#Civil Rights
Jay Nixon, Governor of Missouri.
United States of America

I have had the privilege to drive taken away for life, in Missouri for DWI'S. The wreckage of my past is plain for all to see. The man who drank and drove no longer exists. What's left is a remorseful, recovering, Alcoholic.

I am currently confined to a wheelchair as well, without the privilege to drive, I am absolutely dependent upon all.

As well I live in Ohio, So Missouri is still in control of my life, even though I reside in Ohio. I have been sober since September 29th 2002. I am no longer a threat to the public.

We, the undersigned, call Jay Nixon, the Governor of Missouri, Tto allow Charles to drive with a breathalyzer ignition system in place.

Charles is no longer a threat to the public or the road.

The Allow Charles to drive with breathlyzer ignition sysytem petition to Jay Nixon, Governor of Missouri. was written by Charles Long Sr and is in the category Civil Rights at GoPetition.