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Students are required to take a 30 level Math course to recieve a diploma. However, the requirement for Science courses is only 15 credits. After completing a 10 level Science course, students may choose to focus their education on physics, chemistry, or biology. This should be the same for Math. The curriculum contains so many formulas and calculations that the only reason someone would be required to know ALL of this is if they became a math teacher. Math courses should be seperated into smaller sectors or categories so that a student may enroll in the course that best fits their career plans. For example, a student aspiring to be a writer would not be required to learn the equations needed to become an engineer. Rather, they could take one of these specific category math courses (a basic math course for example that will teach only things to get you by in life) and be able to focus on their english or social social studies courses.

Many people go on to forget or not apply most of these teachings, unless their career choice involves math. Even still, those that require math for their careers only require knowledge of certain portions of the teachings, hardly ever all portions.

We the undersigned would like to petition Alberta Learning to break down the current 30 level math course into smaller categories of interest, similar to that of the sciences (biology, chemistry, physics) in order for students to reach their full potential, not having to worry about being swamped with work and teachings that they will not require in their future.

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