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1. We want cheaper products from Alienware, Razer & other companies

As you might know Alienware, Razer & other specialised gaming companies sell their products at massive prices. I decided to put to stop to expensive Pro Gaming Accessories.

2. Polytechnic Students Should NOT Pay Adult Travel Fares - SINGAPORE

Currently, students from polytechnics and universities pay twice as much in bus fares compared to their peers in junior colleges (JCs) and Institutes of Technical Education (ITE), who are classified as post-secondary-level.

Polytechnic students, who in all technicalities are doing their post secondary studies, are considered tertiary education students. We end up paying adult fare! Our counterparts in junior colleges get to enjoy the subsidies while we are denied the subsidies.

"With the comparison of MRT concession pass between JCs and Polytechnics, JC student pay about $25 while Polytechnic student pay about $45 per month for the same service." Quoted from Edison Lim's Speech, titled : Student Rate For All Polytechnic Students.

Even as a soon to be polytechnic student, he/she would too have started paying adult fares even before entering a polytechnic. He/she is no longer given student subsidies, even though their age is clearly below that of an adult.

What is most absurd is that, when queried by MP for Nee Soon GRC about student concessions on trains and public buses, the Transport Minister Mr. Lui Tuck Yew, response was that it would cost transport operators $28 million more per year.

Can’t the government fork out the $28 million dollar per year, to provide subsidies for polytechnic students who are doing post-secondary studies? Isn’t the job of the government to provide for the welfare of its people? And would a $28 million pay cut from SMRT’s $895.1 million, or SBS’s $720 Million, affect them? I think not.

3. Introduction of SMART Visitor Permit Scheme to Barclay Road

The SMART Visitor Permit is active in several zones in the Hammersmith and Fulham Borough. The Permit allows visitors of residents in these zones to park throughout the length of the controlled hours, regardless of the maximum stay for the area.

It also provides a convenient cashless method of paying for parking as well as a cheaper alternative to the regular pay and display tariff. As Barclay Road is in the same Borough, its residents should be entitled to the same service and cheaper tariffs.

4. Cheaper Food at IBM

IBM has canteens in all its sites, these are provided by compass group and the prices are similar to the high street!

This is quote from when they won the contract:

"According to Compass officials, the deal is expected to generate about $50 million in revenue annually, which will boost Canteen's annual sales of $1.2 billion by 5 percent for the next five years"

We are that 5 percent boost to the 1,2 BILLION like you need 5 percent boost to 1.2 BILLION.

5. One Car Tint Law

March 21, 2006

Did you know that in South Australia we have very unique car tinting laws to that of every other state.

On the front side windows, the tint has to be lighter than the back with 70% light transmittance and 35% on the back. This makes for very ugly cars and it also makes it near impossible for people bringing in cars to be registered from interstate, as they have to remove the tint. It also makes it difficult and more expensive to comply with SA law, as most tinters will make it more expensive to use different tints.

Every other state allows 35% tint all over, so why not SA? Let's change this and make it easier and cheaper for people in SA to get car tint, while also making it easier to move from interstate to SA.

6. Madonna needs to have cheaper tickets for her tour 2004

Madonnas ticket prices are yet again over priced and the real fans are being pushed out of the market of seeing there idol preforme live. Can't we get cheaper ticket sales for the poorer fans as the 2004 Tour cost from £175-£450 a ticket.

7. Cheaper ADSL In Australia

This petition is to clearly state that we want cheaper broadband & adsl plans in Australia, particularly unlimited plans. Australia has large and unfair 'limits' on broadband which most people cannot afford. We are behind in our pricing and development on broadband/adsl. The internet is fastly developing a larger need for adsl users, which most users simply cannot afford!

We need cheaper & more reliable adsl, and we do not need small shaped plans - We have a demand for unlimited. Making this cheaper will also earn Australian Computer Companies more revenue, and our currency higher, with our technology soaring higher. This pertition is to show a small percentage of people, out of the millions, that really do care about this issue.

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8. Neopets - millionaries

Make it easier to paint your pet!

There its almost impossable to get 100k in neopets to buy a nice paintbrush. I am not saying make it easier to make money in neopets but maybe to introduce some cheaper yet cool looking PTB's, for those who find it very difficult to make np and would like our neopets to suit our personality.

9. Cheaper Cars

Sept 2003

Yo for kids who whant a nice car but it costs too much. Well this is for you.

Sign, so we can get cheaper cars!!!

10. Generic medicine & prescriptions

The Australia Federal Government is at long last responding to the anomaly surrounding generic drugs. At present nearly 70 of the nearly 600 Pharmaceutical drugs have identical cheaper alternatives. Some patients pay $21.50 more for the commonly used drugs per item. But even though the generic drugs are not only cheaper, but clinicly as effective and safe as the original brand the Fed.Gov. refuses to remove a doctor's right to prescribe a drug by its brand name rather than its generic name.
Instead the Federal Government is spending $27 million of taxpayers money to make peolpe aware that there are alternatives available.

It's reasonable to ask why the Governmnet does not save our money by insisting that drugs are prescribed only by their generic names.
The side effects of the present system are that the drug companies and the doctors, by being offered incentives, are the winners.

11. Cheaper Sms on all mobile networks worldwide

This Petition Is Very Simple. Its To Get The Mobile Networks Out There To Give Us Cheaper Sms! The Price Of Sms Is Kind Of Cheap But its Not If You Text All The Time. The Balance On Peoples Phones Goes Down Way To Fast. I Want To See The Mobile Networks Drop The Price Of Sms By At Least 5p. They Are Making Far To Much Money Out Of It And With MMS Coming in They Will Be Robbing Us Of Even More Money. So If You Want Cheaper Sms Sign This Petition. :D