.
For more information go to

8. Have Mercy for Don Gilson

Clemency Themes: We are presenting 3 major grounds for Mercy/ Clemency.

First, due to the unique circumstances, Don faces an execution even though it is unclear what conduct he is being executed for. Even his jurors say they did not know who inflicted the abuse causing Shane’s death. This was expressed both in their split verdict and recent Affidavits submitted.

Second, it is unfair Ms. Coffman received a life sentence while Don is executed, when the overwhelming evidence points to Ms. Coffman as the “committer” and Don the “permitter.” This result is distressing to certain jurors, who denounce their death verdict in light of Ms. Coffman’s sentence. Two jurors say they’d be “relieved” if Don’s death sentence was commuted to life. Id.

Third, Don’s involvement in the offense is likely attributable in great part to his profound brain damage suffered from a near fatal 1993 auto accident. The accident resulted in loss of 25% to 33% of the functioning of his brain. A mentally impaired Mr. Gilson walked into a deeply dysfunctional situation which he was simply not equipped to handle. The mitigating evidence of his permanent brain impairment was never presented to his sentencing jury.

9. Requesting Clemency Petition for Donald J. Kowalski

On September 1998, Donald Kowalski a young man of 22yrs of age with a drug problem committed several B&E's. When his friend was arrested on an unrelated crime he admitted to a number of B&E's in the surrounding area. He implicated Don to save his own skin. He served ONLY 2-1/2 years on the same Conducting a Criminal Enterprise (CCE) charge and now he is on the run for several more crimes.

Instead of charging Don with only the crimes they had evidence of, they charged him under the RICO act, of(CCE)and combined all the charges into one. The problem: every B&E in a 14 county radius was thrown in, thus 50 cases were closed, the detectives basically patted each others back and closed their case load. Under the RICO law it says: #1 Proceeds of a crime are being used in some manner to run a business that continues criminal activity. #2 The criminal activity affects either interstate or foreign commerce, thus a federal crime. #3 The proceeds of such activity can be seized to compensate victims. Donald was unemployed owned no business or property and the crimes all occurred in the Eastern part of Michigan. Don's criminal activity did not meet the statutes as set forth by the RICO act.

However, a scared young man accepted a plea not realizing at the time the ramifications and not having competent counsel to make an informed decision. Before taking the plea he had not been informed that because he had 2 priors of UDAA and B&E at he age of 16, which they held it over until he turned 17 and tried him as an adult from 4 years previously that he would be charged as a habitual offender. Thus he was sentenced to a 20yr minimum and 40yr maximum. A single count of B&E carries up to 10 years. Run concurrently, even 14 counts, he would have maxed out over a year ago. Don has served over 11yrs now.

Since Donald's imprisonment he has achieved high honors in all his course studies, obtained his GED, Certificate of Completion for Substance Abuse, Narcotics Anonymous, Degree in Agriculture, Certification for Ordained Ministry, S.L.F Course for Owning and Operating a Business and Perfect Attendance.

I have researched many cases by far are worse than his. Such as: 2nd degree murder, out in ten yrs. 6 counts of embezzlement, served 3-1/2yrs. and 4 counts of criminal sexual conduct, served 8 yrs. 2 counts 1st degree home invasion, 2 counts safecracking, unarmed robbery, served only 5 years.
Heres an example:

In addition, Donald has secured an offer of employment and a place of residence. Donald has been rehabilitated and has come to the point where release is the best alternative. His sentencing was severe, especially for a non-violent offender with only two priors as a juvenile. It is time for Donald to come home, his wishes are to be with his son and family. We are requesting your support.

10. Do not execute Larry Swearingen

Texas Death Row Inmate, Larry Swearingen #999361 Gets Execution Date on January 27, 2009.

An INNOCENT MAN on death row in Texas.

11. Save Ronald Allen Smith, a Canadian on death row in Montana, USA

Ronald Allen Smith is a Canadian on death row in Montana, USA, for committing a double homicide.

Typically (the last 30 years), Canada has always sought clemency/commutation for Canadians in such circumstances, which means to request a lesser penalty so that the Canadian is spared execution – that is until now.

Our Canadian federal government has recently adopted a new policy in this regard without any debate being that the government has chosen to no longer seek clemency for Canadians abroad in general, and specifically for Ronald Allen Smith.

As members of Canadian society, we elect our government officials to make decisions on our behalf. Like us at times, and for many of the same reasons, our Government representatives make poor decisions too. The difference however is that we, as citizens, are the window of opportunity to guide or assist our representatives with clarity. Hence, we create the window of opportunity for change. We are the sounding board for our Government.

In the case of Ronald Allen Smith, the Canadian on death row in the United States for double homicide, our Conservative Government has made a grave error. The choice to neglect seeking clemency for one of our Canadians abroad is not only contrary to our Charter of Rights, it is a new precedent that will have far reaching effects which, at the very very least, is a severely tarnished global reputation.

Is this a standard that we as Canadians are prepared to accept? How is it possible, that our Government has self appointed the right to single-handedly determine which Canadians shall be permitted to die?

If we, as Canadians, and as a people, cannot hold our Government accountable for respecting the very essence of our being, human life, how could the Government possibly have the knowledge to foster nations of peace, fairness and compassion? Or perhaps, have we been provided our window of opportunity to see the Conservative Government’s true colours?

I have personally visited the office of MP Gary Lunn, in Sidney BC, and stated my opposition to this newly adopted policy to not seek clemency for Canadians abroad and in particular, Ronald Allen Smith. I urge everyone to engage and to become the necessary sounding board that our Government desperately needs at this time.

12. No Clemency For Murder by Hill

In May of 1987, Jonny Lee Hill committed a brutal murder in Malvern, Arkansas and was sentneced to life in Prison by a jury of his peers.
In April of 2003, he will be screened by the Post Prison Transfer Board for eligibility for a Clemency Hearing.