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Members of the TAMU Student Senate have come up with a resolution opposing the candidacy of Dr. Spear for the position of Director of Health Services. The resolution has inaccurate "facts" and is bias against Pro-choice believers. The resolution basically says that some one advocating pro-choice "extremes" should not have an influential position such as Director of Healh Services in the conservative community of Texas A&M.

Many people have spoken out in petitions and e-mails supporting this resolution, but the voices of the people who are opposed to this resolution need to be heard also. Senators say they will vote according to what the majority of their constituents think, so we need to show the Senate that many people are opposed to this resolution and to also take that into consideration when it is time to vote.

We, the undersigned, support Dr. Spear's candidacy for the position of Director of Health Sevices, and we also are opposed to the resolution S.R. 02 (S) 4 written by members of the Student Senate.

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