The Developers Of Red crucible 2
United States of America

The New Update has Made more than 90% Of the player unhappy. Mainly because Of the Un-fair Tiers. It used to be better when everyone had the same armour. Now the game has become more expensive. Whenever you play A Map , Ex - RD , All you see are panzers , Demos , Miniguns.

Its rare to find a good game. And ill be completely honest with you the servers close each 5 minutes. Well now there's no use of new guns , Armour boosts , Gun Boosts , Xp boosts if there's no server to play in. I have reported this Twice to You ... In the Red crucible 2 Player Lounge in Face book , Have not got a reply. This Just makes Us players Plain MAD.

We have spent real money on this game but we do not get a feedback. I have got my c v a, closed when we were about to win . More than once. That Xp goes. So yes I Have been thinking about this and had thought if All Of the Red crucible 2 Community is with me when i say, "We want the Old Red crucible 2 Back!" .

Dear Rc2 community , I Have thought about this and have thought that we all can come Together To bring Back the old Rc2. Please sign here if You Want the Old Rc2 to come back. Which was and i quote "CheaperLess expensive".

The servers have been closing a lot.. I Have given a report to The people incharge , via Facebook , But i have not got a reply.So i am asking The people who want the old Rc2 to sign here below.

We the undersigned, Ask Red crucible 2 to bring back The old and better Red crucible 2.

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