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The site has been a restaurant serving the community for over 40years,first MR Cs, Dimions,and then Bobs Big Boy. The location has become home to car clubs, community fundraisers, as well as the annual L.A.P.D. "TIP A COP" fundraiser.

Tearing down Bobs and building a new 24 hr drive thru facility will bring with it more traffic, to an already congested intersection, that serves as access to the 5 freeway,as well as more noise /air pollution,and the potential increase in crime. IF ALLOWED, STARBUCKS will be here for a multi year, very long term lease. Starbucks is also getting into "beer and wine"now along with they're coffee assortment.

2. reboot xbox classics ips to xbox one

They're alot of original xbox games that many people missed out on and could be rebooted and given some love for new and old fans.

Games i believe should be rebooted for xbox one are the platformer blinx the time sweeper, the co op shooter brute force, the foul mouth squirrel conker bad fur day, the rpg that could rivals fable jade empire, the insane horrific game the suffering, beyond good and evil, the funky styles of jet set radio, and becoming a god in the game black and white with would work great with kinect 2.0.....etc their were so many great games that deserves a second or third shot and could become what they were meant to be. Microsoft just sitting on great ips that need to be played.

Help me show Microsoft that we want these games that feel made for us not just one kind of genre. Unique platformers,strategic spooters, mmos,insane horror,rpgs and action adventure games something for everyone.

3. Bring Back The Old Red crucible 2

The New Update has Made more than 90% Of the player unhappy. Mainly because Of the Un-fair Tiers. It used to be better when everyone had the same armour. Now the game has become more expensive. Whenever you play A Map , Ex - RD , All you see are panzers , Demos , Miniguns.

Its rare to find a good game. And ill be completely honest with you the servers close each 5 minutes. Well now there's no use of new guns , Armour boosts , Gun Boosts , Xp boosts if there's no server to play in. I have reported this Twice to You ... In the Red crucible 2 Player Lounge in Face book , Have not got a reply. This Just makes Us players Plain MAD.

We have spent real money on this game but we do not get a feedback. I have got my c v a, closed when we were about to win . More than once. That Xp goes. So yes I Have been thinking about this and had thought if All Of the Red crucible 2 Community is with me when i say, "We want the Old Red crucible 2 Back!" .

4. Save Classic 90's & Early 2000's Nicktoons

Nickelodean & Nicktoons Network have already ready canceled a number of Classic 90's shows! Those that haven't been canceled play only at the first few hours of the day when millions of kids are asleep. We need to tell Nick "NO CRAP" and demand they BRING BACK the Classics we grew up with.

I understand that they say they "Have to make room for newer shows" but if you look you will realize all they do is repeat the new shows over and over again! Its awful and we WILL not stand for it!

We grew up with these wonderful classics, and we will DIE with these wonderful classics! If you agree with please sign this petition! Thank You!

5. Prevent the Massacre of a Cult Classic!

In 1975, a film called The Rocky Horror Picture Show forever changed the face of cinema. What started as a low-budget theatrical flop has become one of the most well-known cult classic films in the entire world.

In 2005, this film was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry in the Library of Congress for being "culturally, historically or aesthetically significant.

And now, MTV, blinded by its own delusions of grandeur and apparently completely out of original ideas, is in talks to remake the cult classic with a "newer, hipper cast". The original screenplay will still be the basis of the film, but new music will reportedly be introduced to the soundtrack, thereby completely changing the integrity of the film.

This. Needs. To. STOP! MTV will never be able to recreate the magic that surrounded this movie, nor will any performer that frequents any production that was created by MTV be able to even come close to replicating the defining performances given by the original cast.

If you are a fan of this great movie, please sign the petition below. Once the 5,000th signature has been obtained, this petition will be sent to the CEO of MTV, Judy McGrath, in hopes that they will see the light and leave well enough alone!

Spread the word to everyone you know and help save a piece of modern day history from destruction at the hands of MTV!

6. A tribute to the classics

My petition pertains to a charitable event that could be held by the AFI and would involve celebrities duplicating famous and beautiful pictures of other celebrities from what is dubbed as the "golden age" of hollywood. And a golden age it was.

Movies were original and the plots were meaningful and moving, and hollywood was filled with a glamour and elegance, in the movies and people, that could never be duplicated. But it can be emulated, and beautifully I might add, by the celebrities of the day that owe their career to the likes of Humphrey Bogart, Katherine Hepburne, Lauren Bacall, Spencer Tracy, and Ingrid Bergman to name a few.

And I know some of you might be thinking "Why buy a remake when I could get the original?" The same reason they remake movies. To familiarize younger audiences with classics in a way they can relate, with actors and actresses they can relate to, or at least are familiar with. Not to mention the fun in seeing which legend your favorite celebrity resembles, and the charitable cause the proceeds go to.

And I'm sure the celebs would have fun paying homage to the ones those they admire and inspired them.

7. Bring Back the 80's cartoon classics

Signing this petition wouled help bring back our 80's tv classics and cartoons such as rainbow brite, care bears, he-man, and all the other great classics we used to watch as children so that we can watch them again and bring back the memories and also share these educational and great classics with our children so when they grow up they can pass the classics along as well to their children.

I am sick of watching stupid, uneducational tv shows on the television, full of violence, and negativity that our children should not be exposed to anyway, we should be exposing them to great classics instead so please pass this along to all your friends and lets bring back these classics.

8. Stop Britney Spears from Covering Justify my Love and Like a Virgin in her New Tour

This petition will hopefully ensure that Britney Spears will not go anywhere near any Madonna classics on her new tour.

9. Bring back the old Nick shows

The old shows of Nick were great. The '90s and '80s were the good years of Nick. But these years, the shows got really old really fast. So to make newer shows, they cut off the classics. Everyone knows the classics, Rocko, Clarissa, Double Dare, Are You Afraid of the Dark, and many many more.

10. The "Good Shows" Petition to Nickelodeon

Over the years, it seems Nickelodeon has become more and more corrupted. It all started in 1993 when their smash hit game show Double Dare was cancelled. Then, 2 other popular Nick shows, Ren & Stimpy and Rocko's Modern Life, were cancelled. Big mistakes. Then, Nickelodeon greatly redeemed itself by premiering Spongebob Squarepants and Rocket Power in August of 1999. Later, in March 2001, Nick redeemd itself even more by premiering Invader Zim, one of Nickelodeon's most popular TV shows, which was cancelled in January of 2002. Huge mistake. Let's back up for a second. In November 2001, Nickelodeon premiered probably its worst show ever created: Butt-Ugly Martians. Later, in August 2002, Nickelodeon premiered its Slam block, featuring Speed Racer, Invader Zim, Butt-Ugly Martians, and Robot Wars. Later on, in September, Nickelodeon pre-empted Zim and Butt-Ugly Martians for another really bad show called Super Duper Sumos. I practically gagged. What's even worse is that they also pre-empted Robot Wars for a second episode of Speed Racer. Big mistake. So I created this petition because I'm fed up with Nickelodeon cancelling quality shows and replacing them with really bad stuff. By signing this petition, you (and no, you don't have to agree to all of these conditions to sign this petition. Just a couple):

1. Want the classics back on the air.

2. Want Invader Zim brought back from cancellation with new episodes.

3. Want Butt-Ugly Martians removed from the airwaves.

4. Want Super Duper Sumos removed from the airwaves.

5. Want new episodes of Spongebob Squarepants.

6. Want new episodes of Rocket Power.

7. Want Robot Wars back on the air.

11. Stop Ruining 80's Cartoons

Lately corporate america has made up this new formula. Popular 80's cartoon + Anime style = instant hit!

Not only does this come off as very desparate for ratings but it also leaves pisses all over most people my age's memories.

So please Cartoon Network. Stop messing up Classics like He-Man and Transformers. Their time has come and gone. Just show the old reruns.

Make new classics instead of rehashing old ones.