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1. Support the new Dollar General Store in Basye!

The Board of Supervisors will consider rezoning the property owned by at 1460 Orkney Grade Road from High Density Residential (R-3) to General Business (B-2) in order to site a new Dollar General Store to serve Orkney Springs and Basye residents and guests. This property directly abuts existing B-2 zoning and is a logical extension of the existing business zoning in Basye. The Shenandoah Planning Commission met and considered this rezoning on April 5, 2017, and while they approved the site plan as complete and well-done, they did not recommend rezoning. The Shenandoah County Supervisors will consider this rezoning request on April 25th. We believe that area residents deserve the lower prices and increased choices that come from market competition. We believe county government should not be a barrier to private sector growth, new jobs and new choices for customers, or potential revenue that can offset the need for ever increasing property taxes and fees that harm many county residents. We believe many area residents and visitors will benefit from a new, well-designed Dollar General Store, and that having such a store in Basye will increase the likelihood that people will want to live in and visit the area year 'round.

2. Support Craft Beers and Specialty Wines/Spirits in Twin City Plaza

Woody's Liquors in Somerville is looking to move to Twin City Plaza as Liquor Junction, where a new store with an expanded selection would offer craft beers, specialty wines/spirits, and other quality selections to the area. This move will add new jobs and improvements to the location.

3. Deregulate All Energy in Our State

Over the last several years, a number of States have begun to change the regulations in the energy industry to allow competition between energy providers. The deregulation of energy eliminates the local utility company’s monopoly by separating the production/supply of energy from its distribution. This separation creates more competition in both the Electricity and Natural Gas supply industry, which has resulted in significant reduction in utility costs.

All these monopolies had to do to raise rates was go to their utility commission and say they couldn’t be profitable at the current rate and needed a rate increase. They had no reason to be efficient or to live within their budgets. It is interesting that once they lose their monopoly status they are able to lower their prices and compete.

In Deregulated States Energy suppliers, working with Energy Service Companies or ESCO's, now have the ability to provide a variety of choices for service and rates. The concept is to separate the production from the delivery of energy and allow customers a choice as to where they purchase their power (just as they can select their long distance phone carrier). The neighborhood utility company still provides the power distribution through their lines, the maintenance on the lines as well as the billing.

From the customer or end user’s perspective, there will be no change except how much they have to pay for their power. There will be no interruption of fees to switch…no technicians needed. There is usually one line on your bill that states who is supplying/providing the power and the rate.

4. Not Just "Like"

In over a decade, Facebook has grown to 1.11 billion users. It is valued at $104 Billion dollars, and should be updated to reflects it's users needs. (

People wish to quickly express their feelings, but are given only one choice.


I want more, Not Just "Like."

A friend's pet dies. Why would I click like? How about a sympathy button. I am outraged by a news event. Where's the anger button? I am laughing so hard I am crying, I click the lmao button through my tears of joy.

You get the idea. Simple. Honest. Choice!

5. Give Adults a Choice: Stop the Seat Belt Law

There are 31 states that don't require Helmets when riding a motorcycle but we are forced to wear a seat belt when driving a car.

The numbers show that when wearing a seat belt you have a 30% of not getting injured and a 50% of not getting killed and when not wearing a helmet you have a 50% chance of getting a fatal injury to the head.

Children and drivers 21 and younger should wear a seat belt but over 21 should have a choice just like motorcycle drivers have a choice to wear a helmet.

6. Petition to Stop House Bill No. 5711

House Bill No.5711 will do the following:

-Criminalize all abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy, without exceptions for rape victims, the health of the woman or in cases where there is a severe fetal anomaly

-It would require health centers that provide abortions to have surgery rooms, even when they don't provide surgical abortions.

-It would require doctors to be present for medication abortions and to screen women for "coercion" before providing an abortion

-Ban "telemedicine" abortions, or the use of technology to prescribe medication for abortion services and the morning-after pill

If this bill is passed it holds the potential to shut down most reproductive health centers in the State of Michigan, which is not only detrimental to the health of women but also infringing on a woman's right to choose.

7. Let voters decide the TN Helmet Law

The helmet law in TN was enacted without the voters having a say. This act happens far too often and I want to change the way laws are made, repealed or changed.

I hope to have your support on this to let the government know that TN is our state, our government, our life, our right, and finally our choice.

8. Keep Rancho as a school of choice for all of Novato

- Rancho is a successful school of choice with some of the highest test scores in the county and state and has a track record for preparing its students with a solid foundation for middle and high school.

- Rancho is the most cost effective school in the district and keeps students enrolled in the district, protecting funding for NUSD.

- Rancho has attracted more students than it's capacity allows. For the past 20 years there have been 300 to 400 students on the wait list.

- Rancho’s lottery process is transparent and equitable. Making any changes to the process will not only be an expensive prospect but will create confusion and bureaucracy that will disenfranchise the very people we hope to protect.

- Achievement and intention create success, not averaging and boundaries.

9. Britain Must Leave The European Union

Withdrawal from The European Union is an option that must be offered to the people of Britain.

10. Freedom of Choice in Healthcare

The reason for outrageous medical cost in America is simple: Prohibitive Regulation = Prohibitive Cost.

Severe licensing restrictions orchestrated by doctors and enacted by legislators to limit competition have created a critical artificial shortage of doctors; and additional ludicrous, stifling regulation of all aspects of the medical industry has pushed the cost of medical services well beyond the financial means of much of the population.

11. Stop EU being Big Brother on behalf of Big Pharma

The EU have no right to dictate what we eat or wish to take in the case of herbs which have been used successfully for centuries. I do not want to fill my body with chemicals produced by greedy Pharmaceutical Companies.

If there are those who wish to support these companies, good luck to them. They have the right to choose ; just give the rest of us the same freedom to choose what we want.

12. Continue Choice in Healthcare in Joplin

Freeman Health System PHO has terminated Dr. Renee Walker's participation in their organization with out cause. This will prevent patients from having the right to choose Dr. Walker for their Ear, Nose and Throat physician.

This action will force existing patient's of Dr. Walker's to change Ear, Nose and Throat physicians in order to remain within their network.

13. Support End of Life Assistance Bill in Scottish Parliament

The End of Life Assistance Bill was introduced by Margo MacDonald, and you can read about it here

The Humanist Society of Scotland believes the Bill gives individuals the important right to determine the timing of their own death, while providing robust protection against abuse. We want the committee scrutinising Margo's Bill to be aware that it enjoys wide popular support.

The Society submitted the following evidence to the Committee.

1. We do agree that a person should be able to request end of life assistance from a registered medical practitioner, under strictly controlled circumstances.

2. We are satisfied with the requirements for age and connection with Scotland as set out in the Bill.

3. We are satisfied with two categories of people who would qualify to be assisted under the terms of the Bill.

4. We do have reservations with regard to the “several stage consent and verification process” as set out in the Bill.

5. We do consider the level and nature of the safeguards as set out in the Bill to be appropriate and adequate.

6. Yes – we do have other considerations not included in the above answers.

The need to protect the weak and the vulnerable is taken as an absolute. It must be demonstrated that the request for assistance is the settled will of the ‘requesting person’. Within that framework there is a need to allow for a speedier process where circumstances show that to be appropriate. For instance, a patient nearing the end of life and suffering intolerable pain from cancer, in circumstances that had not been anticipated, might seek an early resolution.

At the other end of the scale someone with a slow progressive degenerative condition such as Motor Neuron Disease may find comfort in starting the process early, whilst they still can, but find that they have not needed to implement the remedy by when it is ‘time lapsed’. The Bill would be improved if these concerns were addressed.

14. Give Parents the Choice!

Starting September 2011 the BC ministry of education has stated that it will only fund full day kindergarten. As the decision stands now, if an independent school does not implement full day kindergarten by 2011, it will not receive funding for the kindergarten program.

Take action if you believe parents should have a choice:
- Sign this petition and forward it to your friends.
- Write to the addresses below and let your voice be heard.

Minister of Education, Honourable Margaret MacDiarmid
PO Box 9045 Stn. Prov., Govt, Victoria, BC V8W 9E2
(250) 387-1977 Fax: 250 387-3200

PLEASE cc. all letters, emails, faxes to the FISA Board, Attention: Fred Herfst
The Federation of Independent Schools Association,
150 Robson Street, Vancouver, B.C., V6B 2A7
(604) 684-6023, (604) 684-7846 Fax: (604) 684-3163

15. Help Support Our Freedom Of Choice

The Declaration of Independence states:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

However, on January 2, 2010, after being signed into law by Governor Bev Perdue on May 19, 2009, North Carolina Session Law 2009-27 went into effect, banning smoking statewide in all bars and restaurants in North Carolina, as well as in government buildings and vehicles.

According to the bill, it is the intent of the General Assembly to protect the health of individuals in public places and places of employment and riding in State government vehicles from the risks related to secondhand smoke.

While NC SESSION LAW 2009-27 HOUSE BILL 2 is intended to protect smokers and non-smokers from the effects of secondhand smoke, this bill infringes on the personal rights and freedom of choice for business owners and their customers.

Although violation of this bill does not hold a criminal charge, the $200 per day fine for business owners that do not comply (in order to appeal to their loyal smoking clientele) will drastically hurt business profits in an already suffering economy. Customers in violation will also face a hefty fine of up to $50, which is a steep cover charge. Many smokers that are not ready to be “forced” to quit will opt to find forms of entertainment in an alternate environment, rather than supporting a discriminating non-smoking atmosphere and being made to feel like an outcast. It is very apparent that a number of the small businesses that work to make America what it is, are going to have a tough battle to even keep their doors open.

While it is completely understandable that non-smokers should have the right to gather in public locations and not be involuntarily exposed to secondhand smoke, it should also be understandable that smokers should be allowed the same right to assemble in locations clearly marked as smoker-friendly establishments.

It is critical that these decisions are allowed to be made by the business owners and customers that support them, rather than the government. It is the owner’s responsibility to serve their customers to the best of their ability. The income that they generate (or do not generate) directly affects their livelihood as well as state revenue via taxes needed to support government affairs.

Taken from Section 1 of the 14th Amendment: “No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States”

NC SESSION LAW 2009-27 HOUSE BILL 2 clearly conflicts with the above reference, by not allowing business owners to cater to the clientele of their choice.

Rights of choice are often not missed until they are gone, and rights that are not frequently used may not be missed at all by those that are not using them. However, a right of choice is one of the greatest attributes of this country. The right to choose to bear arms, the right to choose to speak freely, the right to choose to assemble, and so forth, may not be used by all of us, but a loss of any of these rights would be detrimental to all of us.

The 18th Amendment abolished our right to manufacture, sale, or transport intoxicating liquors within, the importation thereof into, or the exportation thereof from the United States and all territory subject to the jurisdiction thereof for beverage purposes. We stood up for our rights then, and repealed it with the 21st Amendment. Thanks to our alliance, we now have the right to responsibly enjoy a beverage of our choice.

The elimination of the right for a business owner to operate under their own business model, and cater to the customers of their choice is being taken away with NC SESSION LAW 2009-27 HOUSE BILL 2. This is an unconstitutional act, and I ask your help in saving this right, even if it is one that you do not use.

Detailed information regarding NC SESSION LAW 2009-27 HOUSE BILL 2 can be found at:

16. Allow us to choose location of Senior Trip

Every year, the senior class is permitted to go on a class trip. The problem is, they never have a choice as to where they will go. While 6 Flags is fun, being given different options is the fair way to decide where to go.

If the student council, or class officers could come up with a few different options, and the senior class chose from them, then the seniors would be given the chance to voice their opinion on where they want their trip to be.

17. Promote controled polygamy in America

I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
The economic case for polygamy.
By Tim HarfordPosted Saturday, Feb. 18, 2006, at 2:27 AM ET

After more than a decade of war between separatist rebels and the Russian army, there are not many marriageable men to go around in Chechnya. So, acting Prime Minister Ramzan Kadyrov, probably not a feminist, proposed a radical step: "Each man who can provide for four wives should do it."

Polygyny (having more than one wife, as opposed to polygamy, which is having more than one spouse) is admissible under Islamic law but not Russian law, so Kadyrov is unlikely to make much progress with his proposal. But what difference would such a law make? It's natural to assume that polygyny is bad for women, partly because most of us would rather have our spouse to ourselves, and partly because we look at a place like Saudi Arabia, where polygyny is not uncommon, and note that women aren't even allowed to drive. I'm not quite so convinced. A lot of the knee-jerk reactions against polygyny are from people who can't add up.

In a society with equal numbers of men and women, each man with four wives gives women the additional pick of three men—the poor saps whose potential wives decided they'd prefer one-quarter of a billionaire instead. In the Sahel region of Africa, half of all women live in polygynous households. The other half have a good choice of men and a lot more bargaining power.

Economist Kerwin Charles has recently studied the plight of these women. Their problem is not merely that some who would want to marry won't be able to. It's that the available men—those not in prison—suddenly have more bargaining power. Goodbye to doing the dishes and paying the rent; hello to mistresses and wham, bam, thank you ma'am. The women whose potential partners have had their ranks thinned by prison are less likely to marry, and when they do marry, are likely to marry a man less educated than they are.

Meanwhile, the remaining men, finding a surfeit of marriage partners, suddenly seem in no hurry to marry. And why would they?

18. Request for Freedom of Appearance

This petition is reserved to students, parents (or guardians) and teachers of Livingston Parish schools. All signers are subject to investigation of their actual registration to a Livingston Parish school.

Since the beginning establishment of Livingston Parish education of Louisiana, USA, a strict and demanding dress code has been in effect and taken it's toll on students, parents and instructors alike. This petition has the intention of giving the school bored the idea to at least consider removing or lowering the standards of the uniformed dress code of Livingston Parish. The suggested dress code is as fallows.

1. Shoes must be worn
2. No excessively large, torn, or worn-out clothing will be permitted.
3. No patches, emblems, or advertisements of a suggestive, indecent or obscene nature will be allowed.
4. Clothing designed for an undergarment shall not be worn as an outer-garment.
5. Clothing must cover the shoulder of students with a garment of at least three (3) inches in width. No muscle shirts,basketball jerseys, tank tops or spaghetti strap tops will be permitted unless worn as a vest-type garment over a shirt with sleeves.
6. Halter tops will not be permitted.
7. Shorts and skirts may be worn if the length extends to the tip of the longest finger with the arm fully extended downward.
8. Midriffs, cleavage, or backs will not be exposed.
9. Underclothing will be worn.
10. See-through clothing will not be permitted.
11. Headdress will not be worn in buildings.
12. Taps, cleats, or spikes on shoes will not be permitted.
13. Any style of clothing tending toward immodesty will be prohibited.
14. Facial hair must be neatly trimmed.
15. Gang related apparel or any apparel conveying racial overtones is prohibited.
16. Clothing, hats, caps or other personal property which advertises or promotes the use of alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs shall be prohibited.
17. Clothing, hats, caps or other personal property which conveys obscene, lewd, or vulgar comments, messages or portraits shall be prohibited.
18. Clothing, hats, caps or other personal property which portray sexual double entrendres shall be prohibited.
19. Clothing, hats, caps or other personal property which portray or include comments which are harassing, threatening or demeaning to a certain group of people shall be prohibited.
20. All pants, shorts, skirts, etc., shall be worn with the waistband or beltline around the waist and above the hips.
21. Clothing, hats, caps or other personal property which shall cause a disruption to the learning process or which serves as a hazard to the safety of students shall be prohibited.
22. Anything not covered in the code that is distracting to either a teacher or student should be brought to the attention of the administration.
23. For the safety and well being of all students and staff, coats, jackets, windbreakers, vests, and other similar outer garments which extend below the knee in length shall be prohibited.
24. Students shall not wear any attire which shall impinge upon the health, safety, and welfare of the students and employees within the district.
25. Extreme hair coloring and bizarre hairstyles (such as the Mohawk longer than 6" in length) can be considered detracting to the student body and will not be tolerated.
26. Students with more than ordinary amounts of pockets are subject to search by school officials.
27. Chains, spikes and other potential weapons are not permitted by the dress code and can be confiscated by school officials.

In other words, there will be no dictation of the color or type of the shirts, nor will shirts be required to be tucked in or belts be worn at all times. Hair can be worn in any fashion, however can not be covering the eyes during lecture or conversation between student and instructor as a sign of respect. Extreme hair coloring may distract the learning environment, and would not be tolerated by this dress code. The initial idea behind this new dress code written by the students for the students will create a whole new learning experience for it's pupils. The current dress code adds stress and actually makes it harder to find clothes rather than make everything simpler as intended.

Students, however, should be trained in a uniform fashion at a younger age. This will prepare them for whats waiting as an adult and get them used to the idea of being prepared for their futures. Older students who have already learned this lesson would have it in their best interest to express themselves in a positive way through clothing.

By denying the students' choice; rather than allowing their ability to choose, actually harnesses the students mind to a negative state, giving the children the feeling of being oppressed and controlled. The learning environment should be stimulating and an enjoyable place to arrive to every day. Many students have dropped out just for their ability to dress the way they choose. Allowing students more freedom by passing this new dress code may stop drop-outs tremendously.

Students who harass, segregate or make another feel inferior due to the clothes worn by another is subject to severe punishment under this new dress code. The freedom to dress as wished can be revoked from constantly troublesome students.

The message we, the student body, are sending is this,
"As a student of a registered Livingston Parish school, I am obligated to express my opinion and sign this petition in support of it, regardless of its approval or disapproval by the school board. My opinion is as fallows, we as children live in an age where choice becomes more limited everyday, the farther in life we go. When I graduate from high school, I will either go to college or start working and as a working citizen, I will be subject to dress as society wishes. My childhood should be about freedom, and let me be just what I want to be before the world of work and industry chooses for me. I swear, by signing this petition, that I want my voice to be heard. I want to make a difference and make my learning environment more pleasurable for me and my fellow students."

The message the concerned parents of Livingston Parish students is as fallows, "We, the parents of a presently attending student of Livingston Parish, agree that a child should have the right to choose how he or she is to be portrayed in the learning environment. I understand that my child could be harassed or secluded by the way he or she chooses to dress and my child accepts the consequences. No complaints will be made as I so solemnly swear by signing this petition to help make Livingston Parish more appealing to the student body and my child in particular."

The instructors that object to the current dress code agree to the fallowing statement, "I am a registered educator of a registered Livingston Parish school, and as such I see that there is little to no harm in students choosing the way he or she dresses. I feel that my instructing within and outside my classroom will not be negatively impacted by the new dress code."

As such, this petition will remain in effect until the limit of signatures is reached to convince the school board that this is a supported idea by students, parents and staff of Livingston Parish.

Please consider our feelings towards this matter and God bless.

19. Petition to Lionhead - RE: The Instant Respawning Death System of Fable 2

Fable 2 is supposedly introducing a death system whereby death means you collapse to the ground and lose some experience points gathered. You then get back up again immediately with full health.

Many of us are concerned this will remove any feeling of challenge within the game.

You can see the feature in two videos at these links:

20. Vote NO on Bill 4163

You have the opportunity to preserve adult choice, defend small business owners and protect the jobs of hospitality employees by SUPPORTING AN EXEMPTION FOR LIQUOR LICENSED ESTABLISHMENTS FROM ANY STATEWIDE SMOKING BAN.

Businesses that serve beverage alcohol for consumption on- premise and their employees will suffer severe economic consequences from total statewide smoking ban. Consumer choice will be eliminated.

PLEASE don't disregard the interest and concerns of those who livelihoods and adult preferences will be most negatively impacted by legislature's action.

Please let the citizens and business owners of Michigan have a choice!

21. Hands off our Coops! - they compete fairly!

The complaints against French, Spanish and Italian cooperatives that are being looked at by the European Commission are made by large shareholding companies. They are trying to get changes to the national tax rules for co-operatives. Any changes to these rules would reduce competition and would steal the coops' business. The Commission's decisions on the complaints may not just concern a few large co-operatives but they could also badly effect all coops across Europe.

Cooperatives are specifically written about in the EU treaties. Twenty five European Union countries have their own laws for co-operatives. Co-operatives are a different kind of business. Cooperative businesses rely on the principles of democratic control, self-responsibility, equity and solidarity. Co-ops have a unique legal and financial structure that needs to be recognised. The Commission cannot be allowed to pretend that they are comparing the same things when they compare co-ops with private sector businesses.

If you believe that attention has to be paid to the social and human dimension in economic activities and that a strong political message needs to be given to the European Commission, please sign the following petition.

You can read the Petition text HERE in EN/DE/ES/FR/IT and PL

News Update: There is also circulating in Europe a paper version of the petition (using the same text as below). As of 30 September 08 over 88000 signatures on-line and on paper have been collected by cooperatives and their members. The Petition will remain open until further notice.

For a statistical analysis of signers by region, click here.

22. Enriched activities (QUEBEC CITIZENS ONLY)

In September 2006, the government of Quebec took a position re. the interpretation of the «Loi sur les services de garde éducatifs à l’enfance» that to their knowledge is incorrect so as to prevent parents from making a voluntary contribution to offer enriched extra-curricular programs, services and activities to their child.

The purpose of this petition is to provide Quebec citizens with the opportunity to :

Ask the Quebec government to respect the right of daycares to offer, and parents to request/purchase, optional enriched extra-curricular programs, services and activities.

23. Freedom of choice for Hospitals - England or Wales

I need a colostomy as I am a War Vet. and the time has come for me to have this op. as my wife can no longer carry on as she too is an OAP and in poor health.

The Welsh Assembly has told my Consultant in the hospital of my choice for 23 years now, that they will no longer fund my own Hospital. I am sure it would cost the Assembly a lot more to supply a not too clever Ambulance service to transport me from my home to Hospital, then take me home again.

By going in my own transport it saves the Welsh Office considerable ammount of money in travelling expenses.

24. Stop Cloned Meat or Milk (and byproducts)

Ok, so I'm not trying to preach to the world that ingesting animals is wrong....

By my own choice I try to eat meat as little as possible, due to some graphic
violent videos I've seen on how cruel Food Manufacturing Workers, are to the
animals that we do eat. To each their own.... right?

However, what really bothers me, is that now the FDA has approved cloning of
meats and allowing Biotech Firms, such as Viagen and Trans Ova Genetics of
Sioux Center, the 2 major firms in the U.S. involved, to integrate meats and
milk from these genetically identical cattle and other livestock, into our grocery
stores and restaurants, without having to label them???!!!!! Yes, we know
FastFood Restaurants are bad for us, but at least we are informed of their risks,
and we have the choice to eat it or not..... when this cloned meat, milk and its
byproducts (which includes, cheese, yogurt, icecream... and the many other
products derived or which include milk as an ingredient) are being allowed to be
intermingled with the real?

Astronomically, it really limits what we can knowingly or "safely," purchase or
ingest. I mean yes, there is always organic, however realistically, that is not as
easily accessible or affordable to the majority of the nation, which pretty much
leaves many with no choice.

Even as a very sporadic meat eater, I have a huge problem with this cloned
meat infiltration approved by the FDA. I have many friends and family, people
whom I care about and love that eat meat almost everyday.... I do not have a
problem with anyone choosing to eat meat, but I have a problem that they no
longer have a choice in where their meat comes from. And even, if I'm not
talking about "meat" itself, milk and the other byproducts are a staple in the
diet of many people in this country.

Cloned animals such as "Dolly the Sheep,"died prematurely of severe lung
disease and also suffered from arthritis at an unexpectedly early age.... and
even few cloned babies that appear to be normal at birth, we will have to wait
up to 20 years to make sure they are not going to have problems later, ie)
growing old too fast. Even a string of "healthy" clones produced, there is a
likelyhood that many clones born in the future may have severe medical
problems, as everytime a clone is made, it is like "throwing the dice." And yet,
that is what these Biotech Firms and the FDA are claiming is safe for us to put
into our system.

Though we may not see the possible effects of this in our generation, it breaks
my heart to even think about what birth defects, diseases and such, may
plague our generations to come.

And one also has to wonder..... why are we cloning meat to eat? Cloning is
actually is expensive and an extensive and time-consuming procedure, have we
injected and feed our livestock so many chemicals, anti-biotics, and hormones
that they are no longer able to reproduce on their own? It's not even so much
that my concern is that humans seem like they playing god, but in my opinion,
it seem very much like we keep sweeping the effects of us tampering with
nature under the rug and pretending that in our own little secretly, health
harming world, is nothing more than "perfect" and medically and technologically
advanced, instead of trying to solve the real problems.

25. Dissection Choice Policy

Many schools around the U.S. require students to dissect a once living creature, pass-or-fail. This meaning you have to do it or else you get a zero for the grade.

Dissection is a horrible thing to sponsor, when most animals are bred for the purpose, stolen from good homes, or found in "Free to Good Home" ads. A major biological supplier was found injecting cats with formaldehyde while alive, and this chemical has been found to cause lung, throat, and nasal passage cancer when exposed to children.

So the ultimate goal of this petition is asking schools to think about a dissection choice policy, which is having the choice to dissect or use another replacement program. This includes CD-Roms, Videos (DVD or VHS), and Books.

By giving a choice you can cut down school budget, and by switching to no dissection at all you are saving lives and saving money. While one CD-Rom may cost $200, you have all these bodies for much more. And a disc can be handed down to use over and over, plus all classes can use the same one.

A common argument is "Well how can the students learn hands-on with a computer disc?" Respond to this by giving the facts of health benefits, what really happens to dissection subjects, and the topic of school budget savings. It's much better for the environment because disposing of the bodies can give runoff that harms the soil and animals who use it.

These CD-Roms have so much detail and you don't have to worry about messing up and having to find another animal to start over with, because this is mistake-proof. They spent much time developing these great products that have had wonderful reviews. And you can even just get them on loan, so no money is spent!

Please help encourage schools to take a stand.

NOTE: I will be showing this to my own principal and encouraging him that many people care about animals. I have talked to him before on the issue but seem not to be taken seriously so now I will prove my point with the help or all animal rights friends!

Thanks for your support, and I encourage others to use this as a backup for getting a dissection choice policy!

26. Justin Timberlake To Be Dropped From Jive

Justin Timberlake is a complete douche. He has recently often potrayed himself as the only reason why the Grammy's and Kid's Choice Awards for examples were hits because of him and having his name on the project.

He is always hating on Britney Spears even though they broke up so long ago he still bags her, sings about her and is a n00b to her. This petition is to get Justin dropped from Jive so this n00b can go away.

27. Support Funded Yukon Midwifery!

Midwifery care is included in the health care insurance plans of six Canadian provinces and territories and has been shown to be a safe, family-centered, cost effective option for low-risk childbearing families in Canada; there is also a shortage of physicians taking maternity patients in the Yukon.


“The integration of midwifery into the obstetrical health-care team is fostering excellence in maternity care for Canadian women and their families.”
Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada.

28. Pool Area Fence Color Choice for Saratoga Pines

Saratoga Pines is limiting PVC or aluminum fencing around pools to white. The Board reasoning is any other color would lower our values. However we currently have bronze and white pool enclosures and bronze and white front door screen enclosures.

We also have Madison Green homes in our neighborhood that have visible black or bronze fencing in the front of their homes.

29. Halt the implementation of House Bill 7 in Texas

February 23, 2006

House Bill 7, in Texas, intends to completely revamp the Texas Work Comp System.

This will be done by rules adoption by the Commissioner of Work Comp.

Part of the ultimate result would be the adoption of health networks, which would end up taking real free choice of treating doctors away from workers.

For several reasons, you should oppose implementation of House Bill 7.


ABORTION IS NOT WRONG!!! you are not killing a person. it is a fetus! not a fully developed person. abortion is 100% eithical and right.

If a woman is not fit to take care of a baby and does not want to put htis baby up for adoption because some of the kids that get put up for adoption never get adopted she has 100% her choice to abort the fetus.

What about for women who are raped? or in cases of incest? these women do not wnat their babies

Would you rather have a child brought into the world where it is unwanted and it's mother probably isn't prepared to take care of a child? No its just silly - it is not the goverment's choice or any of your orginization choices. It's the mother's choice.

You dont have to get an abortion if you dont want to but it is compeltely ethical and necsssary.