#Human Rights
Opposing Death Penalty

Ronald Allen Smith is a Canadian on death row in Montana, USA, for committing a double homicide.

Typically (the last 30 years), Canada has always sought clemency/commutation for Canadians in such circumstances, which means to request a lesser penalty so that the Canadian is spared execution – that is until now.

Our Canadian federal government has recently adopted a new policy in this regard without any debate being that the government has chosen to no longer seek clemency for Canadians abroad in general, and specifically for Ronald Allen Smith.

As members of Canadian society, we elect our government officials to make decisions on our behalf. Like us at times, and for many of the same reasons, our Government representatives make poor decisions too. The difference however is that we, as citizens, are the window of opportunity to guide or assist our representatives with clarity. Hence, we create the window of opportunity for change. We are the sounding board for our Government.

In the case of Ronald Allen Smith, the Canadian on death row in the United States for double homicide, our Conservative Government has made a grave error. The choice to neglect seeking clemency for one of our Canadians abroad is not only contrary to our Charter of Rights, it is a new precedent that will have far reaching effects which, at the very very least, is a severely tarnished global reputation.

Is this a standard that we as Canadians are prepared to accept? How is it possible, that our Government has self appointed the right to single-handedly determine which Canadians shall be permitted to die?

If we, as Canadians, and as a people, cannot hold our Government accountable for respecting the very essence of our being, human life, how could the Government possibly have the knowledge to foster nations of peace, fairness and compassion? Or perhaps, have we been provided our window of opportunity to see the Conservative Government’s true colours?

I have personally visited the office of MP Gary Lunn, in Sidney BC, and stated my opposition to this newly adopted policy to not seek clemency for Canadians abroad and in particular, Ronald Allen Smith. I urge everyone to engage and to become the necessary sounding board that our Government desperately needs at this time.

PETITION TO THE Government of Canada

We, the undersigned, citizens (or residents) of Canada draw the attention of the Government of Canada to the following:

THAT Ronald Allen Smith is a citizen of Canada currently on death row in the United States for his crime of a double murder.

THEREFORE, your petitioners request (or call upon) the Government of Canada TO REQUEST THAT the Government of Canada seek to have Mr. Ronald Allen Smith's death sentence commuted to life in prison, in order that he is spared the death penalty.

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