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This is a petition aimed toward those women who know for a fact that child bearing is not an option for them for medical reasons, and whose bodies are being subjected to pain because the government and doctors do not want to allow women to make the choice of having their reproductive organs removed.

Several medical conditions such as cervical cancer and endometriosis, greatly increase the risks of miscarriages, tubal pregnancies, and such. Yet, doctors refuse to allow women to make the decision to have their reproductive organs completely removed before age 30. Medications or possible treatments are prescribed, but are never a guaranteed cure. Women who prefer having "a child of their own" rather than adopting one in need of a home, get to make the choice to put everything at risk, thereby increasing the population. Unfortunately, in the end, they only add to the growing numbers of homeless and abandoned children who become wards of the state.
We are asking that the government make it legal for anyone over the age of 18 be able to make the decision to permanently have their reproductive organs removed, thereby reducing the amount of neglected children of our nation.

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The Women's Bodies, Women's Rights - Allow Us To Make Our Own Decisions petition to United States Congress was written by Sonia D. Davis and is in the category Health at GoPetition.