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They're alot of original xbox games that many people missed out on and could be rebooted and given some love for new and old fans.

Games i believe should be rebooted for xbox one are the platformer blinx the time sweeper, the co op shooter brute force, the foul mouth squirrel conker bad fur day, the rpg that could rivals fable jade empire, the insane horrific game the suffering, beyond good and evil, the funky styles of jet set radio, and becoming a god in the game black and white with would work great with kinect 2.0.....etc their were so many great games that deserves a second or third shot and could become what they were meant to be. Microsoft just sitting on great ips that need to be played.

Help me show Microsoft that we want these games that feel made for us not just one kind of genre. Unique platformers,strategic spooters, mmos,insane horror,rpgs and action adventure games something for everyone.

We the people who signed want the classic xbox ips remade/rebooted for xbox one.

More great exclusives for the fans.

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